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By Brianna Bailey | October 30, 2009
There were tears in the eyes of many Temple Bat Yahm members, as congregants of the Newport Beach synagogue gathered this week to write the first letter of the Torah on a piece of parchment with a feather quill. “There is an expression in the Jewish tradition that the Jewish people without the Torah is like a body without a soul,” said Temple Bat Yahm Rabbi Mark S. Miller. “This is the soul of Judaism that we are creating anew.” The temple has embarked on a yearlong project to write a new Torah, a religious scroll that contains the holiest texts in Judaism.
June 10, 2003
"I think it's easy to write mysteries because there's all these questions." KYLE HURST, 6 Newport Beach "I wrote about the Titanic because I like ships a lot." BROOKS O'HEA, 7 Newport Beach "I wrote a biography because I wanted to talk about my mum." ELIZABETH MUENCHOW, 7 Newport Beach "It was really interesting when I hit a triple in the last inning with two strikes and two outs. I was excited to write about that." RYAN SCHROTH, 8 Newport Beach "I wrote about my week with Luke, [my best friend]
January 23, 2004
LOLITA HARPER I wish I could just "two-way" this to you from my mobile phone. Instead, I must sit down and write out words in their entirety, forgoing the use of common tech-speak such as, "gr8," "jk," "btw" and "LOL." (Why is that always written in all caps anyways?) What? You don't know what the heck I am talking about? You must be of that generation that spelled things out. That more mature generation that grew up reading books, writing letters and learning grammatical sentence structure in school.
March 9, 2003
Suzie Harrison Talking with her and hearing her voice is like an exercise in Zen meditation. But if anyone knew her miserable youth, it would be hard to believe that Dr. Adeline Yen Mah would turn into such a successful, caring and inspirational person. The New York Times best-selling author will share her journey growing up and her plight from communist China to the U.S. on March 31 at UC Irvine. Mah has been selected to appear in the UCI Libraries annual Speaker Series.
June 19, 2001
Danette Goulet It was all very professional. A couple of smartly dressed children flanked the door to Room 14 at Newport Elementary School, handing out blue and pink programs. Inside, a semicircle of miniature yellow chairs was set up to face a floral-cushioned, white rattan chair -- the author's seat. On one side of the seat of honor stood a big sign on an easel, welcoming guests to the Authors' Tea and announcing the featured authors of the afternoon.
May 6, 2008
?How to use a computer, how to format a letter and use e-mail. I will use it when I grow up and it will help with my job.? ? ?Writing letters helps later in life when writing to my boss. Computers help with my job. It is a really good experience at our age to be using these things.? ? ?I know how to use a computer. It helps me know what life is like later on. I will probably need to make invoices and write letters.? ? ? ?Best thing is having to do your job and to get paid for what we do.?
By Jessie Brunner | June 3, 2007
The ocean spray at the Wedge. The pastries from Dad's Donut Shop & Bakery. The warm sun and sand. These memories from summer vacations spent in Newport Beach flooded Liam Callanan's mind as he sat in a coffee shop in frigid Milwaukee to work on his latest novel. It seemed the natural location to set his second book, "All Saints," as he looked to escape the cold weather around him as well as the Alaskan scenery of his debut novel. In Callanan's words, Newport Beach is "the best place in the world."
February 7, 2006
The Daily Pilot visited aspiring authors at Rea Elementary School and asked, "If you wrote a book, what kind of book would you write?" "I would write fiction because I would like to have a lot of imaginary stuff in the book." Janette Diaz, 9 Costa Mesa "Spider-Man. It's my favorite superhero. He rescues people and he fights evil and shoots webs out of his hands." Sean Ponce, 10 Costa Mesa "I would write fiction because you can invent your own character, how they act and it could be unusual."
July 14, 2003
A very wise person once told me that a good business letter is one that uses the word "you" twice as often as the word "I." I've tried to take this advice to heart, but it can be really difficult, especially when the letter is part of a job application. Still, just reaching for this ideal can help a writer keep something very important in mind: The reader is a living breathing human being. And it's human nature to be more interested in yourself than in someone else.
By Joseph Serna | September 7, 2007
For most of his adult life, Donnie Madril has had to watch opportunities pass him by. His parents could afford to send him to college, but the 48-year-old Irvine man chose manufacturing after high school. Every time an opportunity for advancement arose in the company, Madril could only stand by, immobilized by his inability to write. After 20 years, when his company relocated and many of them were laid off, Madril’s choices were limited — find a job with little writing.
