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By Patrice Apodaca | April 26, 2011
Are we raising a generation of anxious, overly stressed, sleep-deprived kids? Or are concerns about how hard we're driving our children misguided and overblown? Those questions are often on my mind, but even more so since last week, when I attended a local screening of the provocative documentary "Race to Nowhere," a film by former Wall Street lawyer and mother of three Vicki Abeles. Through interviews with students, parents, educators and mental-health professionals her film makes the case that pressures on children have grown so much that we've compromised our kids' health, happiness and ability to truly succeed in learning.
By Sarah Peters, | February 28, 2011
Editor's Note: This corrects an earlier version. COSTA MESA — When patients are zipped into the air-tight Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill from the waist-down, it feels like walking on the moon, said Chad Jarrett, co-owner of Jarrett Orthopaedic Rehabilitation in Costa Mesa. The rehabilitation center's recently acquired Alter G anti-gravity treadmill can help physical therapy patients take a giant leap toward total recovery, because movements on the machine are less of a shock to the legs' joints, said Jarrett, a physical therapist.
By Joanna Clay, | October 29, 2010
Nine Orange Coast College students will board the Alaska Eagle Saturday morning, embarking on the first leg of an eight-month trip from Newport Beach to South America. The 65-foot sloop will make its first stop at Easter Island, and then a new crew of sailors will come aboard for the next leg, to Puerto Montt, Chile. From there the trip will continue to Cape Horn, Argentina, South Georgia Island, Uruguay and Brazil. The Alaska Eagle was obtained by the college in 1982 and has notched more than 500,000 miles with OCC's School of Sailing and Seamanship.
By Ron Vanderhoff | August 27, 2010
For better or worse, summer heat has finally descended upon our gardens. Certainly, local gardeners will experience more periodic heat spells during the next two or three months, so how should a local gardener respond to these heat spells? With a cold glass of lemonade? Well yes, but what about our gardens? Because a plant's reaction to heat is gradual, its impact is often misunderstood. In a futile attempt to mitigate heat stress, a gardener's usual response may only be to water more.
By Joseph Serna | June 6, 2010
A few years ago, Brad Green and other Newport Beach police officers were responding to a report of gunshots on the Balboa Peninsula in the middle of the night. Officers found a scattering of bullet casings in the area and began looking for the suspect. Green headed down an alley with no lights and plenty of hiding spots. "If this guy jumped out of nowhere, he would've had me. One shot and I'm done," Green, 54, recalled. "I looked up at the sky and there was no moon, so the stars were really showing.
By Joseph Serna | May 14, 2010
With Memorial Day soon marking the traditional beginning of beach season, lifeguards and firefighters said it’s only appropriate that May is National Water Safety Month. National organizations like the Assn. of Pool & Spa Professionals, the World Waterpark Assn. and the National Recreation and Park Assn. joined together this year to raise awareness of water safety. California leads the nation in drownings, the leading cause of death for children younger than 5, according to the Orange County Fire Chief’s Assn.
By Peter Buffa | December 19, 2009
It’s almost here. Holy Cat. How did this happen? I have no idea. Halloween was, what, three weeks ago? Thanksgiving was last Thursday, right? Never mind that now. Are you ready? Seriously? What do you mean “no”? You’ve got five days left, 120 hours, 7,200 minutes, 432,000 seconds. Why are you still here? In the time it took to read those numbers, you could have bought 75-cent gifts, built at least one layer of the seven layer cookies or trimmed two-thirds of a branch.
By Candice Baker | October 13, 2009
As the H1N1 influenza virus, or swine flu, begins to affect area schools, administrators and teachers are trying to get the word out on how to stop the flu from spreading. Twenty UC Irvine students have contracted swine flu since Sept. 1. As of Tuesday, two schools in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District — College Park Elementary in Costa Mesa and Lincoln Elementary in Corona del Mar — have seen more than 10% of their students call in absent since late last week.
By Candice Baker | October 9, 2009
When many people think of human trafficking, they picture anonymous faces in far-off countries, Rep. Loretta Sanchez said Friday. “When you think it’s not here, it can be in the house next door to you, and you don’t even know it’s going on. But we’re going to work to eradicate it,” said Sanchez (D-Garden Grove). She spoke at a town hall meeting on the issue at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa to a crowd of stakeholders, clergy, students and interested community members.
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