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By Britney Barnes | November 26, 2011
Students from Costa Mesa and Lynwood wowed judges with essays about the reasons for which they were thankful this Thanksgiving. TeWinkle Middle School student Isabelle Morales and Lindbergh Elementary School sixth-grader Kimberly Wenceslao, 11, tied for first place — winning half of the $1,000 grand prize — in the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina's first Thanksgiving video and essay contest. "These two really stuck out," said Andrew Theodorou, Newport Dunes executive vice president and general manager.
By Mark Wiley | November 25, 2011
You might imagine that an inspiration article on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend would be about Thanksgiving. There is an endless range of topics: heart-warming reunion gatherings, remembering all the funny but embarrassing family stories, themes of gratitude amid scarcity, or even how saying "thank you" can make a difference in your daily life. I could choose any of these Thanksgiving themes. But I won't. Thanksgiving Sunday was last week. Tomorrow begins Advent. Last Sunday was the end of the year.
By Ron Kaye | November 24, 2011
If I had my way, Thanksgiving would become a weeklong holiday at least once a decade — a time to take stock of who and where we are, and where we are going. We would take our heads out of the clouds of our self-absorption, including the Internet "cloud. " We would turn off our cell phones and TVs. We'd put away our iPads and Kindles. We'd take a walk around the block and say hello to everyone we came across. We'd volunteer for some kind of community service for a day or two. We'd actually give thanks for what we have and celebrate the good in our lives.
By B.W. Cook | November 23, 2011
Today is Thanksgiving. On this uniquely American celebration of fellowship — coupled with appreciation for the blessings of life, liberty and sustenance — tens of millions of members of this great society are racing about preparing to get a jump on the so-called "Black Friday" shopping deals. Many major as well as minor retailers will either open Thursday at midnight or at various intervals on the clock in the dark of night preceding Friday morning. The national news is reporting that an employee of Target, the retail giant headquartered in Minneapolis that has plans for a midnight shopping debut on the eve of Thanksgiving, has circulated a petition with some 190,000 signatures requesting Target to reconsider its plans.
By Joseph Serna | November 23, 2011
JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT - Foothill Ranch couple Elysia Eberhart and John Sleeper knew they'd have to wait for hours if they were going to fly the day before Thanksgiving. But the wait at John Wayne Airport wasn't where they expected. The newly minted Terminal C was virtually empty when they walked in Wednesday afternoon. About 10 minutes passed from the time they got in line for Southwest Airlines' ticket counter and headed over to the security line. Instead, their wait was on the other side, as they waited for their 3 p.m. flight to arrive.
By Sheri Alzeerah, Special to the Daily Pilot | November 22, 2011
Let's face it — America just wouldn't be the same without the greatness that is Thanksgiving. After all, it is the one day of the year when it's completely excused, if not encouraged, to be obsessed with food. It's the one day of the year when turkey isn't processed into glistening disks of lunch meat. It's the one day of the year when we gobble down stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and similar foods that are pretty much never eaten any other day. It's the four to five days of the year when we eat the same meal, and its creative variations, for every meal.
By Jim Carnett | November 21, 2011
My neighbor has a huge plastic blow-up turkey on his front lawn. Good for him! Alas, he's an anachronism. You rarely see Thanksgiving displays anymore. During my lifetime, enthusiasm for the holiday has diminished markedly. That's sad. When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was America's No. 2 holiday, behind Christmas and a notch ahead of Fourth of July. Now it's an afterthought, lost between Halloween's sugar bender and the commercial extravaganza that is Christmas. If Thanksgiving were once the American holiday equivalent of Manchester United of the English Premier League, sadly, it's now in jeopardy of being relegated to Division 2. Arbor Day elicits more passion.
By Britney Barnes | November 21, 2011
COSTA MESA — Volunteers stuffed clear bags with potatoes, carrots, onions, pears and oranges on Saturday morning while others filled brown paper bags with nonperishable items like pinto beans, rice, canned soup and cereal. Later, the chicken or turkey, bread and dessert item will be added to the Thanksgiving food bags to be handed out to those in need. "These are families that are struggling that might not have chosen to have Thanksgiving because they didn't have the food," said Julie Larson, the manager of volunteers at Share Our Selves (SOS)
By William Lobdell | November 26, 2010
Here are some leftovers for you on the day after Thanksgiving. Turkey. This fowl is also known as the Facilities Management West's deal with the state to buy the 150-acre Orange County Fairgrounds for $150 million. It's already generated one lawsuit, and rumors are swirling around town that additional litigation will be filed next week to block the transaction. The game plan for the deal's opponents appears to be this: Use litigation to run out the clock on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's term, which ends Jan. 3. Then, lobby the new administration of Jerry Brown to kill the ill-conceived deal that lacks any community support and reeks of an inside job. As a bonus, Brown could fire the fair board members en masse (this whole fiasco — including the wasted tax dollars — can be squarely placed on their shoulders)
By Tom Ragan, | November 25, 2010
COSTA MESA — At the third annual Someone Cares Soup Kitchen Thanksgiving Eve feast, the kitchen was abuzz as dozens of low-income and limited-income senior citizens from nearby Bethel Towers rubbed elbows with the homeless. "The price is right here, and it's something I need — that's for sure," said Lawrence Bubka, 83, who has lived in Costa Mesa for 20 years. He receives almost $900 in Social Security and disability checks a month. A former graphic artist and son of a Polish immigrant who came to California as a tailor in the early 1900s, Bubka dressed in a gray fedora and tweed jacket for Wednesday's meal.
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