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By Joseph Serna | July 1, 2009
Police are seeking the public’s help with locating three men who robbed another man at knifepoint early Tuesday. A man was walking to his car near the Alejandro’s Mexican Food restaurant, 801 W. 19th St. in Costa Mesa, about 2 a.m. Tuesday when a man approached him from behind and demanded his wallet, said Lt. Clay Epperson. The robber shoved the man against his car and put a four- to five-inch knife to his throat, Epperson said. The victim then tried to get into his car, but when he did, the suspect started punching and beating him while two other men opened up the back of the vehicle and ransacked it, police said.
By PETER BUFFA | March 21, 2009
The President was here this week. Did you know that? You probably did. There is a back story to the president’s visit that you might find interesting. It’s a story about how you never know when your 15 minutes of fame is going to strike — and sometimes it strikes with a vengeance. Turn the clock back two weeks. I am in Washington wearing my Orange County Transportation Authority hat, along with Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, who is also on the OCTA Board. We are meeting with lots of people on the Hill and at the White House, making our pitch for stimulus package moola.
By Joseph Serna | March 11, 2009
Police asked for the public’s help Wednesday in finding a man who robbed a Chevron gas station clerk over the weekend. Surveillance photos released by authorities show a Latino man, described as 5-foot-7, 160 pounds in his mid-20s with no facial hair wearing a gray, hooded sweater pulling a gun on a clerk about 5:30 p.m. Saturday at the Chevron gas station at 3190 Harbor Blvd. Police said the man approached the clerk, pointed a handgun at the cashier and demanded the money in the register and the safe box. The clerk complied, and the armed robber fled in a black pickup truck.
By Alan Blank | February 13, 2009
When 57-year-old Thomas Kiser’s wife died in his arms of a heart attack just outside of their condominium on the day after Christmas three years ago, he was stunned. They had been married for 33 years and she was only 52. Ever since then, Kiser has dyed his hair red in her memory, but also as a conversation starter. Friday morning he had it done for the third time at Paul Mitchell the School in Costa Mesa, along with about 60 others. Kiser’s wife could have quit smoking or paid more attention to her diet, he said, but neither of them knew how dangerous and prevalent heart disease was in women or how to identify the signs.
By Brianna Bailey | February 4, 2009
Newport Beach salon owner Nazy Curtis had one consolation when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. “At least I don’t have to worry about losing my hair,” she said. Curtis has had alopecia for the past 10 years. The disease causes patches of her hair to fall out. Scientists believe the condition is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack its own hair follicles. Today Curtis sports a short, spiky bob — a photograph of an exotic bird with an exuberant crest of white feathers that hangs on one wall of her Newport Center salon was the inspiration for the cut, she said.
By Greer Wylder | January 29, 2009
Shanghai Salon in Costa Mesa is offering a new must-have hair treatment — the “Brazilian Blowout” to make your life easier. It’s designed to solve flat-iron and difficult-to- smooth-out hair issues. The “Brazilian Blowout” improves the condition of your hair by creating a protective layer around the hair shaft. The result is smooth and shiny hair that is easy to style, with no chance of damage or breakage. The treatment lasts anywhere from six weeks to three months, depending on how often you shampoo.
By Paul Anderson, Brianna Bailey and Alan Blank | January 21, 2009
It all started the morning after the election of President Barack Obama. Let’s just say it wasn’t among Rep. John Campbell’s best days. His party took a thrashing at the hands of angry voters who pink-slipped scores of his colleagues. Since then he’s put away his razor and has been rockin’ the rugged look. “Hey, I’ve had facial hair for half my life,” Campbell said, chuckling as he talked about his beard to reporters in his D.C. office Monday.
By Michael Alexander | December 12, 2008
Heavy cancer treatment is known for causing hair loss, and Tommy Conforti was no exception. But his friends in school didn’t want him to feel alone, so a group of Newport Elementary fifth-graders got together and submitted to the clippers. Over a single weekend, more than 20 of his classmates went out and got buzz cuts, which they called a way to make him feel more comfortable while enduring tough medical treatment. Tommy, 10, moved to the U.S. this year, and he just started at Newport Elementary in September.
By Candice Baker | September 18, 2008
With Tina Fey’s turn as Gov. Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live” creating a stir — in part due to her spot-on bouffant wig — we thought it was time to check in with Christopher Hall, the owner of the wildly popular Splitends salon in Costa Mesa. The salon will appear at 5 tonight on the Style Network’s “Split Ends” reality TV show.   What is the most common color or style that people are requesting now?
By Alan Blank | August 12, 2008
Trendy clothes, designer hair cuts, plenty of money, not a care in the world. That describes your typical coastal Orange County high school student, if you believe the seemingly endless outpouring of TV shows centering on the beach community. Spurred on by the immense popularity of the landmark blockbuster “The OC,” big networks started churning out shows focusing on the high school-age demographic in Newport Beach and similar areas including “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County” and “Laguna Beach.
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