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By Rabbi Marc Gellman | November 30, 2012
During this season of trying to remember that the ways we're different are so much less important than the ways we're all the same, I present a typical letter from someone who doesn't quite see things this way. — Rabbi Gellman Q: I feel very sorry for you. Your beliefs regarding the soul will cause a lot of lost people to spend eternity in hell. The belief that all souls except for the very bad will go to heaven and people of all faiths and no faiths will inherit heaven is so far off that it's a sin for it to be published.
By Len Bose | August 23, 2012
"In 1956, President Eisenhower initiated the 'People to People Program' as a conduit for 'Greater International Understanding' through 'direct, close and abiding communication between cities,'" says the Newport Beach Sister Cities Assn. website. If you were to take "international" out of that description, I would recommend two more sister cities: Balboa Yacht Club's Whites Landing and Newport Harbor Yacht Club's Moonstone, both of which are on Catalina. They have their own mayors, caretakers and staff.
July 25, 2011
Martha Graham, a third-generation granddaughter of Sam Jones Maxwell, Sr. and Daisy Marie Chandler Maxwell, and her husband, Al, hosted the annual Maxwell Family Reunion in Newport Beach from July 13 to 17. With sweltering temperatures consistently hovering above 100 degrees in Mississippi, Texas and Tennessee, Newport Beach was considered paradise for the 43 family members. A mother-in law of a fourth-generation Maxwell traveled from as far away as Helsinki to join in the festivities.
By Mark Wiley | June 25, 2011
Since you are reading this, it means you were not called up to heaven last month and the world did not end. The pastor who made the prediction about the world ending last month now says he made a mathematical error. I can understand making a math mistake. One of the reasons I became a pastor was to avoid ever having to work on a mathematical problem ever again. But even if he was wrong on his timeline, the deeper truth is that all of us are looking for signs from heaven to give us guidance, purpose and hope.
Dwight Tomlinson | April 2, 2011
Is it possible to be sure of heaven? "Believe in Jesus;" "Join the church and be faithful;" "die as a martyr and you get heaven dozens of virgins to fulfill your lust;" "go to confession, receive Communion and you might get to heaven eventually;" "do good to others, be tolerant and whatever heaven is, you will probably get there;" "heaven is a figment of your imagination, so think good thoughts, be nice, recycle and maybe in the next life you...
By Rabbi Marc Gellman | November 5, 2010
I get a huge number of questions about heaven, and even though I keep reminding readers that I'm in sales, not management, the queries keep coming: Q: Raised in a religious atmosphere, I was led to believe that when we reach heaven, we'll experience eternal joy and happiness. But what if our loved ones don't get to heaven, and we do? How could we then experience eternal joy and happiness? A: There are only two possible entrance standards for heaven: 1) Almost every soul gets in except for Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Osama bin Laden, and telemarketers who call at dinnertime, and 2)
By Rabbi Marc Gellman | October 22, 2010
Q: I wrote in a few months ago but received no response, so I'm trying again. Where do our pets go after they die? Do they simply return back to Earth? And if so, what exactly does that mean? With the recent passing of Winston, our beloved dog of 14 years, I was devastated to learn that he won't be waiting for me in heaven. — B., Appleton, Wis. A: You haven't been reading my column diligently enough. I've answered this question several times in the past, but since you are in need and in grief, and since I grew up in Milwaukee, here goes.
By Candice Baker | December 18, 2009
The Orange County Performing Arts Center is pulling out all the stops for a roller-skating-inspired musical. Onstage through Dec. 27, “Xanadu” was described as “heaven on wheels” by the New York Times when it rolled through Broadway. The stay at the Orange County Performing Arts Center is the musical’s only Southern California appearance. Set in 1980, “Xanadu” is based on a cult classic film that was panned by critics but beloved by audiences, which featured Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly.
November 28, 2009
Throughout the past week, the Corona del Mar High girls’ cross country team noticed a different Coach Bill Sumner. The training for the CIF State Championships didn’t intensify as much, but Sumner’s words sure stung. He kept reminding the Sea Kings about the second-place finish at the section meet Nov. 21, which ended their streak of titles at five. He kept reminding them the importance of using every ounce of effort at just the right time to win the bigger prize.
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