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November 24, 2004
Marisa O'Neil When Newport Beach residents are vacationing, volunteers from the Police Department will watch their homes -- and look out for others watching their homes. Residents who call and notify the Newport Beach Police Department that they'll be out of town can rest assured that a trained set of eyes will be watching for anything unusual at their homes. About half a dozen police volunteers are making rounds every week to help keep neighborhoods safe, Newport Beach Sgt. Steve Shulman said.
January 29, 2002
The Daily Pilot visited Costa Mesa High School to ask high school juniors, 'What are you doing on Super Bowl Sunday?' 'Watch it with friends at my house and order some pizza.' Cynthia Laguna, 16, Costa Mesa 'Sit down and watch it while having lunch. We'll have it at my house and have people over.' Daniel Collin, 16, Costa Mesa 'Be at home with my family watching it and maybe have a little party.' Tyler Waldron, 16, Costa Mesa 'Not watching it. Me and my friends will be renting chick flicks and painting our nails, anything that doesn't involve football.
July 29, 2001
The best event at the Orange County Fair is absolutely free. No, it's not the All Alaskan Pig Races. The magician? Good guess, but it's not him either. Nor is it the singers, the dancers, the livestock or the exhibits. That's because the best event at the fair -- at least for the Daily Pilot's photography staff -- is people watching. Where else can you see a child carried next to an enormous stuffed dog on her father's shoulders. How about a man in a kooky hat?
By STEVE SMITH | January 6, 2007
"There is nothing wrong with beating a dead horse. It's good exercise, and the horse certainly doesn't mind." I wish I knew who said that. I made a good attempt at Googling it but came up empty. "Google" and its various conjugations, by the way, replaced the word "search" as the verb for looking up information on the Internet, according to one language source. Every Dec. 15 for the past eight years, our kids, now 14 and 16, have received $100 in "TV money," a reward they get for not watching TV. This year, they each watched a little TV. Some of it was a few plays of a USC game or part of an Angels game, some of it was a news event and some of it was part — perhaps even all — of a sitcom.
By: CINDY TRANE CHRISTESON | September 10, 2005
o7Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God's handwriting -- a wayside sacrament. Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every fair flower, and thank God for it. f7 -- RALPH WALDO EMERSON I didn't realize until the end of summer that I hadn't done something that used to be an essential part of summer when I was younger -- go to the beach. I can't blame it on red tides or jellyfish. It's just that going to the beach wasn't a priority for me this year.
January 29, 2000
Newport Beach's Lindsay Davenport overwhelmed three-time defending Australian Open women's singles champion Martina Hingis for 50 minutes, then experienced a 10-minute lapse before watching the Swiss Miss self-destruct on her final serve as she claimed a 6-1, 7-5 victory in Melbourne this morning. The 23-year-old Davenport collected a paycheck of $460,600 for her third Grand Slam tennis championship, and like the others, it was in sweeping style. Except for a few moments when she let a 5-1 lead slip away to 5-5 in the second set, Davenport displayed an awesome array of winners.
By Soraya Nadia McDonald | March 8, 2008
NEWPORT BEACH — So many options, and so much time. It might make a short hike for the pros, but 6,598 yards is a good bit of ground to cover for a spectator. So you can get a skybox seat and enjoy a shaded view, or find a nice knoll that splits two holes where you can stop and rest. If you don’t want to follow one group through all 18 holes, another strategy is to find a green, stay there, and watch the tee shot from afar. Toshiba Classic Volunteer Chairman Brian Horn said he’s done all of the above.
By Bob McCaffrey | April 26, 2014
This November presents Newport Beach taxpayers with a chance to return fiscal restraint back to city government. I took a 20-year break from civic affairs until 18 months ago, when city leaders chose to raise taxes - which they termed fees - on residential dock owners, commercial marina operators and harbor businesses. They did it because they could. There was no state mandate, court order or administrative finding requiring the tax hikes. The insatiable appetite of government for more money led our Republican City Council members to feast on their constituents.
April 10, 2014
UC Irvine senior pitcher Andrew Morales is among 50 baseball players named to the midseason Golden Spikes Award watch list. Morales, 6-0 entering Friday's scheduled start against Cal State Northridge, has a 0.45 earned-run average, fourth-best in the nation. He has pitched two complete games and has struck out 60 in 60 innings to rank 10th in the country in strikeouts. Morales is holding the opposition to a .162 batting average and currently is riding a 25 1/3 scoreless-innings streak.
