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October 24, 2002
Deepa Bharath All local beaches except one made the passing grade last summer, according to a report released by Heal the Bay Wednesday. The only beach that was said to have been in poor condition because of the bacteria pollution was Newport Harbor at 43rd Street. It was listed with six other "worst" Southern California beaches on the nonprofit environmental group's Beach Report Card for the 2002 summer. The same beach, along with Newport Dunes, made the list last year, said James Alamillo of Santa Monica-based Heal the Bay. "The bays usually make the list because the lack of wave or tidal circulation causes the water to stagnate, increasing bacteria levels," he said.
September 6, 2001
This year's return to school might be just a little easier than normal. After all, it wasn't exactly a summer to remember. Cloudy weather lingered through much of the summer -- the longest June Gloom in memory. The ocean water mirrored the cool skies, staying in the chilly mid-60s through July and only warming up to the summery 70s in August. And for surfers, bodyboarders and bodysurfers, there were few memorable swells, anyway. It wasn't the summer Southern California is supposed to be all about.
August 5, 2000
This summer my "big one" (the 13-year-old) wants to work. Remember the Tom Hanks movie "Big," where the little kid gets transformed into the body of a grown-up? Well, that's the transformation happening in front of our very eyes. My husband says our son is just "growing into his paws." I'm concerned. At 13, he already wears size 11 1/2 shoes. And lest I wasn't tracking that development carefully, he made quite the public display of this phenomenon at a recent Tournament Team baseball game.
March 12, 2010
Newport Beach’s shores may be one of the safest places to hit the waves this weekend with more than 150 people expected to try out as lifeguards for the summer. Starting at 9 a.m. Sunday, up to 173 applicants will participate in Newport Beach’s annual summer ocean lifeguard tryouts. Participants will compete in a 1,000-meter swim, then a 1,000-meter run-swim-run competition along the shore. Officials said about 25 people will be selected for further training, which includes a 125-hour training academy.
May 14, 2002
The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, which should be enough to convince anyone that summer is well on its way. However, there are other signs of this seasonal phenomenon that can be found almost everywhere. In schools, the Advanced Placement exams are well on their way and final projects are being quickly anticipated. All around Newport Beach, tourists from anywhere inland to across the country have begun to spring up, causing increasing traffic and crowds.
May 29, 2001
The Daily Pilot asked young residents and tourists at Balboa Fun Zone what preparations they're making for the end of the school year. "I'm just working on studying for my tests, and I can't wait until summer so I can go to the beach, surf and get a girlfriend." MARIO DANOVA, 14 Newport Beach "I'm spending most of my free time scheduling for the camps I'm going to attend and shopping for summer clothes." MEREDITH MATICS, 13 Tustin "I need to make sure I get all my homework finished and plan on coming out here to see the beach."
By Brianna Bailey | August 20, 2009
Architectural photographer Mike Torrey will return to his Balboa Island roots when he makes an appearance at Martha’s Bookstore on Saturday to sign copies of his new book about Machu Picchu. His parents had a summer home on Balboa Island, where he spent summers as a boy. He remembers paddleboarding in Newport Harbor and the legendary Larry the Lifeguard, who was a long-distance paddleboarder and fixture of Balboa Island for decades. Larry the Lifeguard used to set up a projector and show 16-millimeter movies in the middle of one of the island streets on summer nights, Torrey remembers.
March 20, 2001
Deepa Bharath NEWPORT BEACH -- Spring's not just in the air. It's showing up on the beach as well. On Sunday alone, an estimated 50,000 people enjoyed fair weather on the sands of Newport Beach, according to officials. "This is definitely it," said Newport Beach Lifeguard Capt. Jim Turner. "It's the beginning of the season." While temperatures hovered in the low to mid-70s along the coast, water temperatures touched 60 Sunday and 61 Monday, he said.
September 8, 2000
It's over. Done. Finito. Summer is closed for the winter. OK, there's that autumnal equinox thing, but nobody pays any attention to that. If God wanted summer to end on Sept. 21, he wouldn't have invented football. Summer starts with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day -- one of those special days we set aside to honor the three-day weekend. Know who started Labor Day? Peter J. McGuire, with the New York Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, in 1884.
August 26, 1999
Elise Gee COSTA MESA -- Kara DeMille and Lauren McMeikan spent a good part of their summer chopping vegetables, scooping butter and dishing out food at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen. But the two 13-year-olds weren't satisfied to stop there. They have organized a toy drive so that 1,500 children will be given Christmas presents this year. "We're teenagers, and we love getting presents for Christmas," said Lauren. "We were thinking how sad it was that other kids weren't as fortunate."
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