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August 26, 2009
Regarding “Keep government out of the marketplace,” It’s a Gray Area, Aug. 16: Dear Jim, You missed the boat with your conclusion that the government should be kept out of the marketplace. I will remind you that our nation is suffering from its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression because our government was so blindly inactive in the world of capitalism. Ever since Ronald Reagan took over the reins of executive power, he, with congressional approval, began deregulating the major financial institutions — namely banks, insurance companies and the like — opening the door to widespread and unchecked corporate policies and practices that have crippled our country.
By Brianna Bailey and Mona Shadia | December 24, 2009
In a letter to his colleagues from California in the House of Representatives, U.S. Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) Wednesday warned against a Democrat-backed health-care reform bill in the Senate that could cost the state as much as $3 billion to $4 billion a year, according to the governor’s office. “Costs from this bill will begin to impact the state general fund starting in 2012 and will reach $3.2 billion per year upon full implementation of the bill in 2018,” Campbell wrote.
By Chuck Cassity | January 4, 2010
Editor?s note: The following is the first of two parts on Chuck Cassity?s predictions for 2010. Here are my New Year?s predictions: 1. Having started every speech, e-mail, and Op-Ed piece, and Facebook and Twitter posting with the phrase, ?My Friends,? John McCain, upon discovering that he has no friends, will make the solemn New Year?s resolution to never use that salutation again. 2. The new health-care-reform legislation finally passes both houses of Congress in late February.
By Alan Blank and Brianna Bailey | August 26, 2009
Costa Mesa Planning Commissioner Jim Fisler has resigned his seat on the commission to join the Mesa Consolidated Water District Board of Directors. He will replace former board member Paul Shoenberger, who resigned his post to become the district’s general manager. Fisler, a Realtor by trade, will attend his first water board meeting Sept. 8. Meanwhile, the city will have to replace him on the Planning Commission. Fisler was first appointed to the Planning Commission by the City Council in 2004 after serving two years on the Parks and Recreation Commission.
By Brianna Bailey | December 22, 2009
Costa Mesa resident Peggy Parsons can’t wait to drive a car again, watch a movie, or see her 17-year-old son perform in a school play. Newport Beach eye surgeon Gregg Feinerman operated on Parsons free of charge Tuesday, removing a cataract from her right eye. The surgery will allow 62-year-old Parsons to see clearly for the first time in several years. Vision in Parsons’ left eye has been impaired since she was a child, but she has steadily relied more on her weaker left eye since being diagnosed with a cataract in the right one two years ago. “I can’t wait to see Christmas lights,” Parsons said Tuesday morning, clad in surgical scrubs as she sat on an operating table at a Newport Beach clinic before the operation.
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