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By Jeraldine Saunders | June 23, 2011
ARIES (March 21-April 19): You can be paralyzed by a sudden change of plans. You can still get everything done on time even if it means that you must adjust your schedule. You might even learn a valuable lesson about being dedicated. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Loyalties lack excitement. When you have taken a job or given your heart, you have agreed to stick by someone's side through thick and thin. This might be one of the thin times when you chafe at restraints. GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
By Steve Virgen, | March 9, 2011
NEWPORT BEACH — The winning has been long over for Lee Trevino. The competitive fire is hardly burning, he admits. The 71-year-old hall of famer says the desire for competitive golf left when he was 63. But Trevino still displays a strong love for the game. He showed that passion, and plenty of personality, during a 45-minute interview with the media at Newport Beach Country Club Wednesday. He chose to play his only Champions Tour event at the Toshiba Classic, and it appears he's making the most of his one stop.
By Mike Reicher, | October 19, 2010
The Port of Long Beach has agreed to accept 150,000 cubic yards of dredged toxic sediment from the city of Newport Beach, Newport officials said Tuesday. The sediment will come from the Rhine Channel, an area near Cannery Village that once housed shipyards and canneries, boat-building and metal plating facilities. It will be dumped in an area of the port reserved for such dirt, a site that will accommodate future expanded shipping operations. Finding a home for the contaminated material is a major development for Newport.
By Joanna Clay, | August 20, 2010
Need to toss old laptops or dated cell phones? The Boys & Girls Club in Costa Mesa is recycling used electronic equipment to raise money. From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, residents can drop off their unwanted electronics, such as TVs, monitors, video game systems, printers or fax machines at the clubhouse. Batteries, light bulbs and appliances will not be accepted. Electronic Waste Recycling, or eWaste, is hosting the event for the Boys & Girls Club and thinks it is important for people to come out and support the nonprofit's fundraising efforts.
By Mona Shadia, | July 7, 2010
COSTA MESA — If your dog is not fixed, get ready to pay $80 to license it — quadruple the amount the city used to charge. The fee was one of several that were increased Tuesday by the City Council as part of a plan to shore up funds and address the budget deficit. Included in the $80 is $5 to finance the doggy waste bags program, which was slashed last year as part of budget cuts. The licensing fee for altered dogs was also increased from $10 to $25 and officials established a new fee for seniors, $10. Late fees will be an additional 50%. The last time Costa Mesa increased its dog license fee was about 20 years ago. The new fees are on par with the county average, according to a city staff report.
By John Depko and Susanne Perez | March 25, 2010
Romantic comedies seem to be Hollywood’s primary repository for mindless mush. “The Bounty Hunter” is the latest manifestation of this theory. Director Andy Tenant follows up his vapid effort in “Fool’s Gold” with this tedious and lackluster production. It wastes the talents everyone involved. Lovely Jennifer Aniston parades her perky self across the screen to collect another nice paycheck without any real acting required. She’s a TV news reporter on the trail of big story.
February 2, 2010
Costa Mesa and the Costa Mesa Community Foundation have launched a program for the public to help offset the city’s costs of providing materials to pick up dog waste at local parks. The K-9 Cleanup Sponsorship and Donation Program offers the public a tax-deductible way to donate money to the city that will go toward dog waste bags and dispensers at local parks. People can donate money or dog bags to the program. The city has had to remove all dog waste bags and their dispensers from city parks because of maintenance concerns and budget cuts.
By Brianna Bailey | August 5, 2009
A new study from a national environmental organization has found higher levels of bacteria in Newport Harbor and Upper Newport Bay than in the city’s surrounding coastal waters, but city and county officials say the water in the bay isn’t likely to make swimmers sick. The report from the Natural Resources Defense Council analyzed water quality results from beaches around the country. While the report found bacteria was a problem in some spots on Newport Bay, it probably isn’t from human waste, which could make a person ill, said Newport Beach Assistant City Manager Dave Kiff.
By TOM THORKELSON | July 31, 2009
People often ask me how I can accomplish so much in the same time that everyone has. When I was serving as an LDS Bishop of Santa Ana in the 1970s, we had a unique congregation and taught Sunday school in seven languages! It was an extremely busy time, with the building of a new financial services organization in Newport Beach and helping to raise a large family. Speaking assignments took me all over the world, and there were major demands of several civic responsibilities. I knew that I had the ability to use my time very efficiently.
March 14, 2009
It’s understandable that a proposed ban on smoking in public places in Newport Beach might prompt some to think, “Don’t we have more pressing issues to consider?” Yes, we have a global economic meltdown that has touched virtually all of us and will likely continue to do so for years. But, sorry, Mayor Ed Selich, it’s not a “waste of time.” The serious health implications of smoking should always command our attention. Many experts have concluded nicotine is the most addictive drug.
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