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November 6, 2000
Stefanie Frith COSTA MESA -- Norma McClary knew she had to do something when she saw the signs warning that a high-risk sex offender was living in her area at the Newport Senior Village on 21st Street and Newport Boulevard. Taking one of the fliers the police had posted, she made about 300 copies, passed them out to neighbors and friends, and then urged them to attend a rally Sunday outside the senior complex where Grayling Lang Mitchell, 41, lives with his wife.
By Alan Blank | April 23, 2009
Excited, energetic cast members belted out their lines from the musical “Rent” in the theater of Corona del Mar High School hours before the first public performance Thursday evening, while a group of eight uniformed Newport Beach police officers got a briefing just outside. The musical focuses on a group of Bohemians in New York City, several of whom are gay, as they deal with issues like drug addiction and AIDS. Corona del Mar’s production of the “school version” has been a subject of national controversy for months since Principal Fal Asrani was accused of canceling it because of objections to its portrayal of homosexuality.
By David Carrillo Peñaloza | May 13, 2009
Behind closed doors last year, judges decided Newport Harbor High’s fate in the water. In competition, the Sailors won the Interscholastic Sailing Assn. High School National Double-Handed Championship Mallory Trophy in Annapolis, Md. Outside of the water, one team filed a protest, ruining Newport Harbor’s back-to-back bid. The Sailors returned to the national stage last weekend. This time no one disputed their dominance. Newport Harbor scored 205 points and won, finishing 70 points better than the nearest competitor, San Diego Cathedral Catholic, during the two-day event held on Tampa Bay in Florida.
February 5, 2006
"The agencies are completely disillusioned, and I wouldn't be surprised if more agencies don't drop out." -- Jean Forbath, founder of Share Our Selves, on the declining number of nonprofits seeking federal money that Costa Mesa annually grants "I believe that they should be privately funded and the focus of government should be on public safety and infrastructure." -- Allan Mansoor, Costa Mesa mayor, on his belief that nonprofits and charities should not receive government money "You have to demonstrate that without the cooperation of the populace, the police cannot do its job, and there's no reason for people to cooperate if they run the risk of being a target of inquiries about their status."
By Joanne Milo | October 27, 2009
  Walk to Cure Diabetes Team Stages “Sit In” (instead of Walking) for 2nd Year in a Row, to Raise Money for Diabetes Research.  The Theme:  Say BOO to Diabetes! The Shooting Stars, a family team for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Walk to Cure Diabetes 2009, will gather early this year, on Sunday, October 25, 2009, at the home of Richard and Joanne Milo in Corona del Mar.  Instead of raising money by walking, they will stage a Protest/Sit In, starting at 9am, to raise money and support to find a cure for diabetes.
August 26, 2001
Stonewall Initiative for Equal Rights, a Los Angeles-based gay and lesbian rights group, is planning to stage a protest in front of the Boy Scouts of America Sea Base on Coast Highway at about noon Sunday. A Sea Base employee said Saturday that the two buildings there will be closed Sunday. "We heard there were going to be quite a few of them tomorrow protesting on the sidewalks," said employee Brenda Stewart. Organizers have said they will protest against the Boy Scouts' policies on admitting gays into the organization and against the Orange County Board of Supervisors' decision last year to extend the Scouts' lease on the Sea Base property for 30 years.
By Alicia Robinson and Dave Brooks | March 28, 2006
COSTA MESA ? Following a massive weekend protest in Los Angeles, students from the city's two high schools on Monday marched against federal and local efforts to crack down on illegal immigration. On Monday morning, about 200 people rallied on the lawn at Costa Mesa City Hall. Shouting, blowing horns and carrying a few Mexican and United States flags, Estancia High School students elicited honks from passing cars during their rally around 11 a.m. They were joined after 2:30 p.m. by students from Costa Mesa High School, where administrators had tried to prevent mass walk-outs during the school day. "We believe that what they're doing here is unfair," said Diana Valdez, 17, an Estancia student wearing a shirt that read "Stop Minutemen," a reference to the anti-illegal immigration group that has patrolled the U.S.-Mexican border.
November 17, 2002
Timing is everything. If you don't know when to be there, the photo often doesn't matter. That was the case with the antiwar protest Thursday at UC Irvine. I was tipped off by a friend on campus that there would be a rally at noon. But he didn't know that the pre-rally would be the most visual part of it. With the noon time frame in mind, I casually strolled through the student center en route to the protest. In the distance, I could see white smoke -- or something -- billowing above the walkway ahead.
November 29, 2002
Protesters demonstrate their lack of understanding I am commenting on the Daily Pilot article, "Making a point," (Nov. 15), which gave considerable coverage to a "protest" staged on the campus of UC Irvine. The demonstration was to protest the possibility of the United States waging war against Iraq. There is no question these students have the right to protest. It is granted by the 1st Amendment to our Constitution. The Monday before the demonstration, we observed Veterans' Day to honor those men and women who have spent varying amounts of their adult lives protecting the rights of these students and professors to carry out their ill-conceived protest.
May 19, 2004
Marisa O'Neil Students arrested in a campus protest last month will not face prosecution but will be disciplined by the university. More than a dozen students have received an official warning from the university, said Matthew Cardinale, graduate student and protest organizer. Nine students were arrested in April when they blocked a work crew from entering the Irvine Meadows West campus trailer park, slated to close in July. "The [district attorney's]
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