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By Michael Miller | March 28, 2006
When discussing smoking with sixth-graders at Newport Elementary School on March 21, Kim Aceves brought a visual aid to depict the effect of tobacco on lungs: a pair of sponges in plastic bags, bound together and connected to a cigarette holder. Aceves put a lighted cigarette in the device, and the sponges showed visible traces of tar. Then, for good measure, Aceves showed the students a pair of real human lungs. "This person did not die of smoking," Aceves said, carrying a dried human lung around Nicolle Kameron's classroom.
April 20, 2004
ROBERT GARDNER I notice that there is something called the Newport Beach Film Festival taking place. Something like 300 films are being shown over the course of 10 days which, by my basic math, averages out to 30 films a day for enthusiasts. Since the average film is at least an hour, it would seem impossible to make one's daily quota, but perhaps cartoons are included in the total, which might make it achievable. Cartoons were once a vital part of the movie-going experience.
September 5, 2004
PETER BUFFA You can do a lot of things at the beach. You can swim. You can surf. You can look for things. You can watch the waves, get a tan, walk the dog, or my personal favorite, lay there like a beached whale. But if the beach is a beach in Newport Beach, you may not, repeat, not, at any time, for any reason, smoke. Along with San Clemente, Huntington Beach and Santa Monica, Newport Beach is one of the growing list of California cities that have said that until further notice, there will be no butts on the beach.
October 12, 2004
"You'll get a lot of short-term memory loss, and it'll affect your body." Gizzela Prado, 10 Costa Mesa "It could affect your lungs, and you won't be able to breathe very well." Javier Medina, 9 Costa Mesa "I don't like the smell. It affects your lungs. I've been paranoid over it my whole life." Chase Murphy, 10 Costa Mesa "Because you can die from it, and because it causes mouth cancer, throat cancer and lung cancer."
June 29, 2004
Alicia Robinson Smokers may have to bring their tape measures when they visit state beaches if legislators approve a bill that requires them to be within 20 feet of a trash can when puffing or face a $100 fine. District Assemblyman Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) said he will introduce the bill in the Senate natural resources committee today. The assemblyman is not trying to stamp out smoking, he said, just the litter it causes. "We spend an extraordinary amount of resources to clean up our beaches," Yee said.
By BRADY RHOADES | March 12, 2009
Was it Thomas Jefferson who said that my liberty extends to the end of your nose? And how does one apply that to smoking? That’s what Newport Beach city officials are grappling with. Soon to be on the table will be an ordinance — the details are sketchy — that would ban public smoking in some public places in the city. “This issue of infringing of personal liberties needs to stop short of where is the exposure to involuntary health hazards,” said Councilman Mike Henn.
By John Depko | March 31, 2006
Sharp political satire and wicked humor fill the plot developments of "Thank You for Smoking." Aaron Eckhart is perfectly cast as Nick Naylor, the slick spin doctor working as the public spokesman for big tobacco. He brings life and credibility to a very strange job. It requires him to convince Americans that being a merchant of death is an honorable and patriotic activity. Robert Duvall is the practical tobacco kingpin who hires him to be the front man for the industry. Naylor's understanding of the PR game is evident in the biting wit of his conversations with reporters, TV show hosts and Hollywood agents.
October 17, 2004
Polluting the human body -- even killing it -- with cigarettes is one thing. But there is no need to kill a beach and the life on and around it with those little burned-out butts that belong in an ashtray -- not buried in the sand waiting for some coastal clean-up or a sea creature's digestive tract. That's why, for those who care what washes back into the ocean and what pollutes our shores, the Newport Beach beach-smoking ban -- passed by the City Council in September that took effect last week -- is something to be cheered.
By James P. Gray | July 11, 2009
The only positive thing that resulted from my wonderful mother’s addiction to cigarettes was that I grew up hating them. To me, smoking was and is dirty, smelly, expensive, stupid and disgusting. A smoker’s mouth, hair, clothes, car, and house usually smell of stale smoke, and the idea that smoking makes young people look older and more mature is deeply laughable. But even with that being the case, I am embarrassed to say that each of my three adult children smokes “occasionally,” as does our current president.
November 29, 2000
-- Compiled by Jennifer Kho WHAT HAPPENED: The Planning Commission on Monday decided to continue its scheduled review of the Q-Club Cafe until its next meeting Dec. 11. WHAT IT MEANS: The commission had planned to review the club's compliance with modified permits approved in August for the restaurant, which is at 1525 Mesa Verde Drive East. The cafe is allowed to have a small smoking area in back of the restaurant but is not allowed to serve food or alcohol there.