By Michael Miller | March 11, 2014
As the seconds pass before Wynton Marsalis picks up the phone in his Portland, Ore., hotel room, the mind sends a decree to the body: Be on guard. And have the recorder running too, because a few choice quotes are bound to be in the offing. Marsalis, the man often heralded as the ambassador of jazz (or jazz czar, or Ronald Reagan of jazz, or whichever title you prefer), isn't known for grunting one-sentence responses in interviews. He is known for expressing sharp opinions - sometimes, apparently, at the volume of a John Coltrane solo.
By Michael Miller | March 10, 2014
Rick Sparks can still remember the days when people loved Lucy in groups. For that matter, they all loved her at the same time. And though the screen was small by 2014 standards, the gathering before the television felt like a much larger event. "Those few lucky families in the neighborhood that would have the television present, it was a beacon to their neighbors," said Sparks, the co-writer and director of "I Love Lucy Live on Stage. " "And then what my family did, and friends in other neighborhoods, they would all wander over to that person's house.
By Mike Whitehead | February 7, 2014
Ahoy! I received a few emails asking for more information about the rules and regulations for whale-watching that I mentioned in my column last week. Additionally, some readers were wondering how to report someone who may be harassing a whale, whether a boater or swimmer. Yes, people have been known to swim out to try and "pet" the whales, and one person off Laguna Beach was badly injured when the whale flicked the swimmer away with a fin. I highly recommend the NOAA Fisheries website that is loaded with excellent and easy to read information on a page titled "Responsible Marine Wildlife Viewing.
By Mike Whitehead | January 3, 2014
Ahoy! I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year, and I know that 2014 will be a great year for boating. As we leap into the New Year, let us reflect for a moment on the people you know personally who are boaters and those who work in the maritime field. You will be surprised how boating touches almost everyone's life at one time or another. Sailors are a very superstitious group and just what kind of resolutions should boaters make anyway? We can easily cast off into this dialogue with the No. 1 resolution that all boaters will be courteous to everyone while on the water, whether sailing or in a power boater or on any type of floating craft.
From the Daily Pilot staff | December 24, 2013
10.) Corona del Mar High School cheating: What disciplinary actions will students accused of hacking into the school system and changing grades face next year? 9.) Fairview Park trail: Costa Mesa is set to complete environmental repairs to the vernal pools at Fairview Park. 8.) Banning Ranch: An Orange County Superior Court judge found that the proposed residential-commercial project violated Newport Beach's general plan, but the city said the ruling will not stop the development from going forward.
By Bradley Zint | December 5, 2013
The Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee on Wednesday approved three suggestions for additions to the park, based on ideas the group generated earlier this year. A majority of the nine-member committee favored adding a community garden, information kiosks with pamphlets, and a nature center with bird-watching platforms within the 208-acre park's northwest quadrant. The three suggestions will be brought to city staff, who will research the feasibility of each before the committee's next meeting, scheduled for February.
By Don Leach | November 2, 2013
My memories of the Laguna firestorm of 1993 are still vivid, 20 years later. I photographed the day of the burn, weeks of clean-up and the feature stories that followed. It was a distinctive career experience for me as a photographer, covering my hometown on fire. It could have been anywhere in Orange County, but it was my hometown. It's one thing to see big fires burn other people's homes, but when they belong to your neighbors and friends, it was something else. I learned about the fire from a scanner report of a 2-acre brush fire near Laguna Canyon Road and the 405 Freeway a little before noon on Oct. 27. I was on assignment for the Laguna News Post shooting a business portrait.
September 17, 2013
Westminster police arrested a Newport Beach man Monday on suspicion of stealing a watch worth almost $10,000. Travis Lambright, 32, allegedly took the watch Friday from Tick Tock jewelers in the Asian Garden Mall on Bolsa Avenue. The store's owner chased Lambright into the parking lot, where an altercation ensued and the jeweler fired several gunshots, police said in a news release. Lambright drove off with the watch, leaving the shop owner with minor injuries, police said. Officers arrested Lambright when he allegedly tried to sell the $9,400 Omega watch at a store in Tustin.
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