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Park Rangers

November 16, 2004
1. The Newport Beach City Council last week granted the power to enforce permits in city parks to whom? A. Themselves B. Members of the Greenlight committee C. Park rangers D. Texas Rangers 2. The Irvine Co. received whose OK last week to begin construction of a resort at the Pelican Hill Golf Club? A. Don Bren B. Newport Beach City Council C. Orange County Planning Commission D. USGA 3. By what date must all ballots from the Nov. 2 election be counted?
January 18, 2004
"I like having a place to go that's kind of eclectic, kind of hidden. Places like this are just nice places to go." -- Mike Martinez, while lounging in a comfy chair at in a dark corner of the Gypsy Den "[South Coast Plaza] and the surrounding shopping areas are significant destinations. Why are you considering bypassing them? Who are you trying to please?" -- Tom Smalley, general manager of the Wyndham Hotel on Avenue of the Arts, criticizing the approved route for the CenterLine light rail system, which does not stop at South Coast Plaza "It's not really the encroachment that's the issue.
November 15, 2001
Paul Clinton CRYSTAL COVE -- A package of interim improvements approved by the California Coastal Commission on Tuesday should improve the public's ability to enjoy the local treasure, an agency analyst said. The commission unanimously approved the $1.3-million effort by California State Parks to install a visitor's center and repair deteriorating walkways and staircases. "That's their intent," said Anne Blemker, a commission analyst. "That's the coastal commission's hope as well."
September 7, 2001
Paul Clinton CRYSTAL COVE -- Visitors to the historic district this week may think they've wandered onto Mars. Starting Thursday, a crew of workers began removing toxic lead-based paint from four of the 46 cottages in "moon suits" -- white body suits with blue booties and respirator masks. The somewhat surreal scene unfolded Thursday morning as the hazardous materials team hired by California State Parks began its work. The work is part of the state's interim plan to protect the cottages until officials can formulate a plan for the future of the district.
By Lauren Williams | November 1, 2011
An equestrian rescued a man and his dogs from a coyote Tuesday morning near the Back Bay. Brian Clarkson, 37, said he was jogging about 8 a.m. with his two Yorkie mixes on a trail near University Drive and Irvine Avenue when a man on a horse spotted a coyote running toward them. Clarkson said the coyote "seemed hungry and desperate. " The rider yelled at the coyote, which was only momentarily deterred, according to Clarkson. Clarkson added that the animal continued to follow him and his dogs, but stayed by some bushes across the street.
February 22, 2005
Andrew Edwards The state Parks Department is preparing to fire back at Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, who last week logged conflict-of-interest charges against a park employee who lives in one of the cove's historic cottages. A draft letter prepared by the Parks Department to DeVore appears to warn the assemblyman that revealing that Crystal Cove State Park Supt. Ken Kramer lives at the park could be a violation of state law. The letter comes in response to DeVore's allegations that Kramer's living at Crystal Cove could pose a conflict of interest while Kramer works to enforce the state's decision to evict residents of El Morro Village, a mobile-home park at Crystal Cove, which the Parks Department wants to transform into a campground.
By Steve Virgen | June 30, 2012
In so many parts of the world, soccer is regarded as the beautiful game. Adam Muchnick has always wanted that description to be true in the United States. The Newport Beach resident has wanted to increase the love of soccer locally. For the past year, he had been working to create a beautiful camp. Last week, the work paid off as Adam Muchnick teamed up with English Premier League player Shaun Wright-Phillips (Queens Park Rangers) for their International Soccer Camp at Harbor Day School.
February 16, 2009
Editor?s Note: The following are in response to ?Stroller class, city at odds? from Feb. 13. ? It is ridiculous that we have come to a point where moms with baby strollers can?t come together in a public park and do a few exercises. Oh! And I can just see those city workers watching the pretty, young moms through binoculars! They?re the ones who should be arrested as stalkers or peeping Toms! Most of our parks seem to be empty most of the time except in the evening with youth leagues.
August 2, 2008
We thought it was an ill-advised move when the City Council designated Paularino Park as “passive,” meaning the park’s many soccer players were forced out. Now, the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission has recommended designating 28 more parks as passive and two parks — Balearic Park and The Farm — as “active.” The council will consider the proposal at a future meeting. This comes after a few large boulders and trees were installed in Paularino last year to prevent soccer games after some residents complained it was a safety hazard to their children and an annoyance.
By Alan Blank | July 24, 2008
No one will be able to legally play soccer or any other competitive team sport in 28 Costa Mesa parks if the City Council upholds the unanimous decision by the Parks and Recreation Commission. All five commissioners voted Wednesday to designate 28 parks as “passive parks,” and two parks as “active parks” in response to a public outcry about team sports being played in smaller parks that might not be able to accommodate them. This comes after a few large boulders and trees were installed in Paularino Park last year to prevent soccer games after some residents complained it was a safety hazard to their children and an annoyance.
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