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September 10, 2011
An Irvine-based information technology group of consultants, the Irvine Technology Corporation, was recognized for excellence in business by U.S. Congressman John Campbell, the company announced this week. "We are very honored to receive this recognition from Congressman Campbell," ITC Managing Partner Nicole McMackin said in a prepared statement. "Our company consistently strives for excellence by truly understanding our customer's business model and then making best practice recommendations and strategy implementations to best service each individual client.
February 9, 2013
Re. "Mailbag: N.B. parking tickets," Feb. 6: Really? The rules don't apply to you? You didn't mention the reason for your special treatment — or are you just one of Orwell's pigs that is equal, but more equal than others? Your letter implies that you somehow gave your guests from Illinois permission to flagrantly violate the law, and you reacted outraged that, what, they were caught? That is precisely the meter maid's job. The rules are there for the safety of the community, not your particular convenience.
By Michael Miller | December 16, 2007
Andrew Munoz can understand the shock for people who lost their jobs in the mortgage industry this year. The executive director of the Orange County Workforce Investment Board has watched his job placement centers fill in recent months with former workers who took the brunt of the recent falloff in the housing market. “A lot of the positions that were with these companies were good-paying jobs, so they have their own finances to worry about,” said Munoz, whose board oversees workforce training at sites in Irvine, Westminster and Fullerton.
From KTLA-5 | June 4, 2012
Editor's note: The Daily Pilot was not granted access to Mitt Romney's visit to the Balboa Bay Club & Resort on Friday night and instead covered the protests outside. This story from pool reports was made available later. * A confident-sounding Mitt Romney in Newport Beach mocked his rival's campaign Friday, hours after the release of disappointing jobs numbers put Democrats on the defensive. At his private fundraiser at the Balboa Bay Club & Resort — where four tickets fetched as much as $25,000 — Romney joked about a visit former President George W. Bush made to the White House a day earlier for the unveiling of his official portrait.
By Michael Alexander | January 28, 2009
There’s plenty of talk these days about what creates new jobs. But a UCI doctoral candidate has measured the effect of something that kills jobs, something Southern Californians know all about: traffic congestion. Kent Hymel, a doctoral candidate in economics, has managed to calculate how much heavy traffic affects employment, according to a paper he published online in the Journal of Urban Economics. In his study, Hymel analyzed the amount of time drivers waste on the road and estimated how much time would be saved by various solutions.
By Mike Reicher | March 11, 2010
The unemployment picture in Orange County isn’t pretty, but Newport Beach and Costa Mesa are faring better than the countywide rate. Orange County employers slashed 14,600 jobs in January, and the unemployment rate grew to 10.1%, the highest since 1950, the California Employment Development Department reported Wednesday. Newport Beach posted a jobless rate of 6.4%, while Costa Mesa came in a point under the county average with a 9.1% unemployment rate. While fewer retail jobs accounted for large losses in employment, as is typical after the holidays, they combined with an already high unemployment rate and anemic job growth to send the county over the modern record.
By Chuck Cassity | June 25, 2009
Have you noticed that “czars” are becoming the fastest-growing segment of the Washington, D.C., population? Our new president has appointed about 20 of them since taking office. He’s got a Drug Czar, a Border Czar, a Health Czar, a Stimulus Czar, a Cyber Czar, a Pay Czar, an Urban Affairs Czar and a Great Lakes Czar (isn’t that discriminating against the smaller lakes?), to name but a few. My personal favorite is the new “czar” he named to disassemble and rebuild General Motors.
By Joanna Clay | March 24, 2010
On the second episode of “Sober House,” which aired last week, former NBA player and Newport Beach resident Dennis Rodman and his fellow cast mates learned about a hard day’s work by taking entry-level, minimum-wage jobs. The “Sober House” staff believed it would be a task in self-worth, teaching the celebrities that what you do doesn’t define you. As they explained the day’s duty, actor Tom Sizemore got defensive. “I think this job thing is a bunch of (bull)
January 10, 2004
We are against the proposal. There is only so much money in the state, and it belongs to those of us that are legally here. The schools and hospitals should not be forced to give away what many who live here must pay for or are denied. Jobs are being taken away from U.S. citizens who deserve them. Once here, illegals never go home. They have families, and we are too darn kind. Once we see a human face we don't -- or can't -- send them back or deny them rights that their own countries would not give them.
July 25, 2003
Deepa Bharath Amy Elliott has always had a passion for boats. She has been a sailmaker. She has raced catamarans. She's even worked at a sailing club and done marketing and publicity for a boating manufacturer. It's how she found her niche. Elliott does publicity work -- anything from brochures and advertisements to fliers and catalogs exclusively for those in the boating business. Working out of her office on Tustin Avenue, barely half a block from Newport Harbor, Elliott says what she enjoys most about her job is being by the water.
