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January 22, 2011
The Anaheim Ducks may start flocking to the Orange County Great Park in Irvine. The NHL team, and its representatives H&S Ventures LLC, are in negotiations with the park to create a community skating rink. The item was presented during Thursday's Great Park board meeting. Park Chief Executive Mike Ellzey has been authorized to move forward on the agreement. "An ice facility developed in partnership with the Anaheim Ducks would make a tremendous addition to our sports park," Ellzey said in a prepared statement.
By James P. Gray | August 14, 2010
Many people in Iceland talk about trolls as nasty or evil ogres, plagued with a seemingly endless aggressive streak. But others will tell you that these are untrue and shameful images that say more about the ignorance of the storyteller than about the trolls themselves. Yes, trolls are quite large and tremendously strong, but by nature they are essentially peaceful cave-dwellers who only come out at night. The reason they are nocturnal is that if they are touched by the rays of the sun they will turn into volcanic statues.
By Tom Ragan, | August 3, 2010
Special enforcement agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement served a search warrant Tuesday morning at the Phoenician Stone, then proceeded to confiscate some of the material by pulling various slabs of stones and boxes onto the sidewalk in front of the store in Corona del Mar on Pacific Coast Highway. Nobody was arrested during the search, but Virginia Kice, a spokeswoman with the federal agency's Western Region, said it was part of an on-going criminal investigation, the details of which will be released in time.
By Joseph Serna, | July 17, 2010
You wouldn't think on a day like Saturday, with the sun beating down and the blacktop baking feet from below, that people at the Orange County Fair would consider anything too cold. But that's what you get after spending just a few minutes inside the Ice Museum, by far the fair's coolest attraction. Lined with 300-pound blocks of ice, the 25-foot-by-25-foot trailer holds ice sculptures of classic artwork, from the Thinking Man, the Mona Lisa to a Chinese dragon and King Tut. "It feels good after being outside all day," said Melinda Vencill, from Costa Mesa.
By Joseph Serna, | July 16, 2010
NEWPORT BEACH — An Anaheim man involved in a fatal collision with a bicyclist has a history of being ticketed for driving without a license and was previously deported by immigration authorities, police said Friday. Jose Luis Huerta Mundo, 38, was being held in Orange County Jail without bail after Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials ordered that he be held for possible deportation proceedings. Court records show that in 1999, Mundo was convicted of driving with a suspended license and not having proof of insurance.
By Joseph Serna, | July 1, 2010
Stephen David Royds, a convicted drug dealer who kept his girlfriend's body preserved on dry ice in a swank Newport Beach hotel room for a year, has returned to his native New Zealand after being released from prison, federal officials said Thursday. Royds, 49, was paroled in May after serving more than a year and a half of a four-year sentence for felony drug charges. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported him June 25, ICE officials said. Royds, who went by the nickname "Kiwi," was arrested in March 2008 by Newport Beach police officers.
By Nancy Aziz | April 30, 2010
The most difficult decision when visiting Balboa Island is where to buy a Balboa Bar, a delectable ice cream treat named after this charming little slice of Newport Beach. Two ice cream shops, Dad’s and Sugar ‘N’ Spice, sell the generous slab of vanilla ice cream on a stick that’s dipped in chocolate, then smothered with the topping of your choice — crushed Oreos, nuts, chocolate sprinkles or some other sinful pleasure. (Don’t even think about the calories.
By Joseph Serna | March 31, 2010
A mentally disabled man from Costa Mesa who was detained for more than five years by immigration authorities was released Wednesday, less than a week after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit on his behalf. Jose Antonio Franco, whose last name is listed as Franco-Gonzalez in court documents, was released to his family from Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention Wednesday afternoon. Franco, 29, was arrested in 2004 and convicted of throwing a rock that cut a man’s face during a fight between two gangs.
By Joseph Serna | March 29, 2010
U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials said Monday that it is instituting changes to its detention system for mentally disabled detainees after public criticism of its procedures last week by the American Civil Liberties Union. In appeals to federal courts in Southern California, the ACLU called for detention and bail reviews for two immigrants — one of whom is from Costa Mesa, and whom ICE has detained for years without processing. Jose Antonio Franco Gonzalez, 29, has been held by ICE for five years, even though a judge determined in 2005 that he is mentally unfit to be processed by immigration enforcement.
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