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Prescription Drugs

July 14, 2012
An Irvine couple is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on felony charges that they planted drugs in a PTA president's car because they didn't like how their son was being supervised. Kent Wycliffe Easter, 38, and Jill Bjorkholm Easter, 39, are charged with felony conspiracy, false imprisonment by fraud or deceit, and conspiracy to falsely charge another with a crime. The defendants, who are both attorneys, face up to three years in state prison and are being held in lieu of $20,000 bail.
By Joseph Serna | May 20, 2008
Everything else went silent when Deputy Dist. Atty. Robert Mestman lit into Janene Johns. The sniffling stopped, tears silently streamed down audience members’ faces, and all eyes were on him. This was his last chance to convince jurors Johns was guilty of deliberately driving under the influence of prescription drugs and falling asleep at the wheel when she struck 31-year-old Candace Tift as she rode her bike on the sidewalk. “Her pride, her selfishness and her poor judgment got in the way that day,” Mestman told jurors, his voice echoing through the courtroom.
By Brianna Bailey | May 6, 2008
A superior court judge is expected to decide this week whether jurors in the trial of a woman who lost control of her Lexus and hit and killed a Newport Beach elementary school teacher on West Coast Highway will hear evidence that the driver was distraught over the death of her husband and taking medication for anxiety and sleep disturbances at the time of the accident. Irvine resident Janene Johns, 53, was taking prescription drugs and over-the counter cough medicine to deal with the emotional aftermath of her husband’s death when her 2006 silver Lexus careened out of control and jumped the curb, killing Eastbluff Elementary School teacher Candace Tift, 31, on West Coast Highway in August 2006, Johns’ attorney Gary Pohlson claimed Monday during a motion hearing before Johns’ trial.
By Joseph Serna | December 8, 2011
SANTA ANA — An allegedly intoxicated driver who hit and seriously injured a Newport Harbor High School student was charged Thursday with felony driving under the influence with an enhancement for causing brain injury and paralysis. Marnie J. Lippincott, 38, of Costa Mesa was also charged with a misdemeanor count of driving with a suspended license. Her arraignment in Orange County Superior Court was delayed Thursday until later this month. Prosecutors said Lippincott was under the influence of drugs and alcohol Tuesday afternoon when her black Chevy Tahoe hit Crystal Morales, 17, as she crossed Margaret Drive in a crosswalk near of the school, which had just let out for the day. Morales suffered serious internal and head injuries.
By Steve Smith | January 31, 2013
About a month ago, I commented on the futility of attempting gun control . I wrote that "there are 270 million privately owned firearms in the U.S. The U.S. is the world leader in both the number of privately owned guns and, more telling, the rate of gun ownership, which is 88.2 guns per 100 people. "Based on these and other statistics, any discussion of school safety in the event of the appearance of a shooter must include the acknowledgment that the easy access to guns in America is here to stay.
By: Alicia Robinson | September 7, 2005
With the special primary in the 48th Congressional District just four weeks away, wrangling a location and date for a candidates' forum and rounding up the 17 candidates running for the seat is no small feat. But at least five organizations have set up forums. Starting next week, candidates will be invited to explain their positions to voters on topics such as imported prescription drugs and the federal tax code. "I think it helps to get a sense of what the community is actually concerned and talking about," said James Vaughn, campaign manager for former Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer.
By Joseph Serna | March 11, 2010
On top of the traditional concerns among parents that their children might abuse alcohol or illegal drugs, police and county health officials are saying prescription drugs are becoming a third avenue of abuse for kids. In a seminar for community parents Tuesday night in Newport Beach, child experts, doctors and police profiled issues facing today’s kids and how parents can protect them. “They need to make sure they keep an eye on their social activities. Know who their friends and parents are,” said Irene Umipig, a health educator with Orange County’s Community Services Program Project PATH.
By James P. Gray | May 1, 2010
During my time as a trial court judge, I heard many disturbing stories about substandard medical treatment being given to the inmates in our prison system, and recently the federal courts have begun threatening to take action about the situation. So in an effort to educate myself, I asked Earl Fuller, a good friend of mine and a retired medical doctor who had volunteered to provide medical services in the women’s prison at Chowchilla, if he would share with me some observations about his experiences while he was there.
By By Lindsay Sandham | October 22, 2005
The biggest change to Medicare in years will have a few bugs, an Orange County Council on Aging advisor says.With roughly three weeks left before Medicare beneficiaries can begin enrolling in the prescription drug program, health insurance and senior advocates are working hard to answer questions and counsel people about what plan to choose. Because Part D is the first time a prescription drug benefit has been offered through Medicare, and because there are more than 20 companies in California approved to offer a number of plans, sifting through the information can be confusing.
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