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Jane Doe

March 8, 2005
Marisa O'Neil Defense attorneys in a gang-rape trial set up their case Monday with two doctors who testified that the alleged victim did not show signs of a sexual attack. Prosecutors contend that Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann, both now 20, and 19-year-old Greg Haidl, son of a former sheriff's official, plied a 16-year-old girl with alcohol at a 2002 party, gang-raped her and sexually assaulted her with various objects. On Monday, colorectal specialist Dr. Marvin Corman, testified that after viewing part of the encounter -- videotaped by the defendants -- and a videotaped physical examination of the alleged victim, he felt she did not appear to suffer any injuries as a result.
February 23, 2005
Marisa O'Neil The judge in a high-profile gang-rape case again chastised a defense attorney Tuesday, during aggressive questioning of the alleged victim. Jane Doe, as the now-19-year-old woman is known in court, looked visibly frustrated during repetitious questioning by defense attorney Joseph Cavallo. Cavallo represents 19-year-old Greg Haidl, one of three defendants accused of raping an allegedly unconscious, 16-year-old Doe at a 2002 party in the Corona del Mar home of his father, former Orange County Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl.
May 29, 2004
STEVE SMITH I know that the rape trial of Greg Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann is no laughing matter, but I have to chuckle when I think of the silly strategy attempted by the defense team on Wednesday. To recap, the three boys are accused of the rape of an unconscious girl, being called Jane Doe, then 16, at the home of Greg Haidl, now 18. Haidl, whose parents, including his father, Orange County Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl, apparently believe that a lack of supervision builds character, has been detained by law enforcement authorities three times since his arrest on suspicion of trespassing and vandalism, and was found with a small amount of pot in his possession.
March 12, 2005
STEVE SMITH According to the current issue of Newsweek, there is hope for those of us who consistently exhibit signs of distractibility, poor impulse control and emotional sensitivity. (Anyone who exhibits those traits will say something such as, "You hurt me deeply when you say that I don't think before I act. Want to play tennis?") Such characteristics are a summary of those exhibited by people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or the now famous ADHD.
February 11, 2005
Marisa O'Neil The judge in a high-profile gang-rape case had to halt the trial Thursday and ask the alleged victim for her cooperation after she burst into tears during intense questioning by a defense attorney and expressed her frustration to the judge. Joseph Cavallo, defense attorney for 19-year-old Greg Haidl, pressed the now 19-year-old woman, referred to in court as Jane Doe, about inconsistencies in her testimony and statements to police. His cross-examination asked about her responses regarding three parties from two interviews, a previous trial and her testimony in court Wednesday.
By Dave Brooks | March 11, 2006
A judge on Friday sentenced Greg Haidl and two co-defendants to six-year prison sentences for their parts in the sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl, wrapping up an emotional four-year trial that riveted Orange County. Judge Francisco Briseño said Haidl, 20, and Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann, both 21, had shown little remorse for the 2002 sexual assault, which Briseño said had caused irreversible emotional damage to the victim, identified throughout the trial only as "Jane Doe."
From KTLA-5 | October 2, 2010
IRVINE — An Irvine lawyer accused of impersonating his neighbors and creating fake Web pages advertising sexual services from their home is slated to appear in court Oct. 18. Franklin Casco Jr., 49, pleaded not guilty this summer to 10 felonies, including one count each of conspiracy and stalking and four counts of identity theft. Larry Lorenzo Cardenas Jr., 31, who works at Casco's firm, pleaded not guilty to the same charges. According to a criminal complaint, the pair committed "harassment by electronic communication," and used sites like, Myspace.
February 18, 2005
Replace CenterLine with efficient bus lines The possible end of the CenterLine could be the beginning, not the end, of transit planning in Orange County. Orange County citizens support better transportation options, and we voted to pay for them with Measure M. However, the proposed solutions need to make sense. The Orange County Transportation Authority does not have a vision for a transportation network. CenterLine would spend a lot of money on a problem without considering more flexible and cost-effective options.
August 28, 2004
Marisa O'Neil A defense attorney for 19-year-old Greg Haidl, accused in two separate rape cases, is asking for a judge to recuse himself and for one of the cases be thrown out because of an allegedly improper arrest. Following a statutory rape hearing for Greg Haidl, son of Orange County Asst. Sheriff Don Haidl, in a South County courthouse Friday, defense attorney Joe Cavallo asked Orange County Superior Court Judge Luis Rodriguez to step down from the case for signing a search warrant to obtain the DNA of the underage girl.
January 15, 2005
Cox missed an El Toro opportunity In the Pilot's Community Commentary on Thursday ("Congressman focuses on city, despite 'national issues'") Newport's Congressman Chris Cox self-righteously toots his horn regarding what he's done for us in getting passage of some $30 million in authorizations for Newport Bay and for writing a bill -- not passed yet -- to authorize $20 million more. This is an absolute drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of billions in our federal budget, and doesn't compare with what many other congressmen come up with for their constituents.
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