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By Joseph Serna | May 28, 2008
Joshua Blount doesn’t match the physical description of the shooter and was nowhere near the crime scene when 23-year-old Costa Mesa resident Israel Maciel was killed in a drive-by shooting nearly two years ago, defense attorney Barry Bernstein told jurors in the trial’s opening statement Tuesday. Blount, 24, from Compton, is accused of driving up to a group of men in an alley in the 1300 block of West Baker Street and opening fire. Maciel was fatally shot in the upper back.
By Daniel Tedford | May 20, 2008
Go to the barber any day of the week and you might get a decent conversation and a few laughs out of your 10- to 30-minute hair cut, but go to Adams Elementary School for a trim and you might get more than 100 cheering children rooting you on as your locks get snipped. That is exactly what happened Monday afternoon when 21 students and three adults decided to have their hair cut and donated to Locks of Love, a charity that creates and sells hair pieces for children with cancer or alopecia, a disease in which children permanently lose all their hair.
By Steve Smith | May 13, 2008
Any parent or teacher will tell you you have to be very careful about what you say around kids. The situation is so bad that for years, teachers have had an unwritten rule about kids acting like magpies. They say to parents, “I’ll believe half of what your kid says about you if you believe half of what they say about me.” But in the case of Sterling Gates, a student at Adams Elementary School in Costa Mesa, he is to be commended for accurately repeating what his fifth-grade teacher, Alison Walske, said.
By Daniel Tedford | May 6, 2008
While feeling good is a common byproduct of doing something good, it isn’t very often that after some charitable deeds one gets to walk away looking good as well. But that is exactly what about 200 visitors to Paul Mitchell Beauty School got Sunday. The school hosted a special charity event where various hair stylists from Orange County turned out to cut hair for OC AIDS Walk. Hair cuts were $20, facials were $15 and all the money was donated to the foundation, which will have its culminating event Saturday at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.
By Michael Miller | April 21, 2008
You might learn a lot about the world while sitting in the hair stylist’s chair at Generic Youth. It would help, though, if you speak four or five languages. The scruffy youth boutique on the Westside prides itself on recycling — among its products are discarded keys and sweat shirts knitted out of old beach towels. Last week, Generic Youth launched a salon on one end of the store to complement its clothing racks, and when it came to decorating the stylists’ cabinets, the owners took the sustainable approach again.
By Sue Thoensen | March 19, 2008
This corrects an earlier version of the story. Christine Shively didn’t know the bald woman she saw coming out of the hospital’s cancer ward last summer, and she hadn’t crocheted in more than 30 years. Still, with time on her hands, and the woman’s image fresh in her mind, Shively went home, brushed up on her skills and began crocheting brightly colored “chemo caps” she would then donate to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Knots-Of-Love, the organization Shively founded in her Newport Beach home, was born within days.
February 4, 2008
Gina Forestieri had a herculean task to complete last week. The stylist at the Splitends salon in Costa Mesa had to learn how to cut hair in a new style with a new group of clients — and with cameras constantly in her face. As far as the New York native is concerned, that was no big deal. “I’m definitely made to do this because I’m not shy,” said Forestieri, who was filmed for the Style Network show “Split Ends,” in which two stylists trade salons and have to adapt to their new environments quickly.
February 2, 2008
The Paul Mitchell School in Costa Mesa was awash in a sea of red Friday. Red balloons, flowers, clothing and hair were symbolic of public support for the American Heart Assn.’s National Wear Red Day. Clients dyeing and spraying their hair red, or sporting bright red polish on their fingernails, included heart attack and stroke survivors, and family members participating in memory of someone they had lost to heart disease. St. Joseph’s Hospital representatives provided free health screenings and raised public awareness about the risk factors involved with heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women in America.
By Sue Thoensen | January 9, 2008
It’s not likely that a bald man would be approached by strangers in public asking sympathetic questions about how he’s dealing with the after effects of chemotherapy. Bald women, on the other hand, are easy targets for that type of invasive public scrutiny. Thea Chassin, the founder of Bald Girls Do Lunch Inc., a New York-based nonprofit group for women with alopecia areata, would know. She’s been bald for 10 years. Chassin was in town recently to host a Bald Girl’s luncheon at Maggiano’s restaurant in Costa Mesa, the first time the group has visited Southern California.
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