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By Lisa McLaughlin | June 22, 2011
As the 2010-11 academic school year comes to a close, congratulations to the seniors as they make preparations for the next phase of their lives. High schools throughout the county will advertise where their graduates are headed, often touting the most prestigious brand names, while minimizing the lesser-known colleges. Private high schools tend to tuck this list in marketing materials so that prospective parents can evaluate whether an education at that particular high school will give their child a leg up. Many of you will review those college names to evaluate your child's high school's "success" rate.
By Dr. Allyson Brooks | May 1, 2013
Imagine being told at age 10 that you have Type 1 diabetes, that you have to monitor your blood sugar, inject yourself with insulin four times a day and become obsessive about everything that goes into your body. Some of us would let the disease control — and ruin — our lives. But like the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and as a doctor and a mother in Newport Beach, I've been lucky enough to meet some incredibly strong kids. Type 2 or "adult onset" diabetes gets a lot of attention these days due to its link to the alarming rise in childhood obesity.
April 15, 2003
I am responding to the question in Wednesday's edition of the Daily Pilot: "What should go into the empty space at the Mesa Verde Center?" I am copying this message to Chris Steel, mayor pro tem of Costa Mesa, just so he can see the suggestion as well. I don't know who at City Hall is in charge of implementing these various projects, so I am hoping it will be routed to the appropriate person or committee. Thanks in advance. I think that since the Kohl's department store proposal fell through, another great use for the empty lot there in Costa Mesa would be to put a Hometown Buffet restaurant there.
February 17, 2003
Lolita Harper Industry insiders have a wish -- that young adults would just do it and make cultural arts the choice of a new generation. Still, with so many companies vying for the attention and spending power of young adults, area arts venues find themselves struggling to attract that high-demand market. Brian Langston, spokesman for the Orange County Museum of Art, said the museum has geared many of its displays toward the under-35 crowd, but it is hard to compete with companies such as Nike, Pepsi and MTV, which have more resources to attract that age group.
February 26, 2006
If Newport-Mesa parents have not figured it out already, they remain ignorant of the Internet site at their peril. In the past few weeks, the site ? which acts as sort of an online meeting ground for teenagers and young adults ? has been the topic of a discussion between police officers and parents at Newport Harbor High and Ensign Intermediate and, more disturbingly, the cause for the suspension of about 20 TeWinkle Middle School students, who were linked to a page that threatened a fellow student.
December 2, 2000
-- Story by Michele Marr Church name: Harbor Christian Church Address: 2401 Irvine Ave., Newport Beach. Nearest cross street is Santa Isabel Avenue Telephone: (949) 645-5781 Denomination: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Year church established: 1960 Service times: Sunday worship and communion is at 10 a.m., Sunday school for children 10 and younger meets at 10 a.m., and adult Sunday school meets before the worship service at 8:30 a.m. On Thursdays, a women's Bible study and prayer group meets at 10 a.m. Special December service: Harbor Christian will rededicate its sanctuary Sunday.
By Kelsey Woo | March 18, 2011
It is hot; obscenely hot. Suddenly, Bruce Springsteen’s voice blasts through the crackling heat, singing “Born in the USA.” It wakes the teenage boy. The first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is a picture of his little sister. For a moment, he is back in Nashville, waking up hungry for one of his mom’s famous Sunday breakfasts. Only something isn’t right. Where are those wonderful smells of coffee brewing and hash browns frying? And why is it still dark outside?
By Candice Baker | June 25, 2009
When local musician Jeremy Ashida goes off to tour the Midwest this summer, he won’t have a tour bus — he won’t even book any hotel rooms. To find a place to rest his head each night, the 23-year-old plans to rely on the kindness of fans and new friends. If he gets stuck without a bed, he’s also bringing a tent. Making new friends comes easily to Ashida; thanks to his social networking efforts, his music page has had millions of hits on MySpace — primarily from teens, tweens and young adults — and he’s sold tens of thousands of songs on iTunes.
By B.W. COOK | December 15, 2007
It was the party of the year. The Orange County Performing Artscenter’s 34th Annual Candlelight Concert and Candlelight Encore Presentation managed to impress a crowd that is hard to impress, especially after three decades of producing what has become the hallmark of holiday celebrations on the California Riviera. Each season it is hard to imagine how the organizers and volunteers can top the previous year. Last week in Segerstrom Hall, event chair Patricia Poss — escorted by her husband, Charlie Poss — pulled out all the stops.
August 3, 2002
Founded in 1915 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Kiwanis International is a thriving organization of service- and community-minded individuals who support children and young adults around the world. More than 500,000 Kiwanis-family members in more than 80 countries make their mark by responding to the needs of their communities and pooling their resources to address worldwide issues. If the CEOs of Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia and the other companies that have found themselves in trouble lately had followed the "Kiwanis Objectives," they wouldn't be facing stiff jail terms, notes Charles Markel, past president of the Costa Mesa Kiwanis Club and a Realtor with Pacific Coast Realty Group.
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