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Newport Pier

By Kelly Strodl | March 19, 2007
Heather Thomson scrambled up the sand on the south side of the Newport Pier after a 1,000-meter swim through the chilly waters Sunday. Grabbing a flat wooden stick with her finishing number penned on it, the 16-year-old shuffled off the beach with scores of local teens who came out to audition for a spot on the 2007 Newport Beach summer lifeguards. Heather, a Newport Harbor High School Junior who holds a spot on the school's varsity swim team, did not take the competition lightly.
By Jillian Beck | July 27, 2012
As the sun broke through the morning marine layer, feet hit hard-packed sand and youths splashed through the chilly Newport waters. About 2,200 junior lifeguards from up and down the coast flocked to Newport Beach on Friday to face off against other 9- to 15-year-olds in the California Junior Lifeguard Regional Championship. Colorful awnings and chairs decorated the beach between lifeguard towers 18 and 20 during the competition, which Newport Beach hosted for the first time.
December 9, 2008
Divers worked Tuesday to attach a rubber covering to the wood at Newport Pier to protect it from marine animals and erosion. The workers typically wait until the tide is low to do the work, but also use divers to complete the job, said Newport Beach Lifeguard Arn Van Dyke. Applying the rubber covering is part of the regular maintenance of both Newport Pier and Balboa Pier, and it has to be reinstalled every few years, Van Dyke said. The workers also will replace old, worn-out wooden beams and pilings on the piers as part of the job. — Brianna Bailey
September 5, 2000
This offering is about two piers, the Balboa Pier and the Newport Pier. When they were built, those two piers were as different as old Balboa and old Newport used to be. The Balboa Pier was a recreational pier; the Newport Pier a commercial one. The Balboa Pier had railings to keep the tourists from falling into the Pacific Ocean. The Newport Pier had no railings because railings would have stood in the way of the cargo being loaded or unloaded from the commercial vessels using the pier.
March 6, 2001
The deadline to register to try out to be a Newport Beach lifeguard is 6 p.m. Wednesday. Tryouts will be held Sunday and will include a 1,000-meter swim and 1,000-meter competitive run-swim-run. The Newport Beach Fire and Marine Department is looking for 40 to 50 qualified individuals for the training class. Registration and waiver forms are available from 7 a.m to 6 p.m. at Lifeguard Headquarters on the Newport Pier or at City Hall in the Human Resources Department, 3300 Newport Blvd.
By Joseph Serna | August 17, 2009
Newport Beach lifeguards are asking for the public?s help in making the city?s blood drive the top contributor in the region for the fourth year in a row. From 1 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, the fire department will host a blood drive at lifeguard headquarters at Newport Pier. Lifeguards will have a barbecue going with beach music and surf videos on to entertain throughout the drive. Every year, lifeguard agencies from Los Angeles and Orange County host summer blood drives to see who can collect the most.
February 10, 2012
Friends of a local homeless man - whose story of battling alcoholism helped others deal with addiction - will be performing a paddleout ceremony off the Newport Pier on Saturday in his memory. Mark David Allen, 50, died last week in Newport Beach after decades of struggle and living on the city's streets. Allen was arrested more than 500 times in Orange County alone, and over the years allowed a Newport Beach custody officer to videotape his story in and out of jail. The officer, David J. Sperling, turned the footage into a documentary, "Drunk in Public," which has been used by rehab homes across the country.
By By Lauren Vane | February 5, 2006
Experienced wave rider is recovering from a spinal cord injury that nearly paralyzed him.Newport Beach local Jeremy Ross-Duggan has surfed all over the world. He's hit epic waves in Peru and tackled more than a few cliff dives. An athlete with a ferocious appetite for adventure, Jeremy Ross-Duggan admits he's done some crazy stuff in his 43 years. With all the risk-taking, Ross-Duggan never dreamed he'd come so close to a life-threatening injury while surfing one-foot waves in the ocean where he grew up. Jeremy Ross-Duggan and his close friend, Mark Schmidt, were surfing Jan. 29 near the Newport Pier when Jeremy Ross-Duggan mistakenly dove into shallow water and hit his head on a sandbar.
February 10, 2002
June Casagrande Against a weak winter sun, the piers seem bleak, stripped down to skeletons crawling with swarms of workers. But by the time the summer sun reigns high, the rebirth of the Balboa and Newport piers will be complete. Both will have a stronger appeal and stronger foundations. The two historic landmarks on the Balboa Peninsula are undergoing their most thorough renovation ever. On Jan. 2, the Balboa Pier closed and, on Jan. 28, the Newport Pier followed.
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