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December 12, 2013
Community Animal Network's Willow is hoping to celebrate Christmas with a family that will give lots of love and attention. Willow likes to know what's going on around the house and watches the chores being done. He is very verbal and carries on conversations with those he loves. Guests are amazed at how he greets them at the door, too. The Fashion Island pet adoption cages are festive-looking and the volunteers are wearing red Santa hats. Cats can be seen from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturdays at the Fashion Island adoption event sponsored by Russo's Pet Experience.
By the Rev. Sarah Halverson | September 27, 2013
Nearly four years ago, I adopted my dog, Maggie, from the Orange County animal shelter. Some people would say I rescued her from potential death, but like so many other adopted-pet owners, I know the truth: She rescued me. As a single woman, even one with a full and busy life, I felt lonely coming home to an empty home. But once Maggie moved in, it felt like my whole home lit up. Her tail-wagging and ecstatic greetings when I walk in the door are the physical embodiment of God's love and unequaled hospitality.
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