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By Alicia Robinson | February 2, 2007
A cement truck rolled over this morning at Pelican Hill Road and Newport Coast Drive, the fifth such accident in the area since July 2004. The truck was heading south on Newport Coast Drive and rolled over at 9:57 a.m. during a right turn onto Pelican Hill Road North, Newport Beach Fire Department spokeswoman Jennifer Schulz said. The driver and passenger in a pickup truck on Newport Coast Drive narrowly escaped injury by pulling forward at the last minute, Schulz said. According to Newport Beach Fire Capt.
May 31, 2006
Young sailors could get their sea legs this summer on Kelpie if an inspection shows the ship is up to U.S. Coast Guard standards. Newport Sea Base officials have been searching for a ship to replace Argus, the 101-year-old topsail ketch that's been used for Boy Scout sail training for 35 years but needs a major overhaul. Sea base executive director Charlie Abbott helped deliver the boat last week from San Diego to Long Beach, where it is now being inspected by the Coast Guard.
From KTLA News | December 13, 2012
NEWPORT BEACH (KTLA) - A so-called “King Tide” is being blamed for flooding in several coastal communities in Orange County on Thursday, according to KTLA . The National Weather Service is forecasting high tides along with rip currents for local beaches and all along the West Coast. The alignment of the earth, moon and sun is giving the seas an extra gravitational kick onto the shore, which can cause flooding in low-lying areas. Early morning flooding was reported in Sunset Beach, Huntington Harbor and Newport Beach.
From the Los Angeles Times | July 2, 2012
Orange County's Great Park balloon has been grounded for inspection after a giant balloon in Hong Kong made by the same manufacturer sprang a leak and dropped from the sky last week, injuring five people. Great Park officials shut down the ride for an immediate inspection Friday after learning about the Hong Kong incident, said Great Park spokesman Marcus Ginnaty. Crews didn't discover any issues with the balloon, but Ginnaty said it will remain grounded until inspectors sent by the manufacturer - Paris-based Aerophile - arrive in Irvine to conduct their own investigation.
April 17, 2012
Two women who claimed to have fallen about 11 stories while inside a malfunctioning elevator in Irvine have settled a lawsuit against the elevator manufacturer and the Irvine Co. Janet Hsu and her mother, Sufeir Hsu, reached a confidential settlement with ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp. and the Newport Beach-based Irvine Co. last month, according to court records. According to their claim, filed June 22, 2011, the two were aboard an elevator inside the Irvine Co.-owned high-rise business complex at 1 Park Plaza.
June 20, 2000
Andrew Glazer COSTA MESA -- The City Council committed to boosting code enforcement with additional staff Monday when it unanimously approved a $86.7-million budget for 2000-01. "I think it's the very best thing that could happen to us," said Janice Davidson, co-founder of the Westside Improvement Assn., a grass-roots neighborhood group that has pushed for increased code enforcement. The new budget, discussed at several community meetings last week, does not include many changes from last year's budget.
December 8, 2000
Jennifer Kho COSTA MESA -- The Piecemakers Country Store and the Orange County Health Care Agency are at a temporary stalemate this week, both poised to strike at each other during upcoming court hearings. The Piecemakers' store is scheduled to be taken off probation Monday for past health code violations, but the store management's refusal to allow an inspection at a craft fair Saturday might result in a health department challenge at the probation hearing.
April 27, 2004
ON THE AGENDA Here are some items the Newport Beach City Council will consider tonight. TREE POLICY REVIEW An ad hoc committee has recommended changes to the tree trimming and replacement policy as a condition of a lawsuit settlement with the Balboa Arbor Society over ficus trees. The changes are expected to make it cheaper for residents to have a tree replaced because smaller trees will be allowed. The revisions will also streamline the process of getting a tree removed and replaced.
By By Lauren Vane | November 8, 2005
With seven members facing arraignment, Piecemakers vow to resist health agency's enforcement efforts.It was business as usual at the Piecemakers Country Store in Costa Mesa Monday, despite a county health agency's order to stop serving prepared food. Members of the Piecemakers, a Christian religious sect that operates a craft business and tea room, could face fines and jail time if they do not comply with the Orange County Health Care Agency's order to cease all unapproved food preparation and food service.
April 17, 2005
COSTA MESA City Council votes to dissolve Westside committee The City Council, acting as the Redevelopment Agency, voted Tuesday to dissolve the committee that worked since mid-2003 to create a plan for improving the city's Westside. The Westside Redevelopment Oversight Committee presented its recommendations to upgrade the Westside in January and the Council adopted a modified version of its plan in March. The council could again revisit the decision to close the Job Center, after resident Mike Berry on Tuesday filed a request for a rehearing of the council's April 6 vote on the issue.
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