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By Michael Alexander | December 9, 2008
Holiday cheer accompanied the annual changeover in leadership at the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, as members presented outgoing board President Martha Fluor with gifts: a portable desk, an alarm clock (Fluor isn’t reputed to be a morning person) and gift cards to Starbucks and South Coast Plaza. Though board members all kept their spots this year, their positions shifted. Having had her turn, Fluor went back to being a regular board member, though she has a new job ahead as vice president of the California School Boards Assn.
April 9, 2008
Starbucks provided free 8-ounce samples of its new brew for half an hour beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday. The Seattle-based chain created its new brew, Pike Place Roast, after soliciting input from nearly 1,000 customers. The brew features a smoother flavor than the typical Starbucks blend, flavored with dashes of cocoa and toasted nuts, and will remain on the menu indefinitely. Servers at local Starbucks locations offered shots of Pike Place Roast by the cash register and carried trays around tables.
February 28, 2008
Starbucks locations across America shut down at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday to give servers a crash course in how to make a faster, better espresso. When the sun rose Wednesday, the coffee giant had a pair of new menu items to show for it — the Honey Latte Espresso and the Caramel Espresso Frappuccino — as well as servers who were supposedly quicker on the draw. Adam Gott, a shift manager at the Starbucks at Harbor Boulevard and Baker Street, said his staff had received pointers the night before on steaming milk, putting in the right amount of coffee and doing it all as quickly as possible.
By Michael Miller | February 27, 2008
If you’re a coffee-aholic you might want to stop by your local Starbucks today to see whether you can taste a difference in your espresso. Caffeine junkies suffered through three hours of withdrawal Tuesday as Starbucks closed its stores in Newport-Mesa and across the country to train staff to make better espressos, lattes and other specialty drinks. The Seattle-based coffee giant trained more than 100,000 servers in “the art of espresso.” Starbucks reports it has 22 stores in the area.
By Michael Miller | February 26, 2008
Starbucks locations are scheduled to shut down nationwide between 5:30 and 9 p.m. tonight as servers undergo training in how to make espressos. The Seattle-based coffee giant plans to train more than 100,000 servers in “the art of espresso” — to quote the company’s news release — and lock all doors during that time. That may alter a number of people’s day in Newport-Mesa, where the Starbucks website lists 22 locations. Kimberly Clark, a student at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, stopped at the Starbucks at Harbor Boulevard and Baker Street this afternoon to enjoy a cup before the early closing.
By Jessie Brunner | December 12, 2006
Eva Shaffer-Brown, an Orange Coast College Student Activities office worker, didn't make the usual trip to her neighborhood Starbucks Monday morning. Not because she was prepared to tackle the day without her Grande, non-fat, no-whip, extra-hot peppermint mocha, but because she could get it right on campus. The on-campus Starbucks, which seats about 90 people inside and out, opened its doors Monday as part of the new Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, which is set to open Feb. 2. "I think it will provide a great service to the students, staff and faculty," said Shaffer-Brown, who was first in line at the new store.
By Ana Facio Contreras | September 18, 2006
Costa Mesa residents Marek and Joel Kazibwami were not happy when they learned that their favorite coffee house, Diedrich Coffee on West Baker Street, will be replaced by a Starbucks store next year. The two men learned Friday that Diedrich Coffee sold its 47 stores to Starbucks for $13.5 million. According to a written statement from the Irvine-based company, the sale of the stores was made so Diedrich executives can focus on the wholesale coffee bean business. "I think it's tragic that a large company like Starbucks is buying out their competition," said Marek Kazibwami, who has patronized Diedrich Coffee for six years.
January 15, 2005
Elia Powers Patrice Lawrence greeted the first customer at Starbucks when the store at Harbor Boulevard and Wilson Street opened five years ago. She endeared herself to loyal patrons by listening to their daily rants and engaging them in conversation. Some customers traveled for miles, bypassing closer Starbucks locations to have a word with Lawrence. These days, they come to hear her story. Lawrence's co-workers call her "Mama Patrice." She is their confidant, their calming influence, the one who welcomed them into the family and took their place when they were sick.
December 10, 2004
Greer Wylder Remember when a day without orange juice was like a day without sunshine? Not anymore. Now a day isn't complete without a piping-hot cafe latte with freshly steamed milk -- even if it costs $3.50. The heyday of specialty coffee chains is here. On almost every corner or strip mall there's a Starbucks, Diedrich's Coffee, Coffee Bean or Peet's Coffee. Newport Beach got a jump on the espresso drink trend in 1979, when C'est Si Bon reportedly became the first local shop to serve cafe lattes.
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