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By STEVE SMITH | March 10, 2007
There are no more illegal immigrants in Costa Mesa. There is no more crime, either. All of the development issues have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction and the Westside of the city is perfect. Costa Mesa gangs are gone, too. There is no trash anywhere. Traffic moves freely everywhere, and city coffers have a multimillion-dollar surplus. You'd have walked away with the same impression if you had witnessed Tuesday's City Council meeting. After stumbling through his opening remarks on a really important subject and mumbling something about it being a "past practice," Mayor Allan Mansoor said, "I would like to request that council member [Linda]
May 7, 2009
A forum is for the purpose of open discussion of public matters, not for misinformation and airing of personal dislikes. A letter in the Forum, signed by a person who is neither a resident of Costa Mesa nor a member of the Costa Mesa Senior Center, made an untrue accusation and called for the firing of two of the center’s hard-working employees and people whom I know to be dedicated to the welfare of our seniors. Every question raised by Councilwoman [Wendy] Leece has been answered promptly and thoroughly.
By Alicia Robinson | December 7, 2006
COSTA MESA — Reading the fact in print might make her blush, but new Costa Mesa City Councilwoman Wendy Leece has risque newspapers to thank for starting her public service career. Leece, 58, was sworn in Tuesday as a council member, after winning 24.4% of the votes in the Nov. 7 council election. Her new job goes onto a long resume: She's a mother and a grandmother, and a former member of the Newport-Mesa school board and the city parks commission, and she has worked as a teacher and construction project administrator.
By Mona Shadia | November 16, 2009
Costa Mesa Mayor Pro Tem Wendy Leece and Councilwoman Katrina Foley want Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to cancel the state’s proposed sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds. The issue will be taken up at tonight’s City Council meeting. The two councilwomen are scheduled to make a joint presentation on the fairgrounds and will ask fellow council members to vote in favor of requesting that the governor cancel the proposed sale of the 150-acre site in Costa Mesa. “We are just requesting confirmation from the City Council that we are all acting unified so that everybody knows that we are united in our position, which is in the best interest for the city of Costa Mesa to cancel the sale,” Foley said.
By Brianna Bailey | October 7, 2009
Citing what she perceives as a glut of bars in Westside Costa Mesa, Mayor Pro Tem Wendy Leece unsuccessfully tried to hold up a liquor license at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting for the old Tiki Bar on Placentia Avenue. “I’m concerned we already have some hot spots in town and there is a concentration of establishments in the area,” Leece said. “It’s a center for people from all over to come to drive around at 2 a.m. A lot of people on our streets are under the influence.
October 30, 2010
Costa Mesa Councilwoman Wendy Leece has defied the elephant in the room. Despite warnings sent to her from Orange County GOP leaders, she went against her party's line last week by voting in favor of multi-year contracts for police and other city employee groups. Republicans wanted her to help extract more concessions from public employee unions. Leece's vote was pivotal. The City Council passed the proposal, 3 to 2. Leece, who is hoping to win a second four-year term Tuesday, sided with Councilwoman Katrina Foley, the council's lone Democrat, and Councilman Gary Monahan.
By BYRON DE ARAKAL | May 18, 2006
Parks and Recreation Commission Chairwoman Wendy Leece's May 11 Community Commentary on the Farm Sports Complex is revealing and tragically short-sighted. Leece ? a presumed City Council candidate ? offers, "If we need four [fields], let's say so. If we need six, then say so." This is cause for wonder: Does Leece ? a member of the parks and recreation commission for nearly four years ? know how many fields Costa Mesa needs? She would if she had ever read the Costa Mesa Parks and Recreation Master Plan or the California State Department of Parks and Recreation's guidelines.
By Mona Shadia | February 22, 2010
Costa Mesa Councilwoman Wendy Leece and her ex-rival Tom Egan, who snagged her seat on the school board eight years ago, have become allies in a campaign to promote literacy. They are working together to help schoolchildren, especially those on the city’s Westside, do better in school and contribute to society. Leece and Egan, who is a board member of the Costa Mesa Library Foundation, are teaming up to give kids access to books, as well as raise awareness about the need for a central library in Costa Mesa.
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