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By John Canalis | October 21, 2012
The Daily Pilot is evolving to ensure our readers can get their news in a variety of ways - be it print or online, through Facebook posts and tweets, or on their mobile devices. To that end, we have a couple bits of news ourselves. First, we're pleased to share that we've developed free iPhone, iPad and Android apps so you can more easily access the Pilot's coverage on your phones and tablets. We have spent the last several months building a clear, simple interface that will put breaking news, sports, entertainment, opinion and community happenings at your fingertips.
By Steven Short and By Steven Short | August 16, 2012
The games are over. The Olympic flame has been extinguished. The athletes have headed home. However, the accolades have just begun. Observers around the globe have hailed London 2012 a smashing success. NBC awarded itself a gold medal for its coverage. Network execs are exchanging high-fives since more Americans apparently tuned in to watch some part of the competition than any other televised event in history, outdistancing even the season finale of "Two and a Half Men. " For most of us, however, NBC's performance can be fairly summarized in just two familiar words, "spoiler alert.
By Steve Smith | July 10, 2012
In the week since writing about my encounter with two F-bomb-dropping kids, I have received several emails applauding my decision to chastise the boys for their behavior. Apparently, I am not the only one in these parts who is fed up with rude children. What is not so apparent is the hesitation to call out the bad behavior when it occurs. What is particularly interesting, though, is that as outraged as some people may be, only one chose to express ire in public via the comments at the end of the column online.
By June Casagrande | February 24, 2012
Here's a sentence from article I was editing recently: "What's more — aside from a specialized curriculum — private schools are notoriously known for their smaller classrooms. " It's the kind of sentence that might not command much attention from the reader. It gets the job done, sort of. So this sentence could slip by without much notice. But upon closer inspection, it's a train wreck. And by looking at all that's wrong with it, we find some excellent lessons in how anyone can improve his or her writing.
By Lenard Davis | February 18, 2012
Can't some of your readers get enough of bashing and trashing Muslim Americans? You have a seemingly innocuous columnist writing about her experience as a Muslim (Mona Shadia) and getting a full onslaught of hate mail from narrow-minded bigots, of which Newport Beach has its fair share, and it just keeps coming. Not all observant Muslims are radical subversives trying to bring down America. Many, including two members of the U.S. House of Representatives, are just as American as the rest of us. Islam has been with us in America since the first Africans were shipped here — under deplorable conditions, I might add — and then enslaved by God-fearing Christians.
September 10, 2011
Editor's note: The following are letters from readers about the Daily Pilot's three-part series, School Flight, which was published Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Congratulations on the wonderful and insightful story on Sunday's front page. Staff writer Mike Reicher has done a great service to Costa Mesa to so intelligently and objectively examine a sensitive subject that is often avoided. The editorial was also excellent. The Daily Pilot has really matured under your leadership.
By Steven Beazley | July 25, 2011
Humble: Old French, humble, earlier humele, from Latin, humilis, "lowly, humble" Lit. "on the ground," from humus "earth. " Senses of "not self-asserting. " On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times, which shares a parent company with the Daily Pilot, published the results of its inaugural reader's choice poll conducted across all five counties it serves and identifying "what's good in the hood" in Southern California. The Orange County Fair was the readers' choice winner for best fair or festival in SoCal.
By Mike Reicher, | April 4, 2011
NEWPORT BEACH — Reporters from the "Today" show and Al Jazeera don't call Newport's City Hall too often. But they did last week after the Daily Pilot and Los Angeles Times published a story that went viral, and in the city's eyes, spiraled out of control. The piece was about the library's Balboa Branch and the city's plan to replace it with an "electronic library" — one without book stacks — at the planned Marina Park community center. Little did city officials know that the concept of doing away with books would spark the ire of librarians, book lovers and library users around the world.
By Mike Reicher, | March 1, 2011
The Costa Mesa City Council may vote tonight on outsourcing many city functions , including fire and emergency medical services, park maintenance, building inspection, street maintenance and animal control. If approved, nearly 200 employees could receive pink slips — a tally from the city budget's listings for the 18 services under consideration. That figure includes full-time employees and part-time equivalents. Some estimates of the total employees at risk have been lower, about 150. Without those employees on payroll, the city could save on future pension costs, some officials contend.
By John Canalis | January 12, 2011
What would you like to see more of in the Daily Pilot in 2011? That's a question I am posing to readers in our online poll at . I know Web surveys are unscientific, but they can be a window into what people are thinking. And now that I've been editor of the Daily Pilot and other Times Community News products in Orange County for nearly a year, I want to know more about what readers expect from their hometown newspapers. So tell me. I've asked readers to vote in seven broad categories: Politics, Public Safety, Sports, Opinion/Columns, Entertainment/Arts, Education and Business.
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