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November 17, 2007
Dachshund owners seeking to meet other four-legged ? and two-legged ? friends can stop by the Muttropolis pet boutique at Fashion Island today, as the store plans to hold a social event for the pint-sized German dogs and their owners. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., customers with dachshunds can get a 10% discount on Muttropolis merchandise, provide their pets with free dog treats and compare notes on length of body, shortness of leg and floppiness of ear. Muttropolis is at 865 Newport Center Drive and can be reached at (949)
By the Rev. Sarah Halverson | September 27, 2013
Nearly four years ago, I adopted my dog, Maggie, from the Orange County animal shelter. Some people would say I rescued her from potential death, but like so many other adopted-pet owners, I know the truth: She rescued me. As a single woman, even one with a full and busy life, I felt lonely coming home to an empty home. But once Maggie moved in, it felt like my whole home lit up. Her tail-wagging and ecstatic greetings when I walk in the door are the physical embodiment of God's love and unequaled hospitality.
February 11, 2004
TooCute Community Animal Network caregivers have a very important task in caring for and raising your family pets. It was a cold winter rainy night when "TooCute," an orange and white kitten, was found in the bushes all alone when he was only days old. Caregiver Cindy Dote who has been with our rescue group for almost four years, bottle-fed and hand-raised TooCute. TooCute, now 14 weeks old, has had plenty of attention but not enough rough and tumble with someone his own age. TooCute is "too" everything: too active, too rambunctious, too playful, too adventurous.
March 17, 2004
Little Girl The owner of Little Girl, a Torti Point Persian, got a puppy at Christmas. The new arrival has made this beautiful cat very unhappy. The other family cat has accepted the dog, but 9-year-old Little Girl will need a new home. Little Girl has had a geriatric blood screening proving her to be in good health. She has very good house manners and does not scratch furniture. She will sit for hours on your lap or by your side. We are seeking a quiet home without other animals or small children.
By: | August 31, 2005
PETUNIA AND HERCULES Petunia (pictured), a 4-month-old grey and white female, and her brown tabby brother, Hercules, were lucky to have been rescued and home-raised by their caregiver and her family. These sweet and friendly siblings are some of the many cats born in backyards around the county, causing the feral cat population to grow. The Community Animal Network is a community-supported animal organization linking people and pets through community action.
January 12, 2005
Samantha Samantha is a shelter rescue dog. She is living with a 90-year-old woman unable to handle a youthful dog wanting to play and needing to run. Samantha is a 1-year-old female Jindo mix called Sam by those who love her. Because Sam loves to play, we believe she will fit in well with an active family with kids. She loves to play fetch with sticks and tennis balls and is sweet-tempered, smart and eager to please. Community Animal Network believes strongly in microchip identification.
By By Elia Powers | January 4, 2006
Newport Beach pair plan relief trip for next month, hope people will remember 2005's disaster in the new year. It's a new year of charitable giving, but a Newport Beach couple are hoping that philanthropists don't turn their backs on one of last year's biggest causes. Susan and Bill Groux are set to return to the New Orleans area during the first week of February as they continue relief work and fundraising for Hurricane Katrina victims. One of their main objectives on this trip is to help animals who have been abandoned since the storm hit in the fall.
February 21, 2002
Story by Young Chang; photo by Greg Fry HE IS Scarred for life FIXER UPPER Dan Resendez gets bitten and scratched by feisty pets who visit the Mesa West Pet Hospital in Costa Mesa. He doesn't mind, though. The veterinarian technician says he's used to it, because he considers a few scars here and there a small price to pay to keep animals healthy. When asked about his favorite part of the job, the 21-year-old Resendez said it's "helping animals that are really sick and bad off."
By Alan Blank | September 25, 2008
Jessica Brockett, 17, couldn’t bear to see five puppies and a kitten euthanized at a pound in Los Angeles, so she took a couple of friends up north to rescue them. The Corona del Mar High School student adopted all the pets, took them to see the veterinarian, cleaned them up and then started trying to find them homes. Along with her friends, Ian Lawson and Max Shack, she paraded them around the Balboa Peninsula and showed them off to interested passers-by. The puppies drew a lot of excited people, but no adoptions came of it, so the group started calling friends and friends of friends.
March 3, 2002
Deepa Bharath NEWPORT BEACH -- Coyotes are a problem once again, this time in a neighborhood far away from their natural local habitat, the Back Bay. Residents on San Bernardino Avenue, a street that adjoins Cliff Park by Cliff Drive, say they are afraid their pets or even children are going to be victims of coyotes that have been spotted frequently in the park or on the street over the last few weeks. Residents no longer feel safe taking their children to the park, said Dorothy Vogel, who spoke on behalf of her neighbors on San Bernardino Avenue.
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