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By Kelly Strodl | November 9, 2007
We may not see it for some time, but the adverse effects on coastal marine life resulting from last month’s onslaught of wildfires could be substantial. Marine biology students at OCC have documented a trend in the lowering levels of plankton off the Orange and south Los Angeles county coasts since blazes broke out Oct. 21 between Santa Barbara and San Diego. “We’re trying to figure out what the fires did to our offshore waters,” said Dennis Kelly, a marine biology instructor at the Costa Mesa community college.
By Michael Miller | October 13, 2007
COSTA MESA — It was a suspenseful moment for many people at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen Saturday evening — even for the staff members. A renowned local artist had delivered a painting of the kitchen’s founder, the late Merle Hatleberg, and as the picture resided in a cardboard box on the shelf, most of the assembled crowd had never seen it. Finally, Corona del Mar artist Phil Roberts took his creation out of the box and showed it to Hatleberg’s daughter, Debbee Pezman, in front of several dozen diners and staff members who had gathered for the kitchen’s open house.
By Kelly Strodl | July 27, 2007
Every year the Newport Beach-based Imua Outrigger Club looks to replace worn canoes and paddles and repair what's usable. And every year, for the last 15 years, the club has taken a creative and competitive approach to the funding challenge. The idea of holding an event where friends and family can participate in paddling with the outrigger club occurred to longtime Imua member Kathie Dunn. She thought it would be a great way to maintain the club, and she knew it would be fun. So the Corporate Challenge was born.
May 10, 2007
With gas prices soaring, eight freshman senators are pushing for energy legislation that would implement a windfall-profits tax and roll back oil industry tax breaks. Do you think the government should step in and find some way to drive down the price of gas? One thing's for sure, a windfall-profits tax is more likely to raise the price of gas rather than lower it as these publicly held companies react to replace the income lost to the tax. This is a proposal from the usual tax-and-spend crowd here in Washington to use high gas prices as an excuse to raise taxes on anybody in order to spend more of your money on whatever they want to spend it on. If they really want to reduce gas prices in the short term, the thing to do would be to lower taxes, specifically the gas tax, which would immediately reduce the price paid.
By Alicia Robinson | February 24, 2007
After rocking up and down for decades on Banning Ranch, most of those oil-pumping "horses' heads" may soon suck their last drop of crude. The 402-acre Banning Ranch property is a maze of roads leading to working and abandoned wells and disused utility buildings, and it's dotted with piles of broken cement and scrubby plant life. But it borders restored wetlands abutting the Santa Ana River, and it boasts gorgeous coastal views. Now the parcel is due for a major makeover that would turn at least half of it into open space for public use and the other half could be developed with homes, shops and a small hotel.
By Michael Miller | December 7, 2006
UC IRVINE — Riley Hopeman spends most of his life on the road, sleeping in cheap motels or on the couches of sympathetic friends. Most of the time, his home is the vehicle he drives across the country. Every so often, he stops by the back doors of restaurants and begs for food. If he gets food, he funnels it into his gas tank. Hopeman is one of the marketing representatives for the National Outdoor Leadership School, a nonprofit that leads classes in wilderness living and environmental responsibility.
By Alicia Robinson | October 24, 2006
An Iris Place garage caught fire early Monday morning, and Costa Mesa fire officials are reminding people not to keep oily rags in enclosed spaces to avoid a similar incident. Firefighters were called to the 2100 block of Iris Place at 12:34 a.m. because of a fire in a garage, Costa Mesa Fire Department Engineer Brent Turner said. A man and woman living in the adjacent house got out safely, and firefighters rescued a dog at the home, he said. The man had been using linseed oil, a commonly used wood finish, and left some oily rags in a container in the garage, acting Costa Mesa Battalion Chief Fred Seguin said.
By Joyce Rudolph | June 9, 2006
Light and color are plein-air artist Margot Lennartz's inspirations. The La Crescenta resident uses them in her oil paintings, especially one in which she has captured the brilliant oranges found in California poppies. The piece is on display in her show, "California Style" continuing until June 1 at the Boddy House Gallery in Descanso Gardens. "My favorite in the exhibit is a painting I painted at the poppy reserve in Lancaster in the Mojave Desert," she said. "It's titled 'Desert Magic, Mojave Desert in Bloom.
By Lauren Vane | June 2, 2006
A brush fire that broke out late Wednesday off of West 19th Street in Costa Mesa was the second fire in the area in two weeks. The cause of the fires is unknown, but fire officials said the area is known for transient camps and a place where young people smoke and ride bikes. Although the fires are a little early for fire season ? which officially begins Wednesday ? they can serve as a reminder that fire season can be a year-round affair. "The reality for Southern California is that the fire season basically never ends here," Newport Beach Fire Capt.
By Lauren Vane | May 17, 2006
Fire crews from around the county worked for hours to contain a brush fire in the oil fields near Talbert Nature Reserve in Costa Mesa on Tuesday. The fire burned about one acre of brush but did not threaten any homes, officials said. Fire officials don't know what caused the fire, but said that children sometimes play in the area and that transients have been known to live in the brush. "It was a brush fire that was probably started by transients," said Tom McCloskey, manager of the West Newport Oil Fields.
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