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By By Michael Miller | January 11, 2006
Girls Inc. program teaches about preventing drug abuse, pregnancy.Girls Inc. of Orange County, the Costa Mesa office of a nationwide nonprofit group for young females, plans to expand its services this week with a program at Orange County Juvenile Hall. The program, called Girls Inc.: Taking Care of Business, features classes about pregnancy prevention, preventing drug and alcohol abuse, communication skills and financial literacy for incarcerated girls ages 13 to 18. Staff members from the Costa Mesa office, which serves all girls in Orange County, will lead the courses at juvenile hall.
By Ila Johnson | May 21, 2008
This is in response to the Daily Pilot’s editorial (“Parents best to teach sex ed,” May 17) which addresses Planned Parenthood’s objection to the district’s sex education curriculum, (“District gets ‘F’ in sex ed,” May 14). “Parents best to teach sex ed,” now that’s a good heading. Too bad it doesn’t hold up in the body of the editorial. It should have read “Parents best to teach abstinence” because that is what the Daily Pilot proposes: “Parents ought to promote abstinence if they choose.
April 1, 2001
Stefanie Frith With friends and family to cheer them on, about 40 members of St. Joachim Church participated Saturday morning in the annual Walk-For-Life in Costa Mesa. Now in it's sixth year, the Walk-For-Life, sponsored by the St. Joachim Pro-Life Committee, supports the Life Centers of Orange County. This year's event raised about $3,500, with perhaps more to come, said Diane Brown, church treasurer. The Life Centers were established in 1975, and their services include pregnancy testing, professional counseling, medical referrals and aid in finding financial and housing assistance.
June 30, 2002
I would like to reassure Joel Faris (Sounding Board, "Sex education really ought to start at home," May 26) that Planned Parenthood is doing all it can to help teenagers and parents of teenagers to communicate with one another about pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention. Yes, Costa Mesa is what is referred to as a "hot spot" for teen pregnancy (a zip code or census tract that exhibits a higher teen birth rate than the California state average)
By Jill Cowan | June 15, 2013
Hoag Hospital's decision to stop performing elective abortions in the wake of its affiliation with a Catholic health-care group has sparked an outcry among women's rights advocates, who say the move diminishes access to high-quality reproductive care. Pro-choice advocates plan to protest outside the hospital at a rally next week, and eight Hoag-affiliated doctors recently penned a public letter registering their disapproval. Some donors to the Newport Beach hospital - typically seen as a top-tier facility in an upscale area - have threatened to withhold support.
February 10, 2009
MISTY Misty, 6, was adopted as a kitten from the Community Animal Network, but she now needs a new home. Her family has lost their home, the wife is pregnant unexpectedly with twins and the pregnancy is considered high risk. Her husband’s job takes him traveling most of the time and a volunteer is needed to help drive the cat to the network’s weekend adoption events when he is not available. For those interesting in adopting, Misty is a beautiful Maine Coon Mix with coloring like a mink (Sable or black/brown)
February 13, 2009
Lindsay Nieto The 15th Annual Golfer's Classic will be held at the Santa Ana Country Club on May 4, and it promises to be even more fantastic than before! Please join us as a sponsor or underwriter, as this will enable us to care for the amazing boys and girls we serve by providing safe and loving homes, guidance, college preparatory education, and scholarships. "Boys Hope Girls Hope" seeks out under-served and overlooked children who are most likely to fall prey to drugs, abuse, violence, teen pregnancy and despair, and offers them HOPE: Homes, Opportunities, Positive Parenting and Education.
May 2, 2009
Community outrage against the local high school production of “Rent” at Corona del Mar High has nothing to do with homophobia. Parents, administrators and the community are appalled at the play’s encouraging attitude toward promiscuity, sexual and drug experimentation and profanity. In today’s era of rising teen pregnancy rates, rampant sexually transmitted diseases, out of control drug use and teen violence, our role as parents, educators and community is to encourage our youth toward responsible decision making, respect for self and others, and resisting the lure of peer pressure toward behaviors which can destroy our youths’ future.
May 25, 2004
Enough already. I am sick and tired of our community "family" newspaper running a daily report of the Haidl sex scandal. There must be more going on in our town about the good things our kids are doing rather than repeating every sordid detail about these kids and their poor choices. But then who is surprised at such disgusting behavior anymore? You can hardly go to a movie or rent a video that isn't rated "R". The music the kids listen to is raunchy and laced with sexual innuendo.
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