By Michael Miller | May 1, 2014
If you want to strike up a conversation with an author of your choice, the words "Barbara DeMarco-Barrett says hi" may do the trick. The Newport Beach resident, who oversees the KUCI 88.9 FM program "Writers on Writing," has interviewed so many guests over the past decade and a half that reading the list of participants on her website almost requires a magnifying glass. DeMarco-Barrett is an author herself - among her credits is "Pen on Fire: A Busy Woman's Guide to Igniting the Writer Within" - and her show, which also features co-hosts Marrie Stone and Nicole Nelson, grew largely out of a desire to meet kindred literary spirits.
By Bradley Zint | April 16, 2014
Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer during Tuesday's council meeting demanded an apology from a local blogger who posted online comments comparing the way he runs the city to Adolf Hitler. Eastside resident Geoff West alluded to the Nazi dictator in an April 11 Facebook posting about the operating structure of the Preserve Our Neighborhoods Task Force. Righeimer recently created the citizens group to examine complex legal issues associated with problematic rehabilitation homes in the city.
March 24, 2014
Area nonprofits are collaborating next month on an effort to break the world record for most letters written to military personnel in one month. The "Letters From Home" campaign - organized by the Costa Mesa-based Festival of Children Foundation, Encino-based Operation Gratitude and Irvine-based Team Kids - begins at noon April 12 in South Coast Plaza's Carousel Court. The goal is to collect 10,000 letters between April 12 and May 12 and be eligible for a Guinness World Record, organizers said.
By Patrice Apodaca | November 29, 2013
My older son and I have a Christmas tradition that I love. We give each other books. He puts a lot of thought into his choices, usually opting for nonfiction because of our shared love of history. Thanks to him, I've read biographies of presidents and other world leaders, and learned more about the American Revolution, World War II, and the Cold War. He's also occasionally indulged my weakness for classic whodunnits. My younger son, a college freshman, writes for a blog run by a campus club.
By Joe Puglia | November 4, 2013
After 10 months of writing and researching five hours a day, spilling umpteen thousand words and creating 66 chapters, I'm pages away from completing my book. I'm hoping to finish today. However, I must complete this column, teach at the Leadership Institute in San Francisco and bring back in one piece each of the students who accompanied me. It's funny how you'd write a sentence with a particular focus and then serendipitously turn a corner only to find that leads to another turn and yet another after that.
By Chris Megerian | October 31, 2013
SACRAMENTO -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation was targeting Sen. Ron Calderon for years before allegedly catching him taking bribes during a sting operation, according to an affidavit uncovered by Al Jazeera. An agent wrote in the document that an investigation into the Montebello Democrat and his brothers, Tom and Charles, began in 2007. The genesis of the corruption investigation, the agent wrote, was a $1-million check written to Tom Calderon by Michael Drobot, a Newport Beach resident who runs Pacific Hospital of Long Beach.
By Emily Foxhall | October 31, 2013
For 75 minutes Wednesday night, a room in the Newport Beach Public Library became author Zadie Smith's classroom. She read her essay "Why Write?" - originally composed for her students - to a crowd of 200 gathered for the ticketed event hosted by the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation. The New York University professor began by imagining what audience members feel at the start of a lecture: Instantly impatient, they look toward the podium to see how thick the stack of lecture notes might be. They wonder how long the speech will last.
By Michael Miller | October 8, 2013
Hard traveling is an admired trait of folk singers, and Tracy Newman took a long journey to her gig this week in Irvine - even if it didn't quite adhere to Woody Guthrie's mythical highways. Newman, who recently turned 70, released her first CD less than 10 years ago. As a young adult, she played gigs on the blossoming folk scene, but she didn't spend all the years in between as a hungry talent eking out a living from the tip jar. Rather, she headed to Hollywood, where she garnered acclaim as a writer for "Cheers," "Ellen," "The Drew Carey Show" and other programs.
By Lauren Williams and Jill Cowan | June 28, 2013
About 50 to 100 anti-abortion protesters wrote messages in chalk and shouted slurs outside the home of a Newport Beach obstetrician Thursday night. The protest began at about 8 p.m. outside the Dover Shores home of Richard Agnew, who is affiliated with Hoag Hospital, authorities said. Agnew was one of a slate of Hoag Hospital-affiliated doctors to oppose the institution's recent decision to eliminate elective abortion services in the wake of its affiliation with Catholic health system St. Joseph Health.
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