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Massage Parlors

By Alan Blank | July 7, 2009
A foundation’s pledge Tuesday night saved four of Costa Mesa’s six summer concerts at Fairview Park and a city-run maintenance program, but other city programs remained cut to save money. The Costa Mesa Community Foundation pledged $38,000 to support Neighbors for Neighbors, a program whose volunteers use city-provided tools and materials to repaint destitute homes and clean up parks. The foundation also pledged more than $4,000 for concerts in the park, which, along with $2,500 apiece from the police and fire unions, makes enough to put on a pared-down version of at least three of the concerts.
By Joseph Serna, | May 21, 2011
COSTA MESA — A group of shuttered marijuana dispensaries previously deemed public nuisances were allowed to reopen in the city this weekend thanks to a court order, confirmed one of the business owners Saturday. Sue Lester, a former City Council candidate and owner of Herban Elements at 440 Fair Drive, said an Orange County Superior Court judge's order Friday allowing her business to reopen was the "right thing to do" pending a court hearing next month. Costa Mesa city officials took aim at the Fair Drive property and several marijuana dispensary and massage parlor businesses in April, declaring them all a public nuisance.
By Brianna Bailey | January 10, 2009
The Resort at Pelican Hill has seen a steady demand for coed rub downs since Newport Beach lifted a decades-long ban on couple’s massage at local resort hotels last month. “Couple’s massage is one of the most popular treatments now,” said Kasia Mays, spa director for the Resort at Pelican Hill, which opened in November in Newport Coast. Mays estimates that 12% to 15% of the clientele at Pelican Hill’s new 23,000-square-foot spa are requesting couple’s spa treatments.
By Mona Shadia, | June 15, 2010
Given a list of 19 cost-cutting proposals — which include a classic-car auction, suspending use of take-home vehicles and removing fans and heaters from office spaces — the Costa Mesa City Council voted Tuesday to delay a decision on its budget by one week. Councilman Eric Bever cast the dissenting vote. The council is expected to consider the list and further negotiations with the city's employee association by June 22 to begin dealing with a projected $16.4 million deficit.
October 28, 2000
Jennifer Kho COSTA MESA -- The city this week sent letters to four strip mall landlords alleging that some of their tenants are engaging in prostitution on their properties, Mayor Gary Monahan announced Friday. "What our city attorney's office is doing is putting them on notice that we know they've got prostitution in there and police have seen it," he said, adding that landlords are required to prohibit prostitution on their properties. "Enough is enough.
By Alan Blank | August 18, 2009
City employees filled many of the seats in Costa Mesa’s City Hall Tuesday night to protest the contract that the City Council approved last week with the firefighters’ union. In order to cut the city’s budget, office workers, police officers and others agreed to take a 5% pay cut by accepting furloughs, while the firefighters’ union negotiated a four-year deal that gave them an earlier retirement in exchange for their forgoing a scheduled pay raise. Many city staffers consider the agreement unfair, saying that firefighters should have taken the same furloughs as the other employees.
February 8, 2002
Lolita Harper COSTA MESA -- Among the list of top priorities for the City Council over the next few years will be the preservation of city art, cracking down on loiterers and figuring out how to rezone the Westside bluffs. Those decisions came as the council met this week to narrow down what it hopes to accomplish during the coming years. At the Monday meeting, council members approved 18 goals that were outlined and discussed at a special Saturday meeting last month.
By SUSANNE PEREZ | December 2, 2005
In the opening minutes of "Rent" we see the actors on a bare stage, singing their hearts out to an empty theater. The voices soar in thrilling harmonies as they sing about what makes up a year in one's life. I think to myself, this is brilliant. Little did I know that from there it would mostly be all downhill. For while "Rent," Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer-winning 1995 darling of the stage, has wonderful musicality and an enormously talented cast, the movie version only serves to highlight another case of style over substance.
By Alan Blank | August 13, 2009
One afternoon last spring, instead of poring over a book in the campus library, University of San Francisco student Erika Myszynski found herself knocking on the door of what claimed to be a massage parlor in San Francisco’s Tenderloin slums. The woman who answered the door was wearing a lab coat that scarcely concealed lingerie underneath. She opened the door a crack and anxiously shooed Myszynski away, despite the fact that she visited during normal business hours. Walking away, Myszynski realized that she got a firsthand glimpse of something that was, at the very least, a likely prostitution operation, and perhaps something even worse.
By Bradley Zint | November 9, 2012
A proposal to put advertising at The Triangle is again up for consideration by the Costa Mesa Planning Commission, much to the ire of some Eastside residents who say such signs can lead to visual blight. Greenlaw Partners, the Newport Beach-based property owner of the renamed and revamped shopping center, will seek the commission's approval Tuesday to allow two signs to advertise only Costa Mesa businesses, performing arts venues or city agencies. One of the signs, at 600 square feet, is already in place at the dome formerly used by Niketown, which faces Newport Boulevard and West 19th Street.
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