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Identity Theft

By Brianna Bailey | January 10, 2009
Costa Mesa police tackled a man on the Santa Ana Country Club golf course after authorities say he nearly ran over a police officer and crashed a car through a fence into the country club while fleeing the scene of a suspected drug deal in a grocery store parking lot on Friday night. Police shot a second man involved in the incident with a Taser gun after he fled the parking lot on foot. Law enforcement officials now believe that the men were involved in an identity-theft scheme involving stolen bank account information, said Costa Mesa Police Lt. Clay Epperson.
March 24, 2011
A Costa Mesa woman accused of being the mastermind of an identity theft ring, and who was out on bail, has been charged with stealing more identities while awaiting trial on the first case, prosecutors announced Thursday. Georgia Lichia Su, 41, is charged with multiple felony counts of forgery, commercial burglary, identity theft, and using fictitious instruments. Prosecutors added a possible sentencing enhancement for allegedly committing the crimes while out on bail for a similar, 2010 case.
By John Depko and Susanne Perez | February 13, 2013
In my final years in the public defender's office, identity theft became a factor for many clients wrongly accused of crimes. Someone would be arrested for a crime while possessing false identification in the client's name. After making bail, the criminals would disappear while a warrant was issued for the real person whose ID they had stolen. I saw firsthand the devastation in the lives of these victims. On top of false criminal charges, the real criminal could destroy the victim financially by using their credit cards or taking out loans in the victim's name.
May 28, 2005
Marisa O'Neil Two Orange County women were convicted Tuesday of multiple counts of identity theft in a scheme they hatched while working at a Newport Beach financial advising company, prosecutors said. Alina Adamian, 33, of Laguna Niguel, and Tammy Smirien, 35, of Huntington Beach, were accused of taking a more-than-$250,000 loan out on one victim's life insurance policy without his knowledge, Senior Deputy Dist. Atty. Randy Pawloski said. The women also stole identities of other victims to set up a Ponzi scheme, he said.
October 23, 2007
Identity theft is the topic of discussion for four panelists from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. today at the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Ana as part of a program titled “Privacy Protection Forum: Creating a Culture of Privacy and Security in the Workplace.” The Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, along with other sponsors, will introduce experts to help businesses, employees and customers learn skills to fight identity theft. The panel will be made up of California State Assemblyman Jose Solorio, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, Ken Abbe from the Federal Trade Commission and Dick Castner from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
November 21, 2002
Deepa Bharath After what turned out to be a complex investigation, Newport Beach Police detectives pieced together a case of identity theft that led to the arrest of two men Nov. 14, officials said. Police arrested Greg Crandall Colbert, 48, of Palm Desert and Hank Dexter, 54, of Palm Springs on suspicion of using stolen credit cards to buy golf equipment worth more than $4,000, Sgt. Steve Shulman said. The investigation began when detectives looked into a vehicle burglary at the Newport Beach Country Club on Nov. 2, he said.
By By Lauren Vane | January 27, 2006
A big rig outfitted with online security software rolls through Costa Mesa to help computer users avoid identity theft.Computers may make life easier for things such as paying bills online and keeping in touch with friends. But computers also make it easy for crooks to steal your identity online. That in mind, the tech tank -- a bright yellow big rig filled with information on how to protect against online identity theft -- rolled into Costa Mesa on Thursday. "A lot of people know this threat is out there, but they don't think they're at risk," tour manager David Stufflebeam said.
February 21, 2008
Newport Beach police are warning residents to keep a close eye on their mailboxes to avoid identity theft. Police detectives recently discovered several identity theft victims lived close to each other on Balboa Peninsula, according the department’s Crime Prevention Unit. Victims of identity theft in these neighborhoods reportedly had their mail stolen and later became identity theft victims, according to a news release from the police department. Identity theft was reported on the 200 block of Fern Street, the 200 block of Orange Street, the 200 block of 15th Street, and the 1200 and 1500 blocks of West Balboa Boulevard.
By Joseph Serna | May 9, 2008
On average, one person has his or her identity stolen every day in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, and this year seems to be on equal pace, police statistics show. Through the first part of the year, both Costa Mesa and Newport Beach police were handling more than 150 identity theft cases, a total that has for the last few years been consistently on the rise. “More than ever, the information explosion, aided by an era of easy credit, has led to the expansion of a crime that feeds on the inability of consumers to control who has access to sensitive information and how it is safeguarded,” said Newport Beach detective Dave White, an expert in identity theft.
By: | August 8, 2005
Valeant revenues up, losses down Costa Mesa's Valeant Pharmaceuticals International reported second-quarter financial results Thursday. Compared with figures from the second quarter of 2004, Valeant increased revenues and reduced its net loss. For the second quarter of 2005, Valeant reported a $500,000 loss, better than last year's loss of $41.3 million. The firm's revenue for the second quarter improved 20% from $170.4 million to $205 million.
May 2, 2014
Costa Mesa Harbor Boulevard: Commercial burglary was reported in the 3000 block at 1:41 a.m. Thursday. 19th Street: Commercial burglary was reported in the 500 block at 2:59 a.m. Thursday. Joann Street: Residential burglary was reported in the 500 block at 9:16 a.m. Thursday. Harbor Boulevard: Vehicle burglary was reported in the 2300 block at 9:28 a.m. Thursday. Orange Avenue: Identity theft was reported in the 2500 block at 11:35 a.m. Thursday. Merrimac Way and Fairview Road: Vandalism was reported at 12:52 p.m. Thursday.
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