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By Brady Rhoades | July 30, 2009
You toil. You sweat through your shirts. You gulp down cups of coffee. You come home late. Sometimes, you sleep in your tie. You’re not getting rich doing it. Rather, you do it out of some sense of importance. You’re delivering information to people so that they can make informed decisions about politics, art and other current events. Every now and then, you’re exposing wrongdoing; you’re afflicting the comfortable, so to speak. You might also be comforting the afflicted with a story that prompts readers to donate to a worthy cause.
July 21, 2000
Alex Coolman FAIRGROUNDS--There must be something in the air at the Orange County Fair. Only a day after 11 piglets were born to one of the Centennial Farm porkers, another sow gave birth to an identical number--22 pigs in about 24 hours. Technically speaking, the births were spaced a little further apart than that, however. The first batch came about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, and the second began to arrive at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. It wasn't until 3 a.m. Thursday that the last of the litter was finally brought into the world.
By Sue Thoensen | April 17, 2008
When your potbellied co-host for Storytime Hour at the library cancels at the last minute, you’d better be able to come up with an entertaining alternative in a hurry. That’s what Councilman Steve Rosansky did for the tough crowd of toddlers waiting to meet the pig they’d been promised. Enter Hagrid, the “gentle giant” of a Bernese mountain dog owned by Newport Beach Police Animal Control Officer Jamie Rogers, Rosansky’s friend and co-host on the local “Pick-A-Pet” public access television show hosted by the Newport Beach Animal Shelter.
July 18, 2002
Deirdre Newman Pigs can't fly. But don't tell that to the kids who come to watch the Alaskan pig races at the Orange County Fair. On Wednesday, a crowd of them breathed a collective sigh of disappointment as Soapy Smith, one of the Alaskan pigs, failed to jump over a 3 1/2-foot-high hurdle and opted instead to lazily breeze through a gate at the bottom of it. "I thought [Soapy] would really jump over the fence," said Candace Sundine, 9, of Irvine.
September 26, 2003
LOLITA HARPER Go jump off a bridge. When pigs fly. Laughter and pointing. No, I am not talking about a pitiful Friday night at the local meat market that some people still archaically refer to as a bar. I am talking about "When Pigs Fly," the Newport Beach-based team that won the Red Bull Flugtag event at Santa Monica pier on Saturday. Brave pilot Eric Gaffoglio flew the hog-shaped aircraft off the Santa Monica pier into the Santa Monica Bay. Yeah, a pink, pig-shaped bomber plane equipped with round snout and menacing teeth sailed 66 feet from its runway, garnering first place in the Red Bull contest.
By Paul Oginni | July 29, 2009
Nelly the pig may soon give Babe a run for his money. Her owners call her the smartest pig in the world, and Wednesday she stole the show at the Livestock Area of the Orange County Fair. Nelly has been featured on Animal Planet, the “Today Show,” the “Late Show with David Letterman,” and various nightly news programs. Wednesday, she proved to be quite the athlete. With the aid of her catapult, she played catch with one of the audience members. She later used her snout to play golf, and to push a bowling ball into a cluster of pins.
By Jessie Brunner | August 1, 2007
For Darren Noll, inheriting the family business entails much more than balancing books and stocking the store. It also means hauling a trailer full of 4-month-old female pigs around the Western United States. Noll's parents started racing pigs 20 years ago when he was only a baby in Fairbanks, Alaska and the sport took off immediately. Nowadays, the Noll brothers take their All-Alaskan Racing Pigs on the fair circuit five months out of the year, their favorite stop being the Orange County Fair, where visitors can catch the races in the livestock area several times daily.
By Paul Oginni | August 5, 2009
It may be summer, but the Orange County Fair got a taste of Alaska on Wednesday during the Alaskan Pig Races. The pigs scuttled around a miniature track at the Ralph’s Family Fair Way at 3, 5, 7 and 9 p.m. “It was very exciting,” said Laurie Jacobs, who came with her kids. “The kids liked it — they rooted for Kobuck [the pig].” The event was composed of four races. Each time, four pigs took the track and the top two advanced. After two preliminary rounds, the remaining four pigs battled for the top spot in the final race.
April 16, 2008
It?s National Library Week and the Newport Beach Public Library is celebrating with children?s story times, a lecture and a puppet show. Five of the seven Newport Beach council members and other city dignitaries will read kids tales, holding story time on a different day. Steve Rosansky plans on bringing a potbellied pig along this morning when he reads to toddlers. Renowned journalist Robin Wright, who covers foreign policy for the Washington Post, will give the Distinguished Speakers Lecture Friday evening.
By Jessie Brunner | January 5, 2007
For her role in South Coast Repertory's newest production, Blake Lindsley had to brush up on her backhand, but her character Tina isn't a tennis champ — or any sort of athlete for that matter. She's learning the move so she can properly wallop her husband Tom across the forehead with a rolling pin in one of several heated scenes from "Pig Farm," a new comedy from "Urinetown" author Greg Kotis, coming to the theater this weekend. As of Wednesday, none of the play's four actors had received any serious injuries during rehearsal, perhaps owing to the training of fight coordinator Martin Noyes.
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