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True Love

February 13, 2004
Lolita Harper You are the couple that doesn't believe in labels. He's not your "boyfriend," she's not your "girlfriend" -- your feelings for each other don't fit those traditional molds. The commercial concept of Valentine's Day makes your stomach turn. Nonetheless, a day devoted to true love is appealing, if done correctly and from the heart. The truly committed, however, should be careful not to let their emotions fog clear thinking when contemplating a permanent arrangement.
December 23, 2001
WEATHER FORECAST On the second day of winter, my true love gave to me a day that is practically rain-free. However, expect the clouds to stick around for a while, keeping the temperatures cool. A high of 64 and a low of 45 are expected today -- falling right within the average temperatures for the season. Bundle up if you're going to see the last night of the Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade. And remember, only two shopping days left till Christmas.
By SUSANNE PEREZ | January 20, 2006
Casanova, the legendary lover and seducer, has been portrayed many times and many ways in the movies. Now director Lasse Halstrom ("Chocolat") has Heath Ledger wearing the puffy shirt in his lavish version of "Casanova," set in 1753 Venice. It's an old-fashioned farce, featuring more bodice heaving than bodice ripping. The opening scene has Casanova fleeing rooftops after he has made himself well acquainted with some nuns. He is captured by Vatican Inquisitors, who would like nothing better than to hang him for his wild ways.
December 19, 2004
PETER BUFFA It's almost here. Are you ready? Have the stockings been hung by the chimney with care, in the hopes that St. Nicholas so forth and so on? No? For heaven's sake, people, let's get a move on. What do you think this is -- a holiday? You only have six days left: 144 hours, 8,640 minutes, 518,400 seconds. In the time it took you to reach this comma, (see comma, to your left) you could have bought .75 gifts, built at least one layer of the seven-layer cookies, trimmed two-thirds of a branch.
November 11, 2002
Deepa Bharath Christopher White has a passion for telling stories. The last one he wrote made it to the big screen. "Missing Brendan," the saga of a family that journeys to Vietnam to bring back the remains of its lost son and brother, premiered Friday at the Laguna Hills Mall. White, 46, will also offer a special screening of the film for veterans tonight at the Laemmle Fairfax Theater in Los Angeles. "At my age, I think a lot about how lucky I am not to have gone to war," the Corona del Mar resident said.
August 4, 2009
Submitted by Dan Pittman Calling all bachelorettes. The search is on for eligible women who are ready to find true love on the new season of "The Bachelor" on ABC. One lucky man is given the opportunity to find the woman of his dreams -- and hopefully his bride-to-be -- in the popular primetime romantic reality series. Those who feel they possess the charm, style, class and culture to become America's next leading lady are invited to come to The Westin South Coast Plaza, Saturday, August 1 from one until five pm to meet with the show’s casting director.
February 11, 2004
THE DATE Bright and early Don't waste a minute of that gorgeous California sunshine. Get up, get out of the house and get that heart pumping. A nice, peaceful jog around the Newport Back Bay is the perfect way to start the day with your loved one. Side by side, you will walk or jog through the scenic landscape -- and every now and then, glance over at your honey, who is just as radiant as the early morning dew glistening on the wildflowers. Mid-morning snack A red apple (they look like hearts)
March 19, 2004
Tom Titus Transporting, and translating, an epic Norwegian play into the heart of Mexico and condensing it from five hours into a manageable two would seem to be a Herculean task, but UC Irvine has accomplished it quite impressively with its production of "Pedro Gynt." Director Robert Cohen adapted Henrik Ibsen's rambling "Peer Gynt" and infused it with not only the styling, but often the language of the Mexican people -- one character, in particular, speaks virtually nothing but Spanish.
July 4, 2005
COMING UP Old Glory Boat Parade beckons For the 60th year, boats will circle Newport Harbor for the Fourth of July Old Glory Boat Parade, which is sponsored by the American Legion Yacht Club and American Legion Post 291. The day starts at 7 a.m., when American Legion volunteers prepare a $10 pancake breakfast. A $15 steak dinner will be prepared for those who buy meal tickets in advance. At the parade, beginning at 1 p.m., more than 50 boat owners will dress their vessels in red, white and blue.
July 7, 2001
Deepa Bharath NEWPORT BEACH -- It's tough for Don and Micki Huntress to even think that their son Jason, who they say loved the ocean and spent most of his life in the water, could drown. But it seems more and more like a possibility every day as Sheriff's Harbor Patrol divers scour the waters in Emerald Bay near Laguna Beach, where 33-year-old Huntress was last seen Wednesday afternoon. On Friday, divers were out in their boats from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., said Sgt. Donna Soto.
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