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By Joseph Serna, | August 20, 2010
CORONA DEL MAR — A Lynwood man was arrested this morning after police said he got behind the wheel drunk and, from a review of a police account, essentially played bumper cars down a Newport Beach street before coming to a stop on a front lawn. Joshua Mario Muniz, 24, was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk and felony vandalism in the 200 block of Larkspur Avenue in Corona del Mar about 3:44 a.m. Newport Beach police said that Muniz deliberately drove into cars in the beachside neighborhood before he ended his rampage, crashing into a wall causing thousands of dollars in damage.
By M Chan | May 11, 2010
The Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club is offering free lawn bowling lessons at their upcoming annual open house. The club  invites locals to come find out about the wonderful world of Lawn Bowls on Saturday, May 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club. The Open House is part of a nationwide event, initiated by the United States Lawn Bowling Association, to promote lawn bowling as a fun activity for all ages. Activities that day  include; free lawn bowling lessons, hot dogs and beverages as well as a coloring contest for kids pre-school through 6th grade.
By Peter Buffa | August 8, 2009
Is your lawn famous? Mine isn’t. It’s just a common, everyday, garden-variety lawn. Kevin Doane’s lawn, on the other hand, is very famous. It’s also dead, which is the problem, or not, depending on your point of view. Kevin’s lawn, which is really a non-lawn, is the most famous brown patch in Costa Mesa. As you may recall, Doane is a Costa Mesa contractor who lost his job in 2008 when the economy went missing, gonzo, bub-bye, we’ll be in touch.
By Alan Blank | August 6, 2009
In January, television crews descended on the Mesa Verde home of Kevin Doane, who quickly became Costa Mesa’s biggest celebrity. Months later, his saga ended quietly. Doane, an unemployed contractor who lost his job with an Anaheim company when construction slowed down, stopped watering his lawn last fall, letting it decay into a heap of dirt, to save money on his water bill. When the city fined him $150 for not maintaining his property, Doane didn’t pay. When the city tacked on an added fine and threatened to put a lien on his house, Doane showed up in the City Council Chambers with a passionately defiant, pre-written harangue, dripping with sarcasm.
By RON VANDERHOFF | April 24, 2009
Last weekend was hot — 85, 90, even 100 degrees in some areas. It was the first hot few days of the year. Lawns all over the area had a similar reaction to the heat. You probably noticed it too. Grass areas, maybe even on your own; showed dry, wilted, discolored or parched patches. Last weekend it seemed like every second lawn at homes, in homeowners associations or on city landscapes showed the same wilted patches. It was hard to miss. Like clockwork, at the first heat spell every year we see these patchy, wilted lawns.
By Joseph Serna | April 14, 2009
If there’s anything scarier than seeing a school bus lose control and careen onto someone’s lawn, it’s being inside that house and seeing the yellow beast headed straight for you. In what can be considered both a terrifying and miraculous crash at once, police said a Newport-Mesa school district bus ran a red light at 30 mph, collided with an SUV, lost control and steered into a house only to stop before smashing into it by...
By Alan Blank | January 22, 2009
City work crews recently came out and planted three trees on the barren parkway in front of Costa Mesa resident Kevin Doane’s house. This ordinarily would not be a big event — the city does it all the time — but in the past few months the out-of-work contractor has thrust himself into the public spotlight as “that guy with the dirt lawn.” In the past few weeks he has even told his story to television news crews from big networks and has been blogged about from Los Angeles to San Diego.
By Alan Blank and Brianna Bailey | January 7, 2009
Kevin Doane, a man who is quickly propelling himself into the realm of local lore because of a dispute over his rights and obligations as a property owner in Costa Mesa, first appeared at a City Council meeting at the beginning of last month to tell the audience about his plight. The out-of-work contractor allowed the front lawn of his Mesa Verde home to deteriorate into a patch of dirt after he stopped watering it to save money on his monthly bills. He refused to pay the repeated citations the city issued him, which eventually totaled $400, and he came to the council Dec. 2 to let them know.
By Alan Blank | December 4, 2008
A Costa Mesa man named Kevin Doane made it perfectly clear to the City Council that he was not going to pay a $400 citation the city issued him for allowing what was once a lawn in his front yard to dry out, die and turn into a dirt patch. “No. 1, I will not pay that — ever — and you can do whatever you want to do,” the brusque, bearded man told the council Tuesday night. Although he acknowledges that he’s violating a city ordinance that requires homeowners to landscape their front yards, he says he was encouraged to do so by Councilwoman Wendy Leece, who constantly tells residents from the dais to cut their water usage because of the impending drought.
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