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By Alicia Robinson | January 9, 2007
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger whooped it up at his inauguration Friday with some of his biggest GOP donors, but if the reaction to his health-care proposal Monday is an indication, he'll face a much tougher Republican audience today at his State of the State address. Some of Schwarzenegger's financial supporters in Newport Beach said they're generally supportive of the governor despite his recent shift to the left. But Newport Beach Republican Assemblyman Chuck DeVore predicted rebellion among legislators — possibly even a lawsuit to block the health-care proposal Schwarzenegger unveiled Monday.
July 10, 2009
My sister almost died in 2002 from a sudden brain aneurysm while attending a church meeting. Fortunately she had good insurance, was given excellent care and has made a full recovery. Now the nightmare for her and for all who love her and those who depend on her is that she struggles to find health-care insurance in the event of a recurrence — affordable coverage without directed exclusions and impossible deductibles. Liability insurance is mandatory if you drive a car, and your rates go way up if you are reckless and harm an innocent victim.
By Tom Harman | August 31, 2009
There is no denying California?s prison system is expensive. Like other programs, the prison system received one of Gov. Schwarzenegger?s proverbial haircuts earlier this summer. He agreed, along with the majority Democrats in the legislature, to cut the spending on prisons by $1.2 billion, but no one spelled out how that haircut was to be given. Predictably, the soft-on-crime majority in the legislature has opted to use the state?s fiscal crisis as an excuse to dumb down California?
By Jim Righeimer | July 31, 2009
The House of Representatives adjourned this week, and the Senate will adjourn next week on Aug. 8. Not a day too soon. When all is said and done, this Congress will have spent more money than any other Congress in its history by a factor of two times. Luckily for us the clock is running out and they will not be able to vote on any health-care-reform legislation until they get back from recess. My thinking is that before we change the whole health-care system in this country completely, it is probably a good idea that everyone involved — including the American public — take a deep breath, relax and understand what Rep. Henry Waxman and Speaker Nancy Pelosi want to do with your health care.
By Joseph N. Bell | September 2, 2009
I came away from the March for Healthcare in Fashion Island last Monday with the powerful impressions that there is a steadily growing progressive voice in Newport-Mesa and that democracy here is alive and kicking. It’s noisy and frequently chaotic, but it’s also determined to be heard. And it was heard Monday, everywhere, it seems, but in the office of our Congressional representative, John Campbell, who sat this one out. In the two hours I surfed the crowd, I heard dozens of different convictions, heatedly held, among the several hundred marchers, but on one point they all seemed to agree.
July 10, 2007
When I saw your review of Hooters in the Thursday paper, I was sure it was a joke. I thought the mission of a local paper such as the Daily Pilot was to highlight what makes our community unique — in what way is a review of a national chain with numerous other outlets in Southern California even remotely newsworthy? What can we expect next, reviews of every Starbucks and McDonald's outlet in Newport/Mesa? There are plenty of excellent, locally owned restaurants in our area worthy of our attention and support.
By Bill Dunlap | June 26, 2013
Once again the pro-abortion contingent (pro-choice is far too gentile) is using the religion card as a toll to discount Hoag Hospital's decision on elective abortions. They accuse the Hoag board of conspiring in a "covert" manner regarding their new association with St. Joseph Health and the decision to cease elective abortions at the hospital. The insinuation is that the Catholic factor was the perpetrator. How dare they decide to inhibit a women's right to reproductive health care!
By James P. Gray | April 13, 2013
Since my last column about health care appeared in this space, the system has continued to gallop toward disaster. Today, under the federal government's "leadership," we often pay several times more in the United States for the same prescription drugs that are sold in other countries; an average MRI here costs $1,080, while it only costs $510 in Germany; and doctors here charge twice as much for hip replacement surgery as do doctors in Australia....
By Jill Cowan | February 28, 2013
Newport Beach-based Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and St. Joseph Health on Thursday announced the completion of their affiliation process, which created a new network serving millions of residents throughout Orange County and the High Desert, officials said. "I don't think it's so much how many people we'll serve," said Dr. Richard Afable, former Hoag president and chief executive , who will take the reins of the new network. "It's how we will change what we do in terms of how care will be delivered.
By Lauren Williams | September 17, 2012
A cyclist killed in a weekend hit-and-run accident in Newport Coast was remembered Monday as an empathetic physician who practiced at Newport Family Medicine on Superior Avenue. Dr. Catherine "Kit" Campion Ritz, 57, of Irvine was described by her husband, Patrick Ritz, as "a perfect person" who was devoted to being a good family practitioner and was "compassionate and charitable. " For the past 18 years, Campion Ritz, who used her maiden name professionally, served as the president of Greater Newport Physicians.
September 14, 2012
Two Orange County law school deans will debate the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday. In celebration of Constitution Day, the founding dean of UC Irvine's law school, Erwin Chemerinsky, will debate John Eastman, former dean of the Chapman University School of Law. Orange Coast College's Social and Behavioral Sciences division is hosting the event at the campus. The two legal scholars will take sides on President Barack Obama's health-care plan. Last year they debated the Constitution during a similar event at OCC. The event is free and runs from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Robert B. Moore Theatre, 2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa.
By Mike Reicher | August 15, 2012
Hoag Hospital is joining with St. Joseph Health to coordinate care among patients. Combined, they will provide about one-third of the county's health care, hospital officials said Wednesday. As health costs continue to rise and the insurance industry changes, the two organizations sought ways to save costs and treat patients differently. Their affiliation is not a merger, the officials said, because there will be no transfers of assets. The say they came together because of a shared vision.
By Lauren Williams | August 3, 2012
Newport Beach women rank No. 1 in Orange County when it comes to obtaining prenatal care, but also rank highest for low birth weights, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency report. The study found that 96.2% of Newport Beach women received prenatal care between 2006 and 2008 — the highest in the county — but 8.8% of infants born during the same time period had low birth weight, higher than the countywide rate of 6.4%, the state's 6.9% and the nation's 8.2%. The possible cause of low birth weight babies in Newport Beach may be a two-pronged issue, said Diplomat on the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Daily Pilot's Doctor's Corner Dr. Jane Bening.
By Joseph Serna | July 23, 2012
Mitt Romney criticized President Obama's health-care reforms and other regulations that some small businesses find burdensome during a campaign stop Monday at a Costa Mesa manufacturing plant. The presumptive Republican nominee, who met with business owners and executives at the Endural LLC plastic container plant, said health-care reform and other regulations are stifling businesses and, in turn, slowing job growth. "It's not just about getting the bad guys, of which there are a few, but also helping the good guys, encouraging entrepreneurs, understanding how hard it is to start a business, grow a business, help it live and thrive," he said.
By Kelly Parker | June 28, 2012
In the wake of Thursday morning's 5-4 Supreme Court decision on President Obama's controversial health care legislation, National Public Radio (NPR) asked prominent scholars and lawyers for their take on the issue. Among those who provided legal analysis was Erwin Chemerinsky, the founding dean at the UC Irvine School of Law. “The Supreme Court's decision does not change the law in the way that striking down the law would have. Since 1937, not one federal taxing or spending program has been declared unconstitutional.
By James P. Gray | March 30, 2012
As I am writing this column, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether the federal government has the power under the commerce clause of the Constitution to order private parties to buy health insurance. Being a Libertarian, I'd argue the answer is no. But because this is such a large topic of conversation, I want to give you some of the arguments that the Supreme Court will be considering, so you can more easily follow along. The genesis of this argument goes back to the 1942 case of Wickard v. Filburn.
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