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By By Greer Wylder | November 18, 2005
There's no place like home on Thanksgiving. Yet, planning the biggest home-cooked feast of the year is a huge undertaking. For simpler dining-out options, here are three local restaurants offering great dining choices, as well as one turkey-to-go option. For formal Thanksgiving dining, Chat Noir and Pinot Provence offer four course sit-down menus with choices for each course. The Clubhouse suits families and casual diners. It offers an expansive buffet, and even has a turkey-to-go-menu.
December 26, 2004
Marisa O'Neil "You're working Saturday?" most people questioned incredulously when I told them my work schedule for this week. "But it's Christmas." In response, I'd put on my best professional journalist tone. "News doesn't take a holiday," I'd say. But, truth be told, it kind of does -- natural disasters and horrific accidents aside. Because misery loves company, I thought I'd spend my Christmas Day seeking out those in the same situation as I. Thing is, nobody seemed all that miserable.
December 2, 2004
The Pacific Coast girls under-12 Riptide softball team won the championship game of the Southern California ASA Turkey tournament. The 6-5 win added to the team's streak, winning 17 of the last 20 games. The Riptide advanced through the tournament unbeaten and only allowed eight runs in 28 innings, while scoring 29 runs. The team defeated Tustin, 1-0, in the semifinal game with no defensive errors. In the final, after the Riptide went into a tiebreaker in the eighth inning, Kira Mitani stepped up to the plate, slugged a run-producing hit that scored Brookie Migliori for the win. Kadee Malone had two home runs in the game, while Emma Zublin had one. Elizabeth Cramer caught for the entire 28 innings, Mitani and Mary Hamilton shared pitching duties and Jade Watts had numerous hits.
November 27, 2004
JIM DE BOOM For the third year in a row, I deviate from the traditional Community and Clubs format to present the Turkey Awards for Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. In 2002 we honored Turkey of the Year runners-up Gray Davis (who was recalled as Governor of the state of California), Irvine Mayor Larry Agran (for the "Great Park" hoax) and gave the Turkey of the Year award to campaign consultant Dave Ellis. In 2003, the Turkey of the Year runner ups were Dennis Rodman, the Newport Beach Parks & Recreation Commission, the Costa Mesa City Council (who developed a policy to hold the grocery stores responsible when customers steal grocery carts)
November 21, 2004
PETER BUFFA You're doing fine. Really. You're halfway there. Remember, the holidays are a marathon, not a sprint. Halloween is done. It's quick, it's easy, a no-brainer, as well it should be. The holiday muscles need to be stretched then warmed. Now the going gets tougher. In a few days, it'll be Thanksgiving, which falls on the last Thursday in November this year. You know what to do; you know when to do it; and most importantly, you know what to eat. That familiarity is what we love about Turkey Day, including the story of the first one: the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620.
May 6, 2004
Danielle Anderson and Kyle Anderson My mother-in-law, Sandy, loves to travel, so she wanted to celebrate the birthdays of many friends and family with a European trip. The plan was Athens for four days followed by a seven-day cruise of the Greek Islands and Turkey. I never imagined going to these countries. How am I going to communicate? I don't speak Greek or any Turkish language! There are endless landmarks to see and explore, but where do you start?
January 8, 2004
Elizabeth Martino Ten years ago, our family lost a beloved uncle. We didn't want to spend our first family holiday at home without him. We decided to go on a vacation for Thanksgiving, but we had to find a location that would accommodate a group with people ages 1 to 89 years old. We had grandmas, aunts, uncles, moms, dads, kids and babies. ... Oahu was the perfect choice! Now, it is our 10th year of returning to the same hotel, the Sheraton Waikiki, the glittering center of activity in Honolulu with gorgeous Diamond Head as the backdrop.
November 29, 2003
JIM DE BOOM For the second year in a row, I deviate from the traditional Community and Clubs format to present the Turkey Awards for Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. Last year's second runner-up in the Turkey competition, Gray Davis, was recalled earlier this fall as governor of the state of California. First runner-up, Irvine Mayor Larry Agran, continues with the Great Park Hoax, while Turkey of the Year for 2002 Dave Ellis jumped to the Daily Pilot's top 103 list of influential people in the Newport-Mesa communities in position No. 13. For a week now, the nominating committee, consisting of environmentalists, business and community leaders, clergy, elected officials, retirees, and college students, all residents of the Newport-Mesa communities, have been reviewing the pages of the Daily Pilot for 2003 to find people who have had an affect on our communities, to be nominated for Turkeydom.
November 28, 2003
LOLITA HARPER Get up. Get up off the couch and go do something active. (Wait.... Wait until you are finished reading this, then go.) If you are anything like me, Thanksgiving Day included at least five hours of football, a wonderful spread of delicious foods and desserts, concluded with the time-honored, ceremonial act: the un-buttoning of the pants. Ah, the joys of doing nothing, while your stomach gleefully processes five times its normal daily allowance.
November 27, 2003
Alicia Robinson Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition for many, but it's not necessarily a must. Area food service businesses have been bustling with holiday business this week, but they're not just purveying drumsticks and wings. The Honey Baked Ham Co. in Corona del Mar has been doing a booming business and, contrary to what the name suggests, it does sell turkey. "[But] the majority of what goes out of here is ham," store supervisor Colleen Skalla said.
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