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By B.W. COOK | June 25, 2008
She is one of the most dedicated and passionate women on the Orange Coast, promoting culture and specifically the multiple benefits and rewards of music in our lives. Bobbitt Williams , our very own North Carolina-to-Southern California transplant, has become a champion of so many worthy pursuits to keep the music playing in our schools, in our villages, in our concert halls and in our homes. Earlier this social season, Williams chaired an event at the Village Crean featuring entertainment by a group called the Hutchins Consort.
May 18, 2002
Michele Marr They have rehearsed for dozens of hours. They come from as many professions -- geologist, librarian, college administrator, manufacturer, UFO researcher, teacher, animal shelter supervisor, registered nurse, thespian, student and musician. All are part of the more than 40-member music ministry at Mesa Verde United Methodist Church in Costa Mesa, which will be thecast and crew for "Sounds of Broadway IV." "The music is filled with words of hope, faith, courage and love.
July 3, 2009
Years ago, a young boy was killed in a car wreck outside my church. It was awful. One day his family was talking about going to the park, and the next day they had to talk about funeral preparations. What do you say to his second-grade classmates, all of whom wanted to attend? What are the words that will make any sense to the tragedy, horror and unfairness of it all? Grown-up words were too big. Adult theologies — even Bible stories — sounded too foreign, too far off, too many words and not enough tears.
By JOHN DEPKO and SUSANNE PEREZ | December 10, 2008
Chess Records was one of the first successful labels to help create and feature black musicians. Their signed stars included legendary artists like Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and Etta James. Their rhythm and blues sound was the real basis for the rock ’n’ roll hits that propelled Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and countless others to major stardom in pop music. “Cadillac Records” is the newly released film that provides a docudrama version of the events behind the scenes of this American tale.
By Daniel Tedford | March 4, 2008
Ellie Yates loved learning about music when she was growing up. Not only was it fun, but her teachers helped instill a love of music that has endured for the 72-year-old. It was only natural she would try to bestow the same gift on Newport-Mesa students. Yates has helped to get the Musical Me program adopted at three Newport-Mesa elementary schools. The program has third-grade students at Victoria, Newport and Newport Heights Elementary take a break for five minutes to take in classical music to build listening skills, as well as an appreciation for music.
By Daniel Tedford | June 13, 2008
While playing at a house party some time ago, Samantha Smith messed up. She lost the lyric, missed the melody, did something wrong. There had been so many different versions of a particular song, that sometimes she forgot and stumbled. She was forced to improvise. But that is what she loves about music. Instead of getting nervous, or stopping and trying to correct the mistake, Samantha, Sam to some, inserted a new bridge to the song at that moment and continued forward. “It ended up being the best part of the song,” she said.
By Ashley Breeding | February 4, 2009
San Francisco-born performer Sarah Hethcoat developed a passion for music when she began exploring the ivories at age 10. A talented but somewhat bored pianist, Hethcoat found more enjoyment in lending her voice to theater, while writing and composing her own music took a back seat. She wouldn’t realize until many years later, through a spur-of-the-moment project, that the latter was her calling in life. “Some friends [who owned a recording studio] and made music asked me to write a few songs for tracks they’d recorded,” she said.
By Sue Thoensen | December 6, 2007
Margie Balter was confident her recently released CD “Music From the Heart” would be a hit when she previewed it for her piano students. The music passed what Balter described as “the Lilliputian test,” referring to the “very small-sized” but perceptive kids who gave their teacher’s effort a collective thumbs-up. “Kids know what’s good,” she said. “They’re not jaded.” Balter will have a wider audience on hand Sunday when she performs at Borders bookstore in Costa Mesa, part of a Borders tour that also includes stops in Los Angeles, Pasadena, West Hollywood and Glendale.
By Steve Virgen | June 18, 2012
Dan Krikorian has had quite a year so far six months into 2012. And, it's only about to get better. The Costa Mesa High alumnus leaves Wednesday for a tour with his musical group: the Dan Krikorian Band, playing in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska Also, there's a reason he still ends up on the sports page of the Daily Pilot. He's left his jobs as an assistant coach for the football and boys' basketball teams at Costa Mesa. That's only because he's become an assistant coach for the men's basketball team at Chapman University, his alma mater, in Orange.
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