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By Wheelbase Communications | February 27, 2008
Diesels are loud, smoky and they stink. Right? Wrong. Mercedes-Benz might have the answer to getting the average car buyer thinking much differently about the smog-inducing, black-smoke-puffing diesel era of the 1970s. It might even hold the key to a diesel revolution in North America. OK, maybe evolution. Bluetec, as Mercedes calls its new range of engines, is not your father’s diesel. In a very short time, the technology will find its way into more than just Mercedes vehicles.
By Joseph Serna | December 3, 2008
Apparently, if he’s not busy constructing homes, he’s busy saving them. In what could have been a greater loss than it was, Newport Beach concrete construction worker John Balch helped suppress a kitchen fire with only a garden hose in a Corona del Mar home Wednesday afternoon until firefighters arrived minutes later. To say he was proud of his quick thinking, or excited to battle flames for even a moment, would be an understatement. “I got in the door, leaned down.
By Sarah Peters | January 16, 2012
NEWPORT BEACH - The consensus among customers Friday afternoon was unanimous: The goods at Lush in Fashion Island look and smell tasty enough to eat. "That's the problem - I don't know if I should use it or eat it," said Corona del Mar resident April McBride, who was going over a display of brightly colored assorted "bath bombs" with a friend at the recently opened store. A similarly minded 16-year-old Nicole Maynard of Tustin was eyeing a chocolate-mint "cupcake" face mask packed full of the sweet stuff.
January 25, 2000
We asked Newport Harbor High School students about the state of their school's facilities. Here's what they had to say: "I think the buildings are fine. I think they should spend the money on getting more teachers."MARLON HERNANDEZ, 18 Costa Mesa "The bathrooms are pretty bad. They are not taken care of. They smell and they are always out of toilet paper. The toilets overflow." MISSY CARTER, 15 Newport Beach "The P.E. locker rooms smell really bad. The lockers have mold growing in them.
April 15, 2002
A gas leak that caused authorities to evacuate the terminal at John Wayne Airport for a little more than 20 minutes late Friday was found to have come from an external source. Officials with the airport's Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Unit, along with hazardous material teams from the Orange County Fire Authority combed the terminal and found no source of the smell inside the building, said Ann McCarley, airport spokeswoman. "It could have come from a vehicle driving by on the [San Diego Freeway]
February 8, 2005
"I probably would have liked to be a blacksmith because I like crafting with metals and plastics." Spencer Carey, 9 Newport Beach "I probably would have wanted to grind corn or something like weave baskets. I think it would be more fun than building adobe bricks, and more easier." Sunnie Kim, 9 Newport Beach "Made wine, made adobe bricks. I've tried making wine before and I've tried making adobe bricks and it's really fun." Josh Apple, 10 Newport Beach "I would have liked to maybe raise the cattle and stuff like that because I like animals and I like the smell of cows 'cause they smell bad."
By RON VANDERHOFF | September 22, 2007
“Heaven is under our feet, as well as over our heads.” — Henry David Thoreau   As odd as it may seem, digging in the soil — on hands and knees — is nearly a lost art. A generation ago whole families would put on their jeans, lace up some old shoes and head out into the garden to plant — real planting. They may have started out standing up. With a shovel in hand, dad would turn over the soil while others grabbed the weeds and other undesirables and cast them aside.
By Jessica Brunner | August 22, 2007
Four 20-somethings. A Ford F350. Eight surfboards. A 40,000-mile coastal route from Newport Beach to the tip of South America and back. It’s the ultimate surf trip for Newport Beach residents Eric Paine and Sean Robbins and their two buddies, but they’re more than a band of beach bums looking for an extended spring break. They’re four college grads setting out with a long bed, crew cab truck that runs on veggie oil. Their surfboards are made of Biofoam, soy-based as opposed to petroleum-based, and, in addition to surfing some of the world’s best breaks, the foursome will be volunteering with local nonprofits and spreading environmental awareness along the way. “Newport Beach gets to be a bubble after a while; nothing against Orange County, but we wanted to explore some more of the world in a way that’s environmentally low-impact,” said Paine, 27. “There will be a lot of surfing, a lot of adventure, some wild stories I’m sure, but we will also be doing a lot of good.
September 15, 2000
--Jennifer Kho Mesa Consolidated Water District has received a $10,000 grant to educate customers about its colored-water treatment plant, which is expected to open this month. The Costa Mesa-based utility received the money Thursday from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. An ozone and biofiltration process will be used at the plant to remove the slight tea color and sulfur-like smell from colored water, which is high-quality ground water found in aquifers between 600 and 1,200 feet deep.
June 2, 2008
Bill Mais Assembly bill 2903 was featured in your paper ("Bill seeks proof of rehab home compliance," May 9).  The bill's intent was to close a loophole the recovery homes have exploited - six and under homes with centralized management not being regulated by the city.  The bill was simple and effective. However, the bill was modified and is now worthless. This bill is critically important to our community and its effort to control the recovery home problem.
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