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December 7, 2004
1. The Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Orange County on Thursday settled civil lawsuits alleging sexual abuse with how many plaintiffs? a. 50 b. 10 c. 30 d. 87 2. Costa Mesa Planning Commissioner Bruce Garlich did what last week? a. Conceded defeat in the race for a council seat b. Tied with fellow commissioner Eric Bever c. Won the election d. Called for a vote recount 3. Office and industrial space vacancies near John Wayne Airport are doing what?
By Leigh Steinberg | August 3, 2013
There may be a more gorgeous, beautiful combination of water, views and city than our little glistening isle, but for during a recent afternoon, Newport Beach is heaven. Newport might contain, as does Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Laguna Beach, as physically active a group of people as exist anywhere. Recently I left 24 Hour Fitness on Lakeshore in Irvine, which was humming with activity on a weekend. Patrons were actively involved in spin sessions on bicycles, playing squash, scaling surrogate mountainsides, lifting weights and using every form of aerobic workout equipment.
July 18, 2002
Richard Dunn With the Jones Cup, the world is getting smaller. Back in the 1980s, I wrote stories and covered Laguna Beach High's pass-happy quarterback, Danny Lane. Now, he's a member of the elite amateur field in the ultimate community pro-am for men -- the Jones Cup. Lane, the men's club champion at Big Canyon Country Club, will tee it up in Jones Cup III on July 26 with Big Canyon Director of Golf Bob Lovejoy as host Big Canyon attempts to retain the perpetual Jones Cup-winning trophy.
By Michael Miller | December 24, 2007
COSTA MESA — When Bernie Rubio moved into the building he intended to convert into a gym, there were two sizable bathrooms — one for men, one for women — that took up quite a bit of the floor space. The average gym owner, in that situation, might have had the bathrooms moved to widen the exercise area, or at least filled them with bodybuilding magazines and vending machines full of Powerade. Rubio, on the other hand, enlisted his wife as co-decorator and filled the bathrooms with paintings, scented candles and even a bowl of dry rose petals for the women.
By Bradley Zint | December 11, 2012
The Costa Mesa Planning Commission unanimously denied an application for a proposed 7-Eleven near The Triangle on Monday night, citing the area's problems with homelessness and the convenience store's request to sell alcohol. Their decision was supported by the Police Department and city staff, who also alluded to potential parking and traffic problems, a concentration of 10 alcohol sale permits in the area, and the 7-Eleven's potential to "magnify exiting problems with transiency.
By Steve Smith | February 14, 2013
Several years ago, I called Costa Mesa's Triangle Square the Bermuda Triangle Square, as it seemed to be where businesses went to disappear. In the roughly 20 years since it opened, the center has hosted a Niketown, Virgin Records (where they answered the phone, "Virgin Records Newport Beach"), Gap, Barnes & Noble, Johnny Rockets and many more. The only places that have thwarted the hex are the Yardhouse, Sutra Lounge and the movie theaters. The mall was so bad that the average number of stars on Yelp is two. Now, however, there is no more Triangle Square.
By Joseph Serna | November 18, 2011
COSTA MESA — Triangle Square's latest addition, 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport, is slated to open Saturday morning. Employees will be offering free tours, and guests will be able to try out the club on the first day for free. The 60,000-square-foot gym is the latest tenant to open at the struggling shopping center as part of property owner Greenlaw Partners' attempt to bring business back. "It's the beginning of the revitalization of Triangle Square," said Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer.
By Joseph Serna | September 14, 2011
COSTA MESA - Developers are hoping the addition of a new gym and new restaurants can help get the ailing Triangle Square back into shape. A 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport is set to open Nov. 19, according to the chain's website. The gym marks the first of a new wave of businesses aimed at dramatically overhauling the once-bustling Costa Mesa retail center. "There's been a change to make it a destination location, a blend of entertainment," said Don Lamm, consultant for Greenlaw Partners, Triangle Square's owners.
By By Lauren Vane | January 13, 2006
Police are investigating whether 12 cars burgled in local gym lots in November and December have ties to recent South O.C. crimes.Local police are investigating whether a dozen vehicle burglaries in fitness gym parking lots in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa are linked to a suspect of car burglary at an Aliso Viejo 24 Hour Fitness. Tuesday's South County burglary is the most recent in a string of thefts from vehicles in gym parking lots across the county, officials said. Over the holidays, a thief targeted gyms in Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano and Foothill Ranch, breaking into cars and stealing valuables, officials said.
By By Lauren Vane | January 12, 2006
South O.C. crime may be linked to thefts in Newport Center parking lot in November.Newport Beach Police are investigating whether a car burglary in a South Orange County fitness gym parking lot is connected to a similar spate of thefts in Newport Beach in November. The Tuesday morning theft from a car parked outside an Aliso Viejo 24 Hour Fitness is the most recent in a string of thefts from vehicles in gym parking lots across the county, officials said. Over the holidays, a thief targeted gyms in Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano and Foothill Ranch, breaking into cars and stealing valuables, officials said.
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