By Jill Cowan | April 25, 2014
A recent report on the state of Orange County's communities paints a picture of a growing economy powered by job increases in major industries, but with the region's families struggling to keep up. The county's annual Community Indicators Report - a joint project of CalOptima, the Children and Families Commission of Orange County and United Way - tracks a variety of factors that contribute to residents' quality of life, from economic trends to...
By Hannah Fry | March 26, 2014
Newport-Mesa Unified School District trustees welcomed outgoing Costa Mesa High School Principal Phil D'Agostino to his new position as director of student services during their meeting Tuesday night. The 15-year Newport-Mesa employee will assume his new role as head of discipline for the district after spring break, said district spokeswoman Laura Boss. D'Agostino thanked the board for the opportunity to serve the district in his new position. "A very dear friend of mine said the universe puts you in places so you can learn something and grow," he said.
By Billy Graham | March 21, 2014
Q: I know the economy is supposed to be getting better, but it sure hasn't helped me find a job. Part of the problem is that I'm in my 50s now, and no one wants to hire people my age. Why won't God help me? I feel so useless. — F.B. A: The most important thing I can tell you is that you are not useless — not in God's eyes. He cares about you and knows all about your situation, and he wants to help you. You can trust his promise: "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you" (Hebrews 13:5)
January 9, 2014
Re. "Tickets the work of a grinch, recipient says," [Dec. 30]: I have resided on Balboa Island for many years and was moving my truck, like I always do for street sweeping, and saw the scene unfold in front of me. It was embarrassing. All of us who have lived on the island know the drill about parking tickets and those visiting can clearly see the signs but to see residents yell and swear at the parking-control officer for doing her job, and to see grown men and a woman stand on the street and curse at her and make obscene gestures, repeatedly, made me embarrassed to be a neighbor.
By David Carrillo Peñaloza | December 20, 2013
Four years ago, Newport Harbor High let go of Evan Chalmers as its head baseball coach. The principal at the time wanted the program to go in a different direction. The principal is gone and Chalmers is back in charge of the Sailors. Chalmers returned as Newport Harbor's baseball coach on Friday. He replaced Patrick Murphy, who led the Sailors for four seasons. "It's nice to be a Sailor again," said Chalmers, who spent the last four seasons as an assistant coach at rival Corona del Mar. "When the job came open, I applied right away.
By Wendy A. Saunders | December 6, 2013
Do you remember Veteran's Day, Nov. 11? Do you remember your pride when you honored our solders, past and present, for their service to our nation? Today our veterans need more than a day of remembrance; they need us proud-to-be-an-American citizens to take action by supporting Senate Bill S.6, the Putting Our Veterans Back to Work Act of 2013. According to a 2013 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 750,000 veterans in the United States are unemployed. This is up from 689,000 the previous year.
By Bradley Zint | November 26, 2013
The 36th annual Chapman University Economic Forecast offered a projection similar to last year's: slow and steady economic growth or, as researchers put it, an economy "stuck in low gear" come 2014. Monday's presentation at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa pointed to modest gains in job creation, consumer spending and other indicators contributing to a 2.2% annual increase in gross domestic product. In Orange County, construction seems to be king. Esmael Adibi, director of Chapman's A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research, noted that it is the fastest growing sector of the local economy.
November 21, 2013
A study whose results were announced this week found that John Wayne Airport's service to Mexico injected about $131 million into the local economy, including revenue from the added airport operations and visitor spending. "This study shows the significant value air service from Mexico brings to the region's economy," Airport Director Alan Murphy said in a statement. "With our partners AirTran and Interjet, we look forward to continuing to provide a convenient gateway for business and leisure travelers to reach the heart of Southern California.
By Patrice Apodaca | November 2, 2013
My son needed toadstools. In 20 minutes. We had just been through a hot, dry spell, and I had no idea where I'd find them, but extra credit in honors biology was on the line, so I put on my Super Mom cape and leapt to the rescue. I called Roger's Gardens and spoke to a nice employee who wasn't fazed a bit by my strange question. I was in luck. He had spotted some large toadstools on a patch of grass nearby. I grabbed some plastic bags, raced over, foraged enough mushrooms for my son and his classmates to share, hopped back in my car, and delivered them to school with a minute to spare.
By Jeremiah Dobruck | November 1, 2013
A parking enforcement officer at UC Irvine was placed on leave this week following allegations that he posted racially insensitive pictures online, the university confirmed. He also worked at Golden West College in Huntington Beach as a campus safety officer but was fired from that job after the allegations surfaced this week. UCI is investigating after a CBS-2 reporter showed campus officials a social media account where Carlos Vazquez, 31, allegedly posted racist pictures. One showed Hitler holding a child with the caption, "Proud father moment when my daughter met the great fuhrer.
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