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August 19, 2004
I'm so angry that this young man is still outside the jail cell. This young man doesn't have his rope left. This young man has to be locked up and has to be held accountable for what he and his two buddies allegedly did to that gal. JIM CARNS Costa Mesa It's incomprehensible that we would allow Greg Haidl to remain free, and it is a major embarrassment to Orange County and especially Newport Beach. SANDRA CLARK Corona del Mar I think that Greg Haidl should be in jail, awaiting trial.
By Michael Alexander | January 16, 2007
Members of the Costa Mesa religious sect the Piecemakers who were convicted in 2005 of operating a restaurant without a permit and resisting inspectors, were sentenced Friday. Two received probation, while the group's founder and leader received 10 days' jail time as well. Marie Kolasinski, 85, was immediately taken into custody. With time served, she will likely be there for six more days, her lawyer, Joseph Donahue, said. Kolasinski, along with co-defendants Doug Follette, 52, and Judy Haeger, 59, received three years' probation as well.
By Kelly Strodl | October 18, 2007
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent has become an intriguing figure in Costa Mesa both as a physical presence and a symbol of the racial tension within the city. Since December, the federal agent has taken up residence in Costa Mesa Jail, screening arrestees for citizenship status. Since then, more than 460 people have been flagged for immigration violations. July was the busiest — 59 people were held after being arrested on suspicion of various crimes. Many have protested, claiming some of those detained were arrested for violations as minor as jaywalking.
By Joseph Serna | January 25, 2010
Newport Beach millionaire Don Haidl, the former assistant sheriff who helped authorities take down former Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona last year, will avoid jail time but will have to do a “heavy dose” of community service along with paying a fine for lying on his 2002 taxes, a federal judge said Monday. Federal Judge Andrew J. Guilford delayed Haidl’s sentencing after telling the U.S. attorney’s office that he wasn’t satisfied with Haidl just paying a fine and getting probation.
By Joseph Serna | April 1, 2008
An Upland man who police say drove his Toyota Camry into three other cars and hit two pedestrians while allegedly drunk outside a Costa Mesa nightclub early Sunday is expected to be charged today authorities said. Arthur Arambula Jr., 31, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and felony DUI causing injury about 2 a.m. Sunday after police received several 911 calls that Arambula was trying to drive away after hitting cars, then people, in the Club Vegas parking lot. “The more he was striking things, the more he became intent on getting out of there,” Lt. Paul Dondero said.
By By Lauren Vane | January 7, 2006
Probation authority calls for prison time for three men convicted of 2002 sexual assault against teenage girl.An Orange County Probation Department report recommends prison time for the three young men who were convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious girl at a 2002 Corona del Mar house party, a judge revealed in court Friday. Greg Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann were convicted in March of multiple charges of sexual penetration by a foreign object. They were acquitted of raping the then-16-year-old girl.
By Kelly Strodl | November 22, 2007
Costa Mesa police have taken at least five OCC students to court over hit-and-run complaints. One of the students was pulled from class and arrested in the school’s parking lot, police said. Last week, traffic investigators arrested the student after he allegedly hit another car and then hurried off to class as if nothing happened, authorities said. Most of the offenses have been attributed to parking mishaps and bad maneuvering, said Traffic Investigator Jeff Horn. All have been misdemeanors involving only property damage and no injuries.
By: Lauren Vane | July 30, 2005
Lawyers for the three young men convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious 16-year-old girl asked an Orange County Superior Court judge Friday that their clients be sentenced as juveniles. Greg Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann were tried as adults and convicted in March of sexual assault. The defendants were acquitted on rape charges but were convicted of multiple charges of sexual penetration by a foreign object. Haidl was convicted of six counts, Spann of five, and Nachreiner of four.
By Kelly Strodl and Michael Alexander | October 31, 2007
A Canadian citizen charged last week with a 23-year-old unsolved homicide in Huntington Beach was apparently in California up until six weeks ago serving time in state prison for a 1986 sexual assault in Costa Mesa, authorities said. The suspect, Gerald Su Go, 51, has been charged with the 1984 murder of Elizabeth May Hoffschneider while committing rape, burglary and robbery, district attorneys said. Canadian authorities arrested Go in Toronto in connection with a 1984 murder.
By Alicia Robinson | January 4, 2007
Six people already have been deported, 20 are in federal custody, and 20 more could face immigration charges as a result of immigration screenings in the Costa Mesa city jail, under a program that has been in place since Dec. 4, federal officials said Wednesday. Last month, a federal immigration agent began interviewing people booked at the Costa Mesa jail about their immigration status. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials proposed the program in November, after city leaders had talked for nearly a year about having Costa Mesa police trained to enforce immigration laws.
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