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Intelligent Design

October 10, 2002
It isn't often in this era of poll-watching and fuzzy political positions that voters have the opportunity to make a clear choice on issues. But the upcoming Newport-Mesa Unified School Board election provides such an opportunity in the contest between Wendy Leece and Tom Egan. Leece is on record more copiously than any other local officeholder. About one-third of my "Education" file is devoted to issues she has introduced or public statements she has made.
June 24, 2000
Today's question: Can one be a supporter of the public school system and still favor a statewide voucher program? The answer, for many locals, is "yes." The subject came up again when a local controversy developed at the same time the U.S. Supreme Court was ordering God out of public schools across the land. School board member Wendy Leece was fighting for the inclusion of something called "intelligent design" in the mix of origin-of-life theories taught to our kids when the court ruling broke.
November 19, 2005
Pat Robertson made news when he said that residents of a Pennsylvanian town had rejected God by voting out of office school board members who supported the teaching of intelligent design. He also warned residents not to be surprised if disaster struck them. How do such statements and the ensuing controversies influence people's faith and their attitude toward religion? Pat Robertson needs to speak less off-the-cuff and use a script writer who has some intelligent design. His on-the-spot commentary without prayerfully considering those comments often get him into trouble.
February 14, 2002
There are certain things in life we can absolutely count on. The September collapse of the California Angels. Orange County going Republican. Those obsequious swallows coming back to Capistrano. And the annual effort by Wendy Leece to include creationism (currently being retreaded as "intelligent design") in the local high school science curriculum. An outlander moving to Orange County six months ago and getting his local information from the Pilot's Community Forum pages might well be convinced that the Newport-Mesa school board consists of Wendy Leece, one drunken driver and five other anonymous citizens who only surface in public print when they refuse to vote Wendy in as their leader.
By Rabbi Marc Gellman | May 24, 2013
Q: In our newspaper's "letters to the editor" section, we often read letters from people who believe literally what the Bible has to say (creationists, who embrace intelligent design, and readers who reject the theory of evolution). They seem so hidebound in their beliefs that they refuse to even consider the other side of the argument. The truth of evolution is obvious, but it does seem to me there must be a guiding force behind it all. Doesn't it seem obvious that both sides should be considered?
February 25, 2001
I'd like to take exception with Joseph Bell's column ("Censorship deprives all students of full education," Feb. 1) in which in one grand sweep he "backhands" Wendy Leece and "clears up" the creationism issue. Personally, I agree with Wendy Leece in the examination of the viability of questionably controversial new books to the school reading list. There are many people in the local populace who would rather err on the side of conservativism when it comes to keeping unnecessary sex, violence or abuse out of the educational environment for our young people.
By Mike Reicher, | January 5, 2011
NEWPORT BEACH — After nearly 20 years as a mainstay of the Daily Pilot and a long career as a freelance writer and journalism educator, columnist Joseph N. Bell is retiring. Thursday's "The Bell Curve" column will be his last. "When a time for change comes, you act on it," Bell, 89, said in an interview Wednesday at his Santa Ana Heights home office. "You don't drag it out. " During his years at the Pilot, Bell, who will turn 90 on the Fourth of July, wrote from a liberal perspective in one of the most conservative areas in the country.
June 8, 2005
Don't rely on averages in home-value matters The Daily Pilot ran an article May 18 about the local housing market, "Steady going for housing market." The Pilot quoted figures from DataQuick Information Systems. It was reported that the Northern Balboa Peninsula, wherever that might be, increased 48.3% for April 2005 in comparison to the same month of 2004. It further reported that prices in the Balboa Village Area dipped 26.4% to an average value of $1,075,000 million for the same period.
May 20, 2005
David Rector In the Parents Talk Back feature on May 10, one parent, Mark Gleason, sensibly takes the Kansas school board to task for once again proposing to teach intelligent design -- creationism in a tuxedo -- alongside evolution in biology classes. Wendy Leece praises them, calling intelligent-design theory science. I'm afraid she is seriously deluded on that point. It is not science; at best it is a scientific critique of evolution and natural selection; at worst it is quackery.
March 5, 2002
It is tiresome to see the same hoary arguments brought up time and again by creationists in the opinion pages of the Pilot (Community Commentary -- "Pilot columnist too accepting of evolution," Feb. 26). For example, the claim that there are no transitional fossils: There are many, for example, whale fossils with legs; see o7 . Or the assertion that evolution is "just a theory" -- like gravitation.
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