March 26, 2014
California Elementary School was evacuated Wednesday morning after smoke coming from the electrical room in the main office set off fire alarms, officials said. Four classes were already on the field participating in the school's Jog-a-Thon when the alarm sounded at 8:50 a.m. The rest of the school was quickly evacuated, said Principal Matt Broesamle. District employees responded to the Costa Mesa school and are attempting to determine the cause of the smoke, which originated from the electrical room next to the nurse's office, Broesamle said.
December 5, 2013
Newport Beach firefighters tore through the ceiling of a home near Coast Highway and Newport Center Drive to find out why smoke was wafting out of an attic Thursday. About 12:15 p.m., roughly 20 fire personnel responded to the 1200 block of Seadrift, where there were reports of smoke coming out of the eaves of a home. Firefighters saw light smoke and used thermal-imaging cameras to see unusually intense heat inside the attic, according to a Newport Beach Fire Department news release.
By Hannah Fry | November 7, 2013
The Coast Community College District is seeking feedback from students and faculty at its three campuses before considering a districtwide smoking ban. The proposed ban, which the board plans to vote on in the spring, would affect Coast's three colleges - Orange Coast in Costa Mesa, Golden West in Huntington Beach, and Coastline, which has campuses in several locations, including Newport Beach and Fountain Valley. Currently, OCC and Coastline prohibit smoking within 20 feet of a building entrance or window.
May 17, 2013
As a resident of Huntington Street, I live with the smoke and soot caused by the incessant daily beach fires. It's horrible; the air quality is being adversely affected. My window sills are black with the soot from the fires. My screens are black, my house is black, and I have to hose the house down weekly. I live in Huntington Beach, so I can get some nice ocean air. The people who come here burn anything they can get their hands on — railroad ties, plastic, contaminated wood products, anything that is free and can burn.
By Frank Peters | April 3, 2013
A battle is raging here in Southern California over wood burning in beach fire rings. Newport Beach decided to remove its 60 fire rings for health reasons, but Huntington Beach was caught napping. Do H.B. officials think that now that a regional agency is proposing to ban all beach burning that they can show up late, with a cute slogan, and win the day? I'm in favor of removing the fire rings, and I recently spoke at the South Coast Air Quality Management District public hearing, where I got to hear H.B.'s arguments.
By Jill Cowan | March 28, 2013
DIAMOND BAR - An ongoing fight over beach bonfires pitted the interests of two neighboring cities against each other Thursday morning, as Huntington Beach residents asked South Coast Air Quality Management District staff members to put the kibosh on a proposed rule change that would ban open burning on all beaches in the district's jurisdiction - or at least explore other alternatives. The Newport Beach City Council supports removing the fire rings in Corona del Mar and near the Balboa Pier.
By Raquel Reyes | January 23, 2013
For 17 years of my life, my family sheltered me from the issue of smoking, since no members in my family were smokers. It wasn't until I built a relationship with a smoker that I developed a deep concern for the issue since my boyfriend, along with the majority of his friends, were already addicted to cigarettes before even reaching the legal age of 18. At the time, of course, I would have never said anything harsh or judgmental regarding smoking....
From The Los Angeles Times | January 8, 2013
Newport Beach police said Tuesday night they were unaware of photos of celebrity Justin Bieber allegedly smoking what appears to be a marijuana cigarette in a local hotel. Sgt. Mike James didn't say whether the department was planning to investigate, saying that prior to a phone call from Daily Pilot staff that he hadn't heard anything about it. Bieber was photographed Jan. 2 at a hotel-room party holding what appears to be a marijuana cigarette while sitting with fellow partyers and a couple of empty beer bottles.
March 28, 2012
A smoking ban the Newport Beach City Council approved last month goes into effect Thursday, according to a city news release. The ordinance prohibits smoking in city parks and extends a previous smoking ban to 100 feet inland of beaches. Smoking will continue to be prohibited on the boardwalk, but the ban will not apply to an individual smoking in an alleyway or inside a vehicle being driven on a public street, alley or parking lot, according to the release. — Jamie Rowe Twitter: @jamierowe3
By Mike Reicher | February 17, 2012
Seeking to control West Coast Highway's landscaping, the Newport Beach City Council voted Tuesday to keep trying to acquire the road from the state. It may take special legislation, city leaders said, to get enough state funds to compensate for the city's additional maintenance costs and liability. West Cost Highway's lush multimillion-dollar landscape plans could have to be scaled back if the city ends up working within the state's guidelines. A panel of citizens recently spent months drawing up the plans, and spent about $30,000 in consulting fees.
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