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Supreme Court

June 24, 2009
The Newport Beach Anglican church embroiled in a bitter property dispute with the Episcopal Church filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court on Wednesday. St. James Anglican Church will ask the court to resolve whether the 1st Amendment of the Constitution protects church property ownership. In the case, the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles claims it has a right to keep St. James’ Newport Beach church after it left the Episcopal Church in 2004 over differing views on theology and homosexuality.
June 5, 2009
Nothing less than equal is fair or just. I will continue to struggle for equal marriage rights because separate but equal is just not equal. A civil union is not the same as a marriage. There are two ways to fix this injustice. One: Every couple, regardless of sexual orientation, can receive a marriage license and get married and be recognized by the state. Or two: Every couple obtains a license for a civil union and unites in a state-sanctioned union. If this is the case, couples can turn to their religious traditions, or other types of officiants to preside over their wedding ceremonies.
By Alan Blank | May 26, 2009
California’s same-sex couples who got married in the roughly six-month period in which it was legal last year will stay married after Tuesday morning’s state Supreme Court decision, but no new same-sex couples will be allowed to get married. The 6-1 decision to uphold Proposition 8 was widely anticipated because the ballot initiative didn’t just make a law forbidding gay marriage like its predecessor Proposition 22; it changed the California Constitution to explicitly not recognize same-sex unions.
By Joseph Serna | April 20, 2009
Assemblyman and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore, responding to a federal lawsuit Monday filed by Don Henley claiming DeVore has infringed on one of his copyrighted songs, said he’s willing to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court. “I’m sorry we don’t live in that world yet, where criticism is only one way and cannot be returned,” DeVore said. “I can’t say that I’m either shocked or disappointed about the lawsuit.” Henley’s attorneys declined to comment Monday.
By norma jeanne strobel | November 17, 2008
Norma Jeanne Strobel Ralph E. Shaffer   Proposition 8: When Courts Overturn the Will of the People It’s been done before in California – Stunned by the narrow victory to ban same-sex marriage in California , gay and lesbian organization lawyers have moved to the courts. Ambiguities regarding amendment and revision of the state constitution gives them hope that the state Supreme Court will overturn the Proposition 8 victory. Article 18 of the state constitution makes it clear that there is a distinction between a revision and an amendment to the constitution.
By Michael Miller | September 15, 2008
Robert Kobzi’s students are learning two things simultaneously in their fifth-grade classroom at Arroyo Elementary School: parts of speech, and freedom of speech. Kobzi, who teaches mostly English-learner students at the school in Pomona, leads his class through a unit in constitutional law every year. When he gave a presentation Saturday in UCI’s educational conference on the 1st Amendment, he pinned some samples of his students’ work on the classroom wall — including a poster from three girls who wrote, “It’s important to know our purposes because if we didn’t know them the governor would take advantage of us.” “They got an A,” Kobzi told the group of fellow educators who had come to learn new tactics for working civil liberties into the classroom.
By Daniel Tedford | August 15, 2008
A lawsuit brought on by a local resident to put an end to the “City Hall in the Park” ballot initiative was dismissed by an Orange County Superior Court judge this week, but the resident promised an appeal would be made with hopes to go to the California Supreme Court. Newport Beach resident Allan Beek originally filed a lawsuit in November to stop the initiative, known as Measure B, from going to voters, but the court found his lawsuit was filed too late. He amended that lawsuit in April after the initiative passed in February, alleging that a City Hall building initiative was not a legislative matter, and instead an administrative one. Superior Court Judge Peter Polos issued a final ruling this week dismissing Beek’s lawsuit.
By Brianna Bailey | June 17, 2008
The Newport Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau hopes to attract some newly wedded bliss to local hotels and resorts as thousands of same-sex couples line up at courthouses across the state to say their vows. The bureau is riding the recent surge in weddings across the state by inviting not just same-sex couples, but all newlyweds, to celebrate their nuptials in Newport Beach, said Audrey Leoncio, the marketing and public relations manager for the bureau. “Weddings are definitely a big driver in our city, and we have these great romance deals in our hotels for all newlyweds,” Leoncio said.
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