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January 9, 2014
Koji's family is getting divorced and he needs to find a new home. He is a large and very handsome cat that weighs 15 pounds. Community Animal Network will be showing Koji in-home, so applicants can see him away from the stress of the crowded Fashion Island adoption event. Koji's coloring is that of a flame point, and his breed-look is that of a Himalayan or Balinese cat. He loves attention and to be around people and has lived in a multicat household. He can sit on command for treats, plays fetch like a dog with his furry mice and he likes to cuddle.
By the Rev. Sarah Halverson | September 27, 2013
Nearly four years ago, I adopted my dog, Maggie, from the Orange County animal shelter. Some people would say I rescued her from potential death, but like so many other adopted-pet owners, I know the truth: She rescued me. As a single woman, even one with a full and busy life, I felt lonely coming home to an empty home. But once Maggie moved in, it felt like my whole home lit up. Her tail-wagging and ecstatic greetings when I walk in the door are the physical embodiment of God's love and unequaled hospitality.
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