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By Emily Foxhall | September 7, 2013
The Newport Beach City Council will return from a brief hiatus Tuesday to discuss outsourcing the city trash service, waiving the bond requirement for the AERIE condominium development project and removing a protected eucalyptus tree. Trash Pickup Newport Beach is the only city in Orange County that uses city employees to pick up residents' trash. In an ongoing discussion of whether this service should be outsourced, city staff will present to the council the proposals solicited in May from outside companies willing to do the work instead.
By Keith D. Curry and Michael F. Henn | September 6, 2013
Seventeen million dollars. That is the savings that can be achieved over the next seven years if Newport Beach contracts out its trash collection service. That's a lot of money, too much to be dismissed, and it could be put to good use providing community infrastructure to keep Newport Beach in top shape. However, while $17 million in cost savings is highly significant, it is our view that contracting should only be undertaken if we can guarantee that service will remain at the same high level or even be improved.
By Emily Foxhall | September 5, 2013
The last city in Orange County where city employees continue to pick up residents' trash may soon change its practices. Newport Beach could save as much as $17 million over the next seven years if trash services are outsourced, according to an independent examination of 14 options released Thursday. Private waste companies already service the newer and more recently annexed sections of the city, such as Sana Ana Heights, Bay Knolls, Newport Ridge and Newport Coast, as well as certain multiple-family apartment and condo complexes.
By Jill Cowan | July 20, 2013
The Newport Beach City Council is expected at its regular meeting Tuesday night to move forward with a temporary sculpture exhibit in Civic Center Park, approve the purchase of a fire engine and outsource some parks and facilities maintenance. In a study session beginning at 4:30 p.m., Newport Beach police and recreation officials will run down facts and statistics from the city's Fourth of July activities, including the number of arrests and Loud and Unruly Gathering Ordinance citations.
June 8, 2013
The Costa Mesa City Employees Assn. continues to maintain it is misguided, as well as illiegal, public policy for the City Council to hand over control of its public jail to a private corporation. However, the city's employees applaud the council's willingness to, as part of its decision to outsource jails, include a clear and indisputable commitment to preserving the jobs of its dedicated work force. The City Council approved outsourcing jail services on Tuesday, but only after Councilwoman Sandy Genis amended the original motion to include a commitment to use all means available to avoid layoffs.
By Bradley Zint | June 3, 2013
The Costa Mesa City Employees Assn. is seeking a temporary restraining order Tuesday morning against an attempt to outsource jobs at the city jail. The proposed contract with G4S Secure Solutions - which is up for a vote of the City Council the same evening - is expected to save the city up to $3.2 million over a five-year period with the firm's "cutting-edge" technology, according to a city news release. No layoffs are projected for city employees under the G4S contract. The workers would be transferred to other positions.
February 26, 2013
I read Jeff Arthur's Feb. 21 letter, "Mailbag: Commentary overlooked C.M. pension obligations," which contained complaints about my previous letter, "Commentary: I have doubts about Costa Mesa's outsourcing. " I would like to respond to his complaints and point out a few other facts. Arthur complained that I offered no real alternatives to addressing the underfunded pension obligation. I will comment on that statement below. However, I would like to point out that there were no alternatives suggested in his letter, unless you consider his non-specific suggestion that we send our ideas to the City Council and that we support the council's efforts to be fiscally responsible.
By Charles Mooney | February 14, 2013
I read the Feb. 9 Daily Pilot article, "Mayor pushing on with his plan," and the Feb. 7 Orange County Register editorial, " Outsourcing back in for Costa Mesa," that the Pilot article referred to, and I have several comments. The Pilot's report of Costa Mesa's Mayor Jim Righeimer moving forward on outsourcing by using retirement and attrition, rather than layoffs, may sound good, but there are still serious doubts about using outsourcing to reduce future pension obligations.
By Bradley Zint | February 8, 2013
Talks of outsourcing's potential for Costa Mesa are again making their way through the civic dialogue, but with one big exception from last time: no layoff notices. Mayor Jim Righeimer, in an interview published Thursday with the Orange County Register's editorial board, repeated past statements that he intends to examine outsourcing some city services, but that this time around, layoffs aren't being sought as a possible solution to save the city from its budgetary woes. In a subsequent interview with the Daily Pilot, he said staffing levels citywide are down through retirements and attrition.
February 1, 2013
An Orange County city that found itself in the eye of a political firestorm after it explored whether to lay off nearly half of its workforce and replace it with private-sector employees is one step closer to repairing a fissure between workers and elected officials. Superior Court Judge Luis A. Rodriguez terminated an 18-month-old court order blocking Costa Mesa from outsourcing some of its services. The injunction took effect not long after an organized labor group, the Costa Mesa Employees Assn., sued the city to block some 200 layoff notices.
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