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October 17, 2004
Student Heath Timmons looks at crosses laid out to commemorate soldiers who have died in the Iraq war during UC Irvine's "Peace Wants You" festival last week. When I arrived at the peace festival for my assignment, the festival mostly consisted of tables set up. I was looking for something to illustrate what the event was about, and I noticed crosses lined up and laying on the ground to commemorate soldiers, who had given their lives in Iraq. I wanted to show people walking on the field looking at the crosses, so I went to a building right next to the field and took the elevator to the top floor.
February 4, 2004
June Casagrande Balboa Island businesswoman Gail Hammerschmidt is giving a whole new meaning to the name of Marine Avenue. The owner of the Sandpiper, a general store on the island's main drag, is the latest local to jump aboard a plan to reach out and touch members of the city's "adopted" Marine unit in Iraq. Her store has dedicated one end of its counter to those who want to send cards and notes to members of the 1st Battalion 1st Marines -- the city's unofficially adopted Marine Corps unit, now stationed in Iraq.
October 25, 2007
President Bush is asking Congress for $46 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Democrats say they want him to spell out a plan to get the troops home and won’t move quickly to approve the request. Where do you stand on the issue and why?   The president has already laid out his plan to get out of Iraq, which includes having the Iraqi people stand up and take charge of their country. His plan is clear; that we win but no deadlines are set. I support the idea that we should not be anxious to declare defeat at the same time I support a responsible, phased withdrawal.
April 17, 2003
June Casagrande Iraq may have been the last place 1st Lt. Ryan T. Williams thought he'd end up. When he graduated from West Point in 2001, the former Corona del Mar cross-country runner and member of the Corona del Mar High Class of 1997 requested a position in Germany. Stationed in the city of Vilseck, near Nuremberg, Williams watched as the war in Iraq grew from a distant concept into an explosive reality. But it was too late for the eager young career officer to get in on the action, mother Erika Williams said.
April 3, 2004
Marisa O'Neil Time seems to slow to a crawl when you're waiting to pick up someone from the airport. And when that someone's returning from more than a year away, from dusty battlefields in one of the world's most dangerous places, each second ticks by like eternity. Friends and family of United States Army Lt. Ryan Williams gathered anxiously at John Wayne Airport Friday afternoon to welcome the West Point graduate back home after serving for a year in Iraq.
By Alicia Robinson | September 5, 2006
After seeing her brother deployed to Iraq earlier this year, Costa Mesa City Councilwoman Katrina Foley wants to encourage the city to support its residents who serve in the military. Foley plans to propose a program to help people get letters and packages to service members, generate donations for needed supplies and generally support those in the military with Costa Mesa connections. Foley said her brother, Bruce, has been in the Army since he finished college. He's now a staff sergeant with an aviation unit that maintains helicopters.
By Purnima Mudnal | April 23, 2006
"Joel Rezendes is alive because Marc's body blocked the force of the blast," Guy Glimpse said of his son, Marine Lance Cpl. Marcus Glimpse of Huntington Beach. Marcus Glimpse, 22, and fellow Marine Joel Rezendes were setting up a roadside checkpoint in the Al Anbar province of Iraq on April 12 when an improvised bomb exploded, killing Glimpse. He is the first military service member from Huntington Beach to die in Iraq. Rezendes is recuperating from his injuries at home in Seattle, and his mother called to tell the Glimpse family about their son's heroic act. Family members gathered April 15 at the home of Patricia Gregg, Marcus' grandmother, to make arrangements for the funeral Saturday, which was expected to draw about 2,000 people.
By JOHN DEPKO | April 3, 2008
Legendary producer Scott Rudin has his stamp on many noteworthy films. “No Country for Old Men,” “There Will Be Blood” and “The Queen” are his most recent Oscar nominations. He has teamed up with director Kimberly Peirce (“Boys Don’t Cry”) to create “Stop-Loss,” a disturbing tale of the military policy that allows the Army to retain soldiers who have already served combat tours in Iraq and completed their enlistments.
March 2, 2008
The statistics are grim. The danger horrifyingly real. As of Friday, 3,973 killed in Iraq, 29,203 wounded. A group of UCI students who have served in the wars shared their experiences last week at a university forum. If there was anything close to a consensus, it was that there could be none. They come from many different backgrounds and experiences and subsequently offer varying opinions on the wars. “We all wear the same uniform, but the people underneath it all have intelligent opinions and shouldn’t be characterized as the same,” student veteran Ben Mayer said.
December 13, 2005
Security concerns prompt hotel to bow out as polling place for Iraq parliament election this week.Responding to police concerns about security and parking, officials from a Newport Beach hotel decided not to allow the hotel to be used as a polling place for Iraq's parliamentary elections this week, police said. Organizers of the Iraqi elections were planning to have a polling station at the Radisson Hotel Newport Beach on MacArthur Boulevard today through Thursday, said Newport Beach Police Sgt. Bill Hartford.
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