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October 5, 2000
Mathis Winkler Ronnie Brown, a longtime Balboa Bay Club entertainment director who counted the Shah of Iran and Playboy readers among his fans, died Saturday in Corona. He was 68. An altar boy and recipient of the Boy Scouts' God and Country Medal for outstanding service to church and scouting, the Rhode Island native began his career as a organist and choir director at age 12. After earning bachelor's and master's degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Brown served in the U.S. Army as an assistant conductor and music theory instructor for the Army band.
November 21, 2003
LOLITA HARPER Vermin. Rodents. Rats. Cockroaches. Not exactly an attractive subject but, nonetheless, one that Newport-Mesa Unified School District administrators are faced with at Corona del Mar High School. Go figure. Corona del Mar is one of the most charming villages in one of the most beautiful and wealthiest cities in the country, but all that exclusivity does not exempt its school from nasty little four-legged pests. I went down to the school Thursday morning to get a look at these loathsome creatures.
By Amanda Pennington | June 8, 2007
COSTA MESA -- Don't get me wrong. I too enjoy a luxurious jaunt to a nice resort for a day by the pool. But the pool can get boring and who wants to sit in a hotel room when you could be out hiking or camping. I've been on a big nature kick lately, but, to be completely cheesy, my love for the outdoors springs eternal. So my suggestion is to get outside, peel yourself off the couch or desk chair and take advantage of some of our fabulous local day hikes. Are you a gym rat?
By Alan Blank | January 23, 2009
A paralysis treatment developed by UCI neuroscientist Hans Keirstead will be the first stem cell treatment tested in humans, the university announced Friday. The Food and Drug Administration approved the therapy after it restored the ability to walk for rats paralyzed by severe spinal cord injuries. Aside from being a first in the stem cell field, the treatment is a first in the spinal cord injury field. Right now, only one therapy exists for the type of paralysis that Keirstead’s method will treat — methylprednisolone — and it’s questionable whether it gets any results at all, Keirstead said.
By Kelly Strodl | October 8, 2007
Amid the throngs of double-wide strollers weaving through numerous booths peddling digital scrapbooks and organic food choices at Kids Faire Saturday and Sunday at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, a small band of buccaneers awaited young travelers to pass on a bit of their knowledge. Yes, pirates. The Port Royal Pirates, a crew of Southern California residents, pride themselves on their ability to get the kids interested in “ye olde” seafaring lifestyle without scaring youngsters off. While costumed characters like Hip Hop Harry and Barney sang songs to toddlers about brushing teeth and washing hands before and after meals, the Port Royal troop showed kids how to write with a quill, balance themselves while raising a sail at sea, and even introduced them to a few rats.
By Brianna Bailey | March 12, 2009
Longtime Newport Beach resident and Rat Pack comedian Joey Bishop’s longtime, live-in companion this week settled part of her lawsuit alleging that the late entertainer’s financial planners tried to cheat her out of part of his estate. Now Newport Beach Chabad Center, a Jewish community center and religious organization claims that Bishop intended to leave part of his multimillion-dollar estate to found a children’s charity, court documents obtained by the Daily Pilot show.
By Lauren Williams | May 17, 2012
A homeless encampment in Costa Mesa adorned with animal rights posters and graffiti could have been shelter to suspects connected to a recent rash of burglaries, police said Thursday. Costa Mesa police discovered the elaborate encampment beneath a San Diego (405) Freeway underpass where the Santa Ana River meets Moon Park, 3377 California St. Officers believe six to eight men have been living in the encampment for about two years, said Sgt. Vic Bakkila. The camp was discovered after an officer saw a suspicious-looking man go under the overpass, according to Bakkila.
By Alan Blank and Brianna Bailey | May 13, 2008
A long-time companion of the Rat Pack’s Joey Bishop, who died in October, is suing the lawyers responsible for Bishop’s will. Nora Garibotti, who has lived in Bishop’s Lido Isle house for almost a decade, claims Bishop wanted to bequeath the home to her, but was unethically coaxed into signing over half of his estate to lawyers James “Kimo” McCormick, Ed Gregory Hookstratten and Myles Hymes. “Ms. Garibotti was a close personal friend of Bishop for approximately 24 years prior to his death,” according to the suit.
By Ron Vanderhoff | July 30, 2010
Ten years ago, my daughter Kristin, then just 7 years old, and I were exploring Strybing Arboretum, the famous botanical garden in San Francisco. There, on a back wall were several enormous passion vines, with flowers of purple, blue, white, red and coral. My daughter was already fascinated with the amazingly intricate flowers, which to this day remain her favorite of all flowers. But on that summer day in San Francisco I went one step further. I plucked a ripe fruit from a Passiflora edulis and opened it. The fruity, tropical aroma was overwhelming and added another element to her passion flower addiction.
February 3, 2002
Got rats? We do. Actually, so do you. Round these parts, if you have ivy, palms or climbing vines, you got rats. You may never see them, but they're there. Commonly called "roof rats," because they love to scurry around on your roof. If you are very unlucky, they will gnaw through the ventilation screens beneath the eaves and set up little rat condos inside your walls. Disgusting. Let me set the scene. On Thursday morning, my wife and I were doing morning things, which at one point caused both of us to be in the kitchen, foraging for morning food.
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