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Middle College High School

By Michael Miller | May 16, 2006
In researching her senior project at Orange Coast Middle College High School, Valerie Villalobos learned a painful lesson about arranging a wedding. To paraphrase a recent Oscar-winning song, it's hard out here for a planner. Valerie, 17, spent most of this year learning the ins and outs of formal gatherings, from cakes to caterers to doing test runs for the bride's makeup. The information wasn't always easy to come by, though ? at least not from firsthand sources. "I had one lady blatantly tell me that I was future competition, and she didn't want to give me any pointers," Valerie told her English class on Wednesday, when she and her classmates rehearsed presenting their projects before an audience.
By Tom Ragan | May 20, 2010
You’re looking at the last graduating class of Orange Coast Middle College High School. All 33 of them. They’ll walk on June 2 and collect their high school diplomas and college credits, then head out to their respective colleges and universities. The Newport-Mesa Unified School District had to eliminate the specialized high school, which was founded in 1996 to save roughly $800,000 amid state cutbacks. The curriculum operates outside of the box of traditional high school, allowing juniors and seniors to obtain college credits while forgoing the “normal” high school experience, something one student summed up as “full of cliques and drama.
By Brianna Bailey | February 28, 2009
Clad in the team-issued polka-dot vest and mismatched Converse sneakers, Josh Hogsett led the Wom-bots robotics team into battle Saturday at an Orange Coast College competition. The senior at Orange Coast Middle College High School donned his safety goggles and pit the 18-inch-tall 2400A and another robot against those from Murietta and Anaheim high schools. “It’s really rewarding to work together and put something together that works as a team,” said Hogsett, 18. The Wom-bots, named after the school’s wombat mascot, won Saturday’s qualifying competition to advance to May’s Vex Robotics World Finals in Dallas.
By Joseph Serna | March 27, 2009
CORRECTION: The headline in Friday?s story regarding Mentor Day should have read ?Two students spend the day in police shoes.? Peering through the small square window into Newport Beach jail at the drunk man awaking from his nap behind bars, 16-year-old Sarah Crosby thought, ?I never want to go there.? ?It was kind of eerie,? the Orange Coast Middle College High School student said of the jail. While the jail may have been the creepiest part of her trip to Newport Beach Police Department on Thursday morning, it certainly wasn?
January 23, 2001
Danette Goulet ORANGE COAST COLLEGE -- Holding a tattered copy of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "A Scarlet Letter" aloft, Sasha Stanley sat before her English class reading the part of Hester Prynne. Although she seemed a bit hesitant, and missed a couple of cues, the junior at Orange Coast Middle College High School was happy to oblige her teacher's request and earn 20 extra points on her class grade . And so that comparative literature teacher, Richard Hoff, donned a black hat to symbolize the evil nature of the character he portrayed, Roger Chillingworth -- and the dramatic reading began.
June 1, 2001
Danette Goulet ORANGE COAST COLLEGE -- In an intimate gathering of a mere several hundred friends and family members, Orange Coast Middle College High School bid farewell to its third graduating class Thursday. So small was the momentous occasion that each of the 48 graduates' names, along with their baby picture, a quote and a message, flashed across a giant screen in the Robert B. Moore Theatre. "I can honestly say the students are the most diverse and impressive mixture of people I've ever met," valedictorian Brynn Rybacek said in her address.
April 17, 2007
The Daily Pilot visited Orange Coast Middle College High School and asked Stephen Harper's 11th grade United States history classes what they learned about the backgrounds of several groups, including feminists, hippies, Latinos and Native Americans, during a class project. "It helped me. I felt like I had the freedom to express how I felt about the counter-culture. It helped me and my classmates learn from each other rather than from a lecture." Hayden Baldwin, 17 Costa Mesa "We had Native Americans and looked at how they had the highest suicide rate of any other minority.
September 26, 2007
Newport-Mesa Unified school board members are scheduled tonight to recognize the five local schools that showed the biggest growth in the state’s Academic Performance Index. The schools are Back Bay High School (127 points), Sonora Elementary School (110 points, and highest gain for an elementary school in Orange County), Orange Coast Middle College High School (59 points), TeWinkle Middle School (43 points) and Killybrooke Elementary School (41 points). The Academic Performance Index numbers have considerable weight in the federal government’s scores in the No Child Left Behind act. The school board will also be asked to approve an Early Reading First grant.
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