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December 5, 2003
Tom Titus This is the first in a series of columns reviewing the year 2003 in local theater. South Coast Repertory traveled to the ends of the earth, and occasionally beyond, during 2003 as the company came through its first full year with both of its main stages fully operational. Both the remodeled Segerstrom Stage and the newly constructed Julianne Argyros Stage offered some challenging and viscerally involving theater during the year as the company approached its 40th birthday.
January 29, 2002
Ferryman is an exemplary guy who got caught I read Steve Smith's columns. Sometimes I think they're very, very slanted, but that's the way he writes. I'm questioning the statement (Family Time -- "Here's a pitch for setting good examples," Jan. 19), "On Oct. 9, Ferryman told us that his first reaction after his arrest on Sept. 27 was to resign. I believe him. Subsequently, however, he listened to a little band of followers." I doubt if he listened to anybody; I think he did what is in his heart -- "who did not have our children's best interests in mind."
By: | September 3, 2005
o7Five students from the Calvary Chapel Christian School of Murrieta and the Assn. of Christian Schools International filed a lawsuit last week against the University of California system, charging that the university's new core class requirements discriminate against the high school's courses. According to the suit, the university informed the high school that two of its biology textbooks were "not consistent with the viewpoints and knowledge generally accepted in the scientific community."
June 23, 2005
JOSEPH N. BELL I'm an avid reader of the In Theory columns on the Forum page of the Daily Pilot. Although Rabbi Mark Miller is the only member of the contributing group I've related to directly, I feel I know the others through their writings. I play this little game of predicting where each one will come down on any given subject. And the pleasure of the game is that they aren't always predictable. Mostly, but not always. It has occurred to me that what is missing from this spectrum of opinion is the secular view.
November 10, 2002
Though we didn't endorse every winner in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District race, we were pleased that the school board campaign was pretty clean. Now, for the most part, school board trustees should be happy with one another. In the past, and until the new members come on board in January, the board majority has been dissatisfied with one member -- Wendy Leece. Leece hasn't always won us over, either. After all, she's into banning books and teaching students the Intelligent Design theory.
February 26, 2002
I'd like to respond to Joseph N. Bell's column from Feb. 14 (The Bell Curve -- "Answering the creationist challenge"). Interesting how almost every time Joe Bell writes, he seems to take a few potshots at trustee Wendy Leece and the "Creationist/Fundamentalist" camp. Bell paints Leece out to be an uninformed and unenlightened person. Again, a real cheap shot. We all have our faults, but he's too harsh on Leece. As for again "clearing up" the conflict between the teaching of evolution and creationism (intelligent design)
January 18, 2001
public schools Who's that lurking by the back door of the schoolhouse? It's Wendy Leece! She's put white lab coats on the religious icons from her church and is trying to sneak them into school disguised as science teachers (figuratively speaking, of course). Leece, in her letter ("Educators should be able to challenge evolutionary theory," Jan. 11), fails to respond to any of the points I made in my prior letter ("Creationism should not be taught as a science," Jan. 9)
By JOSEPH N. BELL | December 29, 2005
Cleaning out the must-do clipping file in order to start the new year afresh: First, a letter on the Pilot's Forum page last month from former Newport Beach Mayor John Heffernan with a headline "A challenge for Greenlight." It is a classic example of how Heffernan comported himself as mayor: respectful, clear and well reasoned. It avoided the repetition, overwriting, and self-justification so common to similar pieces from local politicians -- especially the current crop in Costa Mesa.
By Susanne Perez and John Depko | October 5, 2012
Two new movies are out about growing up and finding acceptance - a broad comedy ("Pitch Perfect") and moving drama ("The Perks of Being a Wallflower"). "Pitch Perfect" mixes gleeful musical numbers with raunchy campus antics. Freshman Becca (Anna Kendrick) is a reluctant student at Barden University, where just about everyone belongs to an a capella group. She is ensnared by the Bellas, desperate for new members. They're a clich├ęd mix of misfits, but how they make us laugh. As the boldly self-named Fat Amy, Rebel Wilson (from "Bridesmaids")
Alexandra Baird, | February 26, 2011
COSTA MESA — For many, evolution and creationism are incompatible concepts, but that's not how Rev. Sarah Halverson sees them. The pastor at Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa believes so strongly that science and faith go hand-in-hand that on Sunday she will cede her pulpit to a geochemist researching NASA's Stardust mission. It's all part of Evolution Sunday, a nationwide event that has some Christian churches celebrating, rather than condemning, the work of naturalist Charles Darwin on the 202nd anniversary of his birth.
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