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By Mike Reicher, | July 24, 2010
An environmental group that studied beach litter in Crystal Cove State Park for seven years has found less trash over time and that most debris comes from inland or is dumped onto the beach, rather than washing up from the sea. Volunteers from Coastkeeper Orange County surveyed a 200-yard stretch of beach just south of Pelican Point. Starting in 2003, they collected trash many times a year and analyzed results. While they found everything from lobster traps to condoms, the most common items were made of plastic and came from landlubbers.
By Jessie Brunner | April 7, 2007
Robert San Miguel never comes to the beach "just to relax," though he visits the Corona del Mar shoreline on a daily basis. Walking the one-third mile stretch of Corona del Mar State Beach seven times each morning is part of 74-year-old San Miguel's exercise routine. It's also an opportunity to do a little socializing and, most notably, tidy up a bit. "I've been walking this beach for over 50 years," said San Miguel, who lives five blocks away on Newport Harbor. "About 10 years ago, I picked up a piece of glass, then a few, and soon I found my hands were full."
By Brittany Woolsey | October 25, 2012
Two Orange County surfers have taken their passion for water activities and transformed it into a passion for the water's health. Mark Ward, 46, from Laguna Beach, and Billy Dutton, 51, from Newport Beach, returned from a 13-day, 350-mile "electric surfing safari" Saturday. During their trip, they traveled in a 22-foot solar-powered electric Duffy boat and surveyed the amount of plastic along the California coast, aiming to spread awareness about pollution in the ocean and the effects it can have.
By Brianna Bailey | September 22, 2009
The Newport Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to send a West Coast Highway taco stand’s dreams of expansion back to the kitchen, even after the eatery dropped its controversial plans to serve beer. Concerns about inadequate parking, parking lot litter and the sticker-covered exterior of Chronic Tacos, 4525 W. Coast Hwy., sank the restaurant’s expansion plans, which included a sit-down dining area and two television sets. At the last minute, the eatery did away with a request for a license to serve beer, but it wasn’t enough to sway the City Council.
October 31, 2013
Cloudia has very expressive eyes and is a very playful and rambunctious female kitten who likes to hang out with the boys in her litter. We think she has the most delightful markings of blue and cream, which is called a diluted tortoiseshell. Basically, she is a gray kitten with orange bits that remind us of the sun peeking out from behind a cloud. Our volunteer Shalise is a veterinary tech intern giving her time to learn more about the rescue animal's veterinary needs. She will assist with taking in new arrivals, observe microchip implanting, set up syringes with the vaccinations and learn about the different veterinary supplies that a rescue group uses to care for and treat the animals.
January 4, 2011
Recently, I celebrated 15 years of answering your questions. Here are some favorites among the thousands I've received: Q: My cat got into my wine glass while I was away from the table. I caught him red-handed with the red wine. I noticed he enjoyed it. I don't think he got drunk but he sure did sleep well that night. I know that because he's so small even a few licks could be damaging. I don't think this will happen again, but I'm curious. Are there any alcoholic dogs or cats?
By Steve Dale | December 6, 2011
Question: My dog has trained me very well. Recently, Lady began to bark at the door for no apparent reason. Each time, I get up and go to the door, thinking there's some reason for her agitation. Now, I feel like a jumping bean. I think Lady barks just to see me go to the door; it's a game. I could just ignore the barking, but what if someone really is at the door? Any advice? —B.T., Tacoma, Wash. Answer: "I can see where this can happen; it's happened to me," says dog trainer Cheryl Smith, author of "Grab Life by the Leash: A Guide to Bringing Up and Bonding with Your Four-Legged Friend" (Wiley Publishing, New York, NY, 2008; $21.99)
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