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By Rhea Mahbubani | March 26, 2013
Leotard-clad dancers stretched at gravity-defying angles, while gangly teenagers with seemingly endless legs towered en pointe. A girl hunched over homework as a counterpart stitched elastic bands and ribbons onto her shoes, listening to the youngest among them, who tittered gleefully, cradled comfortably in the laps of older girls. Ballet, in all its glory, was front and center at the Maple Conservatory of Dance in Irvine. Last Friday, about 80 performers pieced together pliés, arabesques and ports de bras in a nearly two-hour run-through of the Maple Youth Ballet's rendition of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
By Sue Thoensen | December 8, 2007
In the midst of a severe drought, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue stood on the steps of the Capitol building in Atlanta several weeks ago and asked the public to pray for rain. Last night, skiers, snowboarders and anyone hoping for the first “dump” of the season, joined owners Stefan and Stascha Kaelin for a snow dance outside the Stefan Kaelin Ski & Golf store in Newport Beach. Over a glass or two of wine, Stascha Kaelin and store manager Janet Nicholas came up with the idea after hearing about the Georgia situation.
January 22, 2008
Whether you?re a young pro looking for a ride to the mountains or a beginner looking for some lessons, Newport Beach?s Blue Angels Youth Ski and Snowboard Program gives kids a chance to enjoy the too-short snow season. Starting Saturday, boys and girls ages 7 to 16 have a chance to visit Mountain High Resort and hit the slopes. For five Saturdays, Jan. 26, Feb. 2, Feb. 9, Feb. 23 and March 1, kids can take a luxury bus to Mountain High and get five days of professional ski or snowboarding coaching, a ProTec snow helmet, lunch and a Billabong sponsor bag. Program enrollment is $749.
December 13, 2012
Snow White (calico), Happy (white and orange) and Grumpy (orange tabby, not pictured) were rescued from Disneyland. The three 10-week-old kittens were trapped by their rescuer/caregiver Cindy Dote, and two other siblings avoided the traps and are still there. The siblings left behind will be trapped, neutered and released back to the park to live their lives. Sadly, there is just a small window of time that a feral (wild untouchable) kitten can be tamed to make a great pet for the general public.
August 24, 2002
Added to the growing list of things that kids can no longer do is the news that American children are walking or bicycling to school in far fewer numbers. This, in turn, has contributed to the increase in childhood obesity. The report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed four main reasons why kids aren't walking or biking to school: traffic, weather, crime and distance. But my not-so-scientific research has revealed another reason, one that trumps all the excuses offered by the CDC. First, however, let's tackle CDC's list as it pertains to our local kids and schools.
By TOM TITUS | May 31, 2007
When South Coast Repertory's Hisa Takakuwa, director of the Theater Conservatory's Teen Players, took on this season's crop of young actors, her stated mission was to "get outside of their heads and out of their comfort zones." What better way than to select a play dealing with something native-born Southern Californians had only heard of, vaguely — snow days, those occasions in the northeastern part of the country when winter weather is severe enough close schools. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire's "Snow Angel" fits the bill splendidly.
August 22, 2003
Tom Titus Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" is one of the classic fairy tales, but how would it play with teenagers in the principal roles and set right here in Costa Mesa? Audiences at South Coast Repertory will find out this weekend when SCR's Young Conservatory presents a two-day, four-performance engagement of the play, based on Steven Wolfson's adaptation of the Andersen classic. It's been re-adapted for younger players by conservatory director Laurie Woolery and is now known as "The Snow Queen Teen," with the word "Queen" crossed out in the title.
By Candice Baker | February 18, 2010
The Winter Olympics are in full swing and it’s Ski Week for area public schools, so we’ve opted to check in with longtime family business owner Phil Carter of Costa Mesa-based Phil’s Ski and Snowboard, founded in 1984. How’s business? How have the record storms this season benefited you? The snow’s great and the weather’s great. We’ve been extremely busy — the good kind of busy. It’s Ski Week for Newport-Mesa Unified right now, so everyone goes to Mammoth and Big Bear; we’ve been helping a lot of people out. I was actually going to Mountain High the morning all the roads got shut down from that big storm; there was about 8 inches of snow on our car when we came back to the car. Do you typically see increased business during and following the Winter Olympics?
By Amanda Pennington | November 11, 2006
The nights are getting chilly, and we've fallen back an hour, which means days of playing in the snow lie ahead for everyone willing to make the drive. Yes, ski and snowboard season is upon us again and the shops are gearing up, anticipating this year's first snow. Temperatures at some of the more distant popular resorts have already prompted them to blast some of the man-made stuff, including at Mammoth Mountain, which cranked up the chairlift on one run Thursday. Local resorts such as Big Bear Mountain and Snow Summit haven't been so lucky.
By Michael Alexander | November 3, 2008
Editor?s note: The Boys & Girls Club doesn?t allow full identification of students in the after-school activities. ? School was out Monday across the Newport-Mesa Unified School District as teachers took a day for staff development. But the Boys & Girls Club of the Harbor Area took care of kids whose parents were working. For the 30 or so kids hanging around playing Wii, working in the computer lab or fooling around with blocks at the Westside branch of the club at Rea Elementary, it was a day more about fun than the club?
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