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August 20, 2001
Lolita Harper COSTA MESA -- City officials will decide tonight whether to change the language of a law concerning day workers in an effort to make it impervious to legal challenge. After following a court case in Los Angeles County where the dayworkers' ordinance was challenged in court, the Costa Mesa City Attorney's Office reexamined the language in its existing ordinance. A Los Angeles court judge ruled that parts of Los Angeles' ordinance were too vague and encroached upon an individual's freedom of speech.
June 10, 2005
Michael Miller Aide Brambila's public education, which began with her packed in a room of 50 children, ended with her alone amid a stack of volumes. As a child growing up in Jalisco, Mexico, Brambila attended first grade and second grade in a tiny, two-room schoolhouse. Afterward, she had to travel to other towns to attend secondary school; her village, with a population of about 400, didn't offer the third grade and above. Nearly 40 years later, the 50-year-old Costa Mesa resident once again went out of her way to go to school.
By Brianna Bailey | January 4, 2010
David H. “Debonair Dave” Clark was tired of his friend’s wife nagging him to find a job, so he shot her in the back yard of the couple’s Costa Mesa home on Nov. 11, 1953, while his friend slept. An unemployed, former Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, Clark had been sleeping on George and Rose Blair’s couch at their home in the 200 block of Palmer Street for six months at the time of the shooting, according to historical news accounts. Clark had been acquitted of two other murders, and had gone through two divorces, a string of jobs, and a whole lot of liquor since he left the district attorney’s office in 1931 for an unsuccessful run for municipal judge.
June 13, 2005
Elia Powers In 1905, an Ohio resident named Frank H. Ayres bought a $2 train ticket to Los Angeles and brought his wife and son along to scout out property for land development. He had no intention of making Southern California his permanent home, but the ocean waves, warm weather and business climate were too intriguing to pass up. Ayres began a family business, Frank H. Ayres & Son, that 100 years later is still in operation under a different name.
By ROBERT GARDNER | August 25, 2006
In California, the district attorney is the single most important officeholder in any county. As the chief law enforcement officer, he sets the standards for all law enforcement in the county and, at the same time, creates the climate for all other officeholders. With an honest, aggressive district attorney, you have a clean county. Without an honest, aggressive district attorney, corruption and favoritism inevitably raise their ugly heads. Except in the eyes of the temperance movement, Prohibition was a disaster for our society.
By Joseph Serna | February 17, 2010
John Canalis, most recently with the Long Beach Press-Telegram, will begin Monday as the new editor for the Daily Pilot, Huntington Beach Independent and Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot, Times Community News executives announced. Canalis, 38, will oversee the production of the three papers in print and online. He’ll also oversee the youth sports website GameON OC, the staff blog OC Now, and lead Times Community News in its partnership with the Orange County Local News Network.
By James P. Gray | January 2, 2010
While contemplating the gathering of information to prepare for my 2009 income tax returns, I started thinking about all of the different and creative ways governments come up with to impose taxes on all of us. Worse yet, most of the time we are not really even aware of the extent of that taxation. Have you thought about all of the occasions in our daily lives that the governments reach their hands into our wallets? Obviously there are income taxes, where some people think the process of withholding money from our paychecks has made this tax less painful, and others feel the lost interest increases the pain.
May 31, 2007
It appears that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposed 2007 budget has put the brakes on plans for high-speed train service between Los Angeles and Anaheim, but Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle is still holding out hope that funding for the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center between Angel Stadium and the Honda Center will be restored. The governor has also requested an indefinite postponement of a $9.95-billion rail bond that was planned for next year. Do you support the proposed cuts?
July 30, 2007
Even as the losses kept piling up for the Newport Beach Breakers this season, the fans kept coming. The Breakers sold out five of seven home matches, including a season-high 2,358 fans for Wednesday's match featuring Maria Sharapova and John McEnroe. First-year coach Trevor Kronemann said the venue, which moved from the Palisades Tennis Club to the Newport Beach Country Club this year, couldn't have been better. Kronemann said of the various venues in World Team Tennis, the Breakers' stadium is top-notch.
October 23, 2004
Deirdre Newman At a young age, Eric Bever's parents made an indelible mark on him when they demonstrated the take-charge skill of finding a void and filling it. "That made a strong impression on me and I've functioned like that almost my entire life," he said. Bever is running for City Council for just that reason. "I believe we need to change some of the fundamental philosophies going on with the City Council for nearly two decades," he said.
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