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High Court

April 2, 2002
My wife's idea of a perfect day was 18 holes of golf at the local country club followed by an afternoon of bridge at the same country club. Then disaster struck. Her husband received an appointment to the position of chief justice of the High Court of American Samoa. She sneered at the appointment, saying that the only reason I took it was that the women were bare breasted. I pointed out that was in Tahiti. Where we were going, the missionaries had done their work so well that not only were the women not bare breasted, they covered themselves head to foot in yards of fabric.
By ROBERT GARDNER | February 9, 2007
It was her legs. I happened to walk by and practically did a double take. "Dig those crazy gams," I thought, or the 1941 version of that. The rest of the package was just as great, so I managed to get myself introduced and found out that her name was Katy Harris and she worked at Douglas Aircraft Co. Lucky me! One of my best friends, Charlie Oxarart, worked at Douglas, and I decided to visit him at work the next day. As I was being escorted to his office, we passed through a huge room full of rows of women typing.
By By Andrew Edwards | November 3, 2005
U.S. Supreme Court declines to take on challenge to Coastal Commission, but fight's not over yet.The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday that it will not hear arguments in a legal case about an artificial reef built years ago in the waters near Newport Beach. In June, the California Supreme Court ruled against the Newport Beach-based Marine Forests Society when it determined the California Coastal Commission -- which the society alleged to be unconstitutional -- is a legal body.
By Joseph Serna, | July 13, 2011
IRVINE — A panel of law experts and media met at UC Irvine on Wednesday to discuss how the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court has frequently come down on the liberal side of several major issues. The panel — consisting of Slate Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick, the Los Angeles Times' Supreme Court reporter David Savage, UCI School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, Chapman University law professor John Eastman and Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson — spoke in broad themes about the court's direction before diving into specific cases.
April 7, 2014
Show me a politician tangled up in corruption or a business person who has bent the rules, cooked the books, manipulated expense reports, fudged on production standards or otherwise buried the truth, and I will show you someone who cheated in school and got away with it. The parents of the children involved in the Corona del Mar High School cheating scandal, no matter the level of their culpability, have a unique opportunity to do the right thing....
By Joanna Clay, | August 4, 2010
Orange County opponents of Proposition 8 planned to celebrate Wednesday evening while those who supported the voter-approved ban on gay marriage vowed to continue fighting. A scheduled rally at Sasscer Park across from the federal courthouse in Santa Ana turned into a celebration after a federal judge threw out the divisive measure, which garnered wide voter support in Orange County. Locals toasted the decision at the Tin Lizzy, a gay bar in Costa Mesa. "This is the next step to our future," said patron Audie Contreras, an Anaheim Hills resident.
April 30, 2010
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 this week to overturn a lower court’s decision and allow a Latin cross to continue to be displayed on federal land in the California desert. The cross was placed in 1934 at a spot in the Mojave National Preserve by the Veterans of Foreign Wars to honor fallen World War I soldiers. A lawsuit, filed by a regular visitor to the area who was offended by the display of a religious symbol on public land, argued that this violates the 1st Amendment’s Establishment Clause.
By David Carrillo Peñaloza | June 1, 2013
NEWPORT BEACH - Kevin Rakestraw, a 7-foot middle blocker, was by far the tallest player on the court and Kent Kawaguchi, a 6-foot setter, the shortest on Friday. Height didn't determine whose team won the volleyball match, though. Kawaguchi's side prevailed in the Dave Mohs Memorial Orange County High School All-Star boys' contest for seniors at Newport Harbor High. The court has been Rakestraw's home for four years, but it was Kawaguchi, from Sage Hill School, who helped the South edge the North, 25-13, 23-25, 15-13.
By James P. Gray | April 17, 2010
News flash! The Obama administration will not be nominating me, or any other Libertarian, to fill the seat of retiring Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court of the United States. Among other things, the reason is that our judicial philosophy is to follow the law, and one of the stated important qualifications for the Obama administration is to employ the concept of “empathy.” Unfortunately, this is yet another example of the movement to “politicize” the judiciary, and this movement is leading us astray.
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