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High Court

May 18, 2004
Idea to put airport on auction blocks applauded In regard to Orange County Supervisor Charles Smith's idea to sell John Wayne Airport ("Selling JWA to increase county coffers," May 12): I think it's a wonderful idea. I'd love to see it happen and I'd love to see the new owner control the flights. JOHN YOUNG Newport Beach Preschool court decision was reasonable My heart goes out to the family of Sierra Soto and Brandon Wiener, but the Supreme Court got it right ("High court rules against parents' suit," May 7)
By B.W. Cook | October 24, 2013
The Decorative Arts Society (DARTS) launched its 2013/14 charitable lecture series in grand style this past week. Wolfram Koeppe , the curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, graced the Oct. 15 Decorative Arts Society reception as the very special guest opening the annual series on art and design. He was welcomed by hosts Caroline and Brad Vassar for a cocktail reception in their elegant Balboa Peninsula residence designed in the high court French architectural style.
By Joseph Serna | March 29, 2010
The state Court of Appeal in Orange County has ruled 2 to 1 that the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles owns the St. James Anglican Church in Newport Beach — not breakaway congregants who left the diocese in 2004 after it decided to allow gay bishops to serve. The court upheld a state Supreme Court decision that the diocese owned the property on 32nd Street in Newport Beach, not members who continue to use it. The congregation laid claim to the church after it disagreed with the decision to allow gay bishops.
By Brianna Bailey | May 5, 2009
St. James Anglican Church will take its battle to keep its Via Lido campus after a contentious break with the Episcopal Church to the United States Supreme Court, the Newport Beach congregation announced Tuesday. The church will ask the court to resolve whether the 1st Amendment of the Constitution protects church property ownership. In the case, the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles claims it has a right to keep St. James’ Newport Beach church after it left the Episcopal Church in 2004 over differing views on theology and homosexuality.
By Steven Short | July 4, 2009
With confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor scheduled to begin in mid-July, inquisitive observers of these proceedings may wish to deepen their understanding of the High Court and its place in our system of government. Users of the Newport Beach Public Library will find the following titles of supreme interest: A huge bestseller in 1979, “The Brethren,” by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong , remains a fascinating account of the Warren Burger Court.
October 6, 2007
The U.S. Supreme Court this week refused to hear an appeal on a ruling that forces religious-based social service agencies like Catholic Charities to subsidize birth-control benefits even when the denomination opposes the use of contraceptives. “If the state can compel church entities to subsidize contraceptives in violation of their religious beliefs, it can compel them to subsidize abortions as well,” the religious groups requesting the appeal from the high court argued.
By Joseph Serna | September 13, 2007
Bowing to pressure from conservatives in the UC Irvine community, university officials rescinded an offer to one of the country’s best-known constitutional law experts to be the first dean of UCI’s Donald Bren School of Law. Erwin Chemerinsky accepted the university’s job offer Friday, but opposition grew as news spread through the UCI community, university officials said. On Tuesday, UCI Chancellor Michael V. Drake flew to Duke University, where Chemerinsky has taught law since 2004, to tell him the university would withdraw the job offer.
July 20, 2004
ROBERT GARDNER The other day, one of my 5-year-old great-grandsons asked where Iraq was. I was delighted with the question, as it suggested an interest in geography. When other children were playing with dolls or teddy bears, my first toy was a jigsaw puzzle map of the United States, and by the time I was 3 or 4, I not only knew all the states but also all their capitals. My parents, who had only frontier, one-room schoolhouse educations but were widely read, insisted that I know geography.
By ROBERT GARDNER | February 12, 2006
It was her legs. I happened to walk by and practically did a double take. "Dig those crazy gams," I thought, or the 1941 version of that. The rest of the package was just as great, so I managed to get myself introduced and found out that her name was Katy Harris and she worked at Douglas Aircraft Co. Lucky me! One of my best friends, Charlie Oxarart, worked at Douglas, and I decided to visit him at work the next day. As I was being escorted to his office, we passed through a huge room full of rows of women typing.
April 24, 2005
ROBERT GARDNER EDITOR'S NOTE: The Daily Pilot has agreed to republish The Verdict, the ever popular column written for many years by retired Corona Del Mar jurist and historian Robert Gardner, in exchange for donations to the Surfrider Foundation. This particular column was originally published Feb. 22, 2003. I think they quit teaching geography about the time I left school -- which was a long, long time ago. This observation was triggered by an item I saw in this paper recently that indicated one of my esteemed superiors, an editor no less, thought the runoff from the Sierra Nevada flowed into the Colorado River